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DarkVoice 336SE OTL Headphone Amp

DarkVoice 336SE OTL Headphone Amp

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Hey EniGmA1987
First of all, thanks for your awsome guide. I still got some questions though before I do these mods:
1.Newbie question, but just to be 100% sure: When replacing the 6 10uf orange capacitors with 220uf Elna ones, I do put 2 in (1 for the right channel and 1 for the left channel), right?

2. What is your recommendation, if I want to use film capacitors instead? /Or would you recommend adding film capacitors to the Elna's instead? If so, where do I have to put them?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Any know how this compares to Bottlehead Crack? I made one (and have absolutely loved it), but I occasionally get some static in the left channel and I’m not about to start resoldering, etc. I figure that it might be time for something a little more bulletproof. Thoughts?
The darkvoice headphone amplifier I received has an issue that I’m curious about. I’m not sure if this is an intended feature or a problem. The very first time I tuned it on the blue power LED on the front panel began flickering, then turned off completely within less than a minute. I’ve cycled the power on and off several times and the light will sometimes come on for a few seconds before going out, almost as if once the amp is warmed up, the LED goes out. There does not seem to be any other problem with the unit- it sounds great actually. The manual is all in Chinese, so it’s not any help in looking into this issue. The main complaint many users have had in the past is the bright blue LED, so maybe a new feature? Anyone else experience this or know if this is a known issue, or an intentional feature? I’m actually fine with the LED not working, I just don’t want it to be a possible sign of an underlying problem with the amplifier itself that won’t reveal itself until later...
That flickering started happening with mine about a month and a half in, and I have to agree, I'm totally fine with the LED not working, that thing was almost obnoxiously bright. The DV still sounds great, I haven't detected any problems so far. That being said, the flickering only started like a week ago so maybe not enough time has passed to detect any issues yet.
Good to know. Thanks for the reply. Massdrop doesn’t have any darkvoice amps available to exchange mine for, so I think I’ll keep this one. Hopefully it continues to work.
anyone have any information on the temperature and humidity ranges this amp should be kept in and used? I live on the top floor/attic of a house and the summers get really hot and humid and the winters get really cold.
So excited to receive this tube amp! I currently have the Little Dot I+, which I love with the right tubes. I am using Grado GS1000's at the moment. Would love to know what you all would recommend tube wise for the GS1000's?
Does anyone know the power output into 300 ohms on the DV? I have the Little Dot MK2 and am considering upgrading if its an upgrade. The LD MK2 runs 300 mW at 300 Ohms if my memory serves me right.
May I know the exact date the drop would end ?
Thanks :)
Never listen to tube amp, how does it compare to non-tube amps, and is this a huge upgrade from Schiit Magni 3?
how far do I need to push the tubes in? does it make a difference if I push them in really deep or just a little?
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Because it is easier to take them out with out bending the pins if you dont push them in all the way.
I've never had any issues getting tubes out (or in). Just a little gentle wiggle if needed. You'd have to be pretty careless or extreme to bend the pins, IMO. Not to mention, not inserting the tubes all the way would mean less contact with the pins. I'm not sure if that would have any effect but there is no reason not to insert tubes entirely.
This or the Aune X7S??
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You could potentially pre-amplify another set of powered speakers. Or adequately power something without amplification like a record player. Tube rolling could get expensive but so can buying multiple headphones. Depending on the tubes, another benefit is that they will modify the sound of existing headphones.
Guess it comes down to how satisfied you are with the Origen's power. If you're only looking for a clean, neutral sound, the DarkVoice won't be it.
I sent my Darkvoice 336 (not the SE) back as didn't like the build quality. My first X7s I had to send back as had a wonky volume control, the replacement is excellent though. For me the Aune wins on sound, I would rather have the X7s than my Woo WA6 if I had to choose
If I use this as a speaker preamp, will the volume control be active with speakers?
Yes, it will. I am using it mainly as a preamp and love it.
I wonder if this amplifier will work well with planar magnetics (like Fostex T60RP).
it sounds pretty good with the HE 4XX it definitely receives some benefit from the power.
It does not sound best when it is used with a low z phone. It works better for me with high z phones such as Senneheiser HD 650.