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DarkVoice 336SE OTL Headphone Amp

DarkVoice 336SE OTL Headphone Amp

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So my amp makes random screeching noises in the right channel sometimes, which can be fixed by tapping the power tube lightly. I've found that the power tube socket is fairly loose, and has been since I received the unit. Could this be why the amp is making these noises and is there a way to fix the problem, such as buying a new tube or is the whole socket messed up?
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I got almost all my tubes from eBay. But these days eBay prices are higher so its probably good to look outside

here is a good place. I think I purchased from them before and had no issues
Yeah I was looking on eBay and they were all pretty expensive like you said. I'll check out that site though, thanks for the info
Do these ever drop early, or are they pretty much lock step with the expected drop date... I am spoiled in that my HD6XX shipped 2 months early, hoping for similar with this drop...
Massdrop-made stuff sometimes ship early, because the warehouse has it in stock.
My DarkVoice 336SE was delivered 100 days after joining the drop, which is relevantly quick.
I can confirm that this product did not come with a warranty, mine showed up, the left channel was nothing but static with smoke coming out of the rear of the unit. The only option is to return and wait for refund.
I would try a different set of tubes. The left hum resolves itself with burn in (most folks say 72 hours), and the smoking is normal (will resolve in about 1-2 hours of running).
The problem is that it wasn’t a hum, it was just static with no sound coming through the left channel.
A few questions about the DarkVoice 336SE rear output:
1) Is it a loop output (an input passthrough) or does it benefit from tube pre-amplification?
2) Is it a line-out (at constant volume) or is it a pre-out (affected by volume knob)?
It benefits from tube pre-amplification, and it is volume controlled, not fixed output.
would be pretty sick I think with a nice pair of powered speakers, or output to a set of monoblocks.
Got my DV from the previous drop. I confirm the stock tubes are useless/flawed. Now using it with Tung-Sol tubes, in combination with a dac/preamp, I am quite surprised how good this sounds with my lcd2c...still waiting for the hd6xx though...
I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the 6xx v LCD2C on the DV.
I think I’m done spending money on audio equipment for now...hopefully..
JAN CRC-6AS7G (RCA) power tube on the way.
I thought I was through rolling tubes, but I read a couple of articles and looked at some YouTube videos and I bought a 3 hole Sylvania “Bad Boy”, and I am checking out a few other Sylvania tubes.
I'm selling my Vali 2 for either DV or Massdrop CTH amp. First of all, does CTH come with same tube socket size? And which of the two would you use for 4XX's? My problem with Vali 2 was that even with warm tubes, it cannot tame the touch too bright highs of 4xx (I have sensitive ear to sharpness)
CTH is warm sounding amp so it should suit your sound preferences

It uses same 9 pin tubes of Vali2
Just note, stock tubes in the Darkvoice are terrible. They need to be rolled for it to sound decent. And even still it's meh. Valhalla 2 is worth the extra $150 for sure. It is just a far better Amp.
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How was the new tube after you replaced it?
I replaced the stock power tube with a RCA 6AS7G and it works great

I still get the hum, but its not audible once music starts playing. I am hoping the hum will go away once amp and tubes go through the burn-in process