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replacement tubes
Running dual tung-sol, after a few tries and many dollars I found the combo that suits my ears..
Can you provide more specifics on the Tung-Sols you are using and how the DV sounds with them compared to stock tubes and your Schiit stack?
Front tube is 6SN7gtb Tung-Sol (USA) Tube *Black Plates* NOS
Back tube is VINTAGE TUNG SOL 7236 TUBES -BLACK LABEL *METAL BASE* -5998 / 6AS7 / 7236
Got them both of eBay for about 40 bucks a piece..
It is a lot warmer than the stock tubes were, I tried 3 other front tubes all vintage (2 RCA and a sylvania) and this set-up has given me that tube "warmth" I was looking for when I purchased the darkvoice..
I am using the DAC from the aune x1s, that is not a shit stack but it is a mani phono pre-amp and a sys switcher that I have the aune and the mani going into and the out to the DV.. I have the out from the DV going into the JBL LSR-50X 's and use the HD6XX and sometimes the HD599's for my private listening..
How much was the price of this Amp here in massdrop and will shipping to Australia attract some tax from customs? Are the stock tubes any good and, if not, what are the best tubes to exchange them with? Thanks
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Shipping in US was free, but again, I didn't keep tabs on any international particulars.

The Amp is quite large and heavy, so I could see it costing a bit to ship.

I still use the stock tubes. These seem to be a little hit or miss. Mine are silent as the grave when no sound is present, but others have posted about hum.
Thank you! Hope it will come back soon this drop...
I dont consider myself an audiophile by any means. I want to say I love this Darkvoice and the Sennheiser HD570 headphones I am using. I bought replacement RCA power and preamp NOS tubes. I put my chinese preamp tube back in. I think I kind of like it better. Call me crazy. The difference is subtle but the chinese tube sounds a bit better. Now as far as looks the RCA tubes win hands down. Anyone else feel this way?
Is anyone experiencing some noise with this amp?
I burned it in for over 30h now and there still is a really noticeable white noise in both channels.
The problem wasn´t with the preamp-tube, because I swapped those around a bit and nothing changed. Now I ordered a new power-tube, hopefully this will fix it.
Stock tubes are mostly quiet unless I crank over 9 which I’ll never do with music playing. I swapped in a new preamp tube and it has a lot of hum. M on day 3 of the burn in. Hope the power tune works out for you.
Problem solved: The noise came from my old Audioengine D1 that I used as a DAC. My Jotunheim arrived today and now the Darkvoice is completely silent. I´ll keep the power-tube as a replacement anyways :D
Today when I plugged in my Grado SR-80e, it popped really loud on the right driver that I thought the Grado might be dead (The music had not started and volume was at 0). Fortunately, it still works.

However, I think it could damage the headphone over time or even the ear drum if it pops while listening to music. Anyone has idea of what has happened? Thanks in advance.
My experience is limited but I'm going to throw my 2 cents in here anyway.

Received my DarkVoice about a week and a half ago. Really like it. Really really like it. I'm running it with a GE 6SN7GTB driver (unfortunately an exposed fulfillment variant) and and RCA power tube through my K7XXs and TH-X00 Ebonys. Sounds different, smoother (albeit maybe a bit less detailed) than my Magni 3. It does something to the sound that's hard to describe. A reverb maybe? regardless, it's wonderful. It does seem to pull down the highs and the bass a bit but but I find it enjoyable.

I enjoy both the K7XXs and the X00s on a solid state amp but the TH-X00s Ebonys sound significantly better than the K7XXs on the DV. On a solid state the X00s have (imo) a touch sharp highs and borderline silly bass. The tube smooths that out. The K7XXs are more neutral to my ears on a solid state but they lack bass the the tube. Neither of these headphones are supposed to sound good on the DV based on their impedance ratings but I rather like the X00s on it. I have a set upf 6XXs coming in August... we'll see if those are significantly better.
I don't find the hum bothersome and is pretty quiet after 20hrs of tube break in. Regardless i bought components to do the low impedance and fitz mods. What I did find bothersome was the hissing and crackling. I was running the DV through computer USB audio> SMSL M6>DV. The hissing and crackling was loud and terrible. It was ruining the experience for me and I was worried. I started doing some research and found 1 thread with the same issue. The guidance was to use the optical out on the computer or a different source. Unplugged the USB, connected through an Optical cable out of my computer and BINGO. Hiss and crackle completely gone. Thank god.

Final thought on tubes. My god is trying to decern what tubes are "good" a PITA. Based on reference threads and reviews one tube with the same make/model might be "tubetopia" and the other is garbage... I bought a couple of GE GTBs thinking they would be decent tubes and then I came to find out the exposed filament version isn't supposed to be very good and that's what I have... Keeping in mind it's the only tube I have, I still like it. I did some extensive (and painful) research and I now have a selection of "good" tubes coming.

Gees, I have a lot of massdrop products. Hopefully this may help someone -especially with eliminating hiss and crackle. That was a game changer for me.
Pulled out the soldering iron this weekend. The Fitz mod and swapping the output capacitors (for low impedance headphones) are worthwhile mods. 100uf brings most of the bass back and 200uf brings almost all of the bass back to the TH-X00s as compared to a solid state amp. Swapping the output capacitors is kind of a PITA. It requires steady hands with the soldering iron in tight spaces. But it is worth it. And the Fitz mod eliminated hum from nearly all the humming tubes I've tested so far.

A couple others have posted this, but Head-Fi's 6SN7 reference thread ( has been a huge asset for me.
Got my Darkvoice this past week. A buddy of mine let me borrow his Sennheiser HD570 headphones. WOW! The sound is amazing. I can only imagine how things will sound when I get my Sennheiser HD6XX from Massdrop in July.
As far as the chinese tubes go... I don't know what you all are talking about my stock tubes sound amazing! I did order some NOS RCA tubes just for the heck of it to see what all the hoopla is about. I don't have any hiss or hum with my stock tubes. Maybe I got lucky I guess.
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It is supposedly new 6SN7GTB made in Russia.
I bought a RCA power tube and a NOS RCA preamp tube and had zero hum or noise. Honestly I can't tell the difference between it and the chinese tubes. They both sounded good.
If anyone is interested in the DarkVoice origins check out following link:

They now make La Figaro branded amps. It's not clear if Chengdu Yuking Audio-Video Lab are the ones still producing the DarkVoice 336SE or if the 3rd member of the original company is off doing his own thing.
Got mine today (was pretty hard to explain the people at the customs authorities what this is :D), burnt it in a little and tried it with all my current headphones.
The DT990 are absolutely fantastic on this, I already liked them before but this amp brings them to another level.
The TH-X00 are a bit too dark for my taste, same for the LCD-2 Classic. Now I´m really interested how the HD6XX (which I havent recieved yet) will sound as most people claim this to be a really good match.
Got lucky with built on my unit. Only minor imperfections but nothing serious.
As far as tube rolling goes, I can highly recommend to replace the smaller tube. I got a 6SN7 NOS from General Electric and it opens up the soundstage for me just a bit more and I overall enjoy the sound more (might change with further testing).
The only downside of this thing is how incredibly hot it gets. I cant touch most parts of the chassis when this thing is completely warmed up. I dont wanna know how hot this gets in summer, maybe I will have to place a fan next to it then.
Overall I am pretty satisfied with the Darkvoice, especially for this price.
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Yeah, thinking about picking up the HD600, HD660S or the DT1990 to have another headphone for this amp in the meantime
Good choices. Everyone raves about the 660s but the one I demo’d had pretty bad bass distortion. If possible try it out first. I am likely getting the dt 1990 pro this week.