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Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet

Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet

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A Slim Wallet That’s Easy to Hold Onto

By nurturing the ideas that most excite them, the folks at Dango Products are coming up with simple solutions to everyday problems—like how to make a wallet that balances minimalism and security, a distilled design and a sense of style. Enter the C01 Civilian Wallet, made of Italian leather and meant to be carried any number of ways. Tuck it into your front or back pocket, grip and retrieve it with the paracord lanyard, or use the CNC’d aluminum tab to tether it to your belt—and your wallet isn’t going anywhere. The four internal pockets can fit up to 10 cards total, while the integrated silicone band holds folded bills and receipts. Caught in a bind? The lanyard unravels to 3 feet of emergency cordage when you need it. 

Note: At checkout, choose burnt orange, jet black, natural veg tan, midnight blue, or moss green. For an additional $20, you can add an MT02 multi-tool. 

Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet
Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet
Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet
Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet
Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet
Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet

Optional Multi-Tool

The Dango MT02 multi-tool has index points that lock safely into the chassis. This allows the wallet and multi-tool to offer several functions. The first row of engagement reveals a serrated and sharpened edge. Engage to the second row, and you can fit your fingers into the multi-tool and grip the wallet as a handle for more leverage. If more space is required, the multi-tool can be engaged to the leading edge of the wallet frame. To use the multi-tool's other functions, simply flip it around. The multi-tool serves more than 14 functions. To stow it again, the flat side is faced on the backside of the wallet with the thumb tab pointed up.

Dango Products C01 Civilian Wallet

Redefining the Everyday Wallet


  • Dango Products
  • Italian leather, assembled by hand in the USA
  • 4 internal pockets hold up to 10 cards total comfortably
  • Integrated silicone band for folded bills
  • CNC’d 6061 satin silver anodized aluminum tab
  • Comes with 550 paracord lanyard, 3 ft (0.9 m) long unraveled

Optional MT02 Multi-Tool

  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Compatible with Dango tactical and Dapper wallets
  • Can be used independently without wallet
  • Dimensions: 3.625 x 2.625 in (9.2 x 6.7 cm)
  • Weight: 1 oz (28 g)


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