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Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Grill Bundle

Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Grill Bundle

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1 day left, may have to upgrade to buy. Come on people this is an awesome unit! Well worth the money for the features.
Does this come with a banjo?
Only if you send a photo proving you have buck teeth...
LOL the German distributor is asking for 750€.
Please ship to Europe, I'll gladly pay 100$ for shipping :)
Good point. I had completely overlooked that.
Observation on price:
MSRP: $499
MassDrop: $399 if 30 people buy
Direct from dealer: $349 (father's day special)
Keep in mind the massdrop price includes over $100 of additional stuff. It's up to each buyer if that stuff is worth the extra $50 to them.
I own the big one Jim Bowie and it has been great.
This is the choice of grills for the best butcher in the SF Bay Area, Bud's Custom Meats (http://www.yelp.com/biz/buds-custom-meats-penngrove-2)
Where's idubbbz. Was this an Kickstarter. Dose it have a bottle opener? Yes definitely from Kickstarter.
GMG makes really good grills, the whole wifi thing is cool, but the real advantage of electric pellet smokers is you don't have to constantly tend to it like you would more traditional smokers. Even with something like this, it takes a while to nail down recipes, which is half the fun. The kind of ridicule in here does not match conversations in real life, yet if there was a sous vide machine on Massdrop I'm sure all the electric smoker haters would drool at the opportunity.
This very grill is selling at the Green Mountain Grills website for $349
To be fair. The massdrop offering includes the following items that you don't get for that $349 mother's day sale price: grill cover, tote bag, two rubs, two sauces, and two 8-pound bags of grill pellets. The grill cover and tote bag MSRP at about $50 each.

If you don't want those, you're definitely better off picking it up from a dealer while the mother's day sale is going on. (GMG does not sell direct, you have to buy it from a dealer)

This massdrop is also convenient for those that don't have a dealer nearby.
This seems like a joke.
I've been smoking meat (ribs, brisket, etc) for 5-6 years now, the last couple of which I've done competitions. No clue why this is getting ridiculed, GMG makes some of the best smokers around. The addition of wifi notifications means I don't have to be home 12-14 hrs straight constantly babysitting the grill. I don't have any use for the smaller sized one but I'll jump all over the Daniel Boone model if that pops up on sale.
Why the incredulity? Is it because of the Wi-Fi? If you haven't owned a wood pellet grill and used it for smoking, I can see why you wouldn't understand the usefulness of WI-FI.

I have this exact grill, and it's pretty awesome. Before I had it, when I wanted to smoke a pork butt or briscuit (14+ hours) on my gas grill I would be up all night managing smoke and temperature.

Now, on the wood pellet grill I throw on a pork butt at 2am, set a cook profile, and go to bed. The cook profile can do whatever I set it up to do, but typically it will run heavy smoke for 2 hours (the time the meat is actually absorbing smoke), then increase temp of the grill to 225º and hold it there until the internal temp of the meat reaches 203º, and then lower to a holding temp. All I have to do is keep the wood pellet hopper filled. The phone app will let me monitor temps remotely, and alert me when the meat is done.

Obviously, for grilling the WI-FI isn't useful/used (unless I just use it to turn the grill on for pre-heating). But for smoking, it's an extremely useful feature. Sure, there are die-hard wood and charcoal smoker users that see wood-pellet grills as cheating. But some of us like the freedom to smoke meats even when we don't have the time to baby sit a fire for 14 hours. This is a fantastic product for us.
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I have to admit, I was totally incredulous, until I read your post. As someone who has never smoked meat, I was sceptical, but reading you go through the process I can see how this might be liberating compared to the conventional method.
I always butcher my turkey first so different cuts can come out at different temps. Sear that skin. I was in a cooking class where we compared that to a deep fried whole bird, and the cut then smoked to ideal temp was hands down more tender... Do you think you could fit a bigger bird with the legs/breasts/wings pre-separated?