Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speakers & SUB-1000search

Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speakers & SUB-1000

Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speakers & SUB-1000

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Also received just the sub, massdrop leaving money on the table. Would have bought it all if the options were better. I will of course read better from now on and consider the descriptions to be akin to a skill testing questions.

Funny enough even the packing slip says:
1 x Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speakers & SUB-1000

Lets give this to 100 people and poll what everyone thinks they would expect to find in the shipment.

Anyway all good, I don't expect anything I'm glad I am not missing anything as I've thought. Please reconsider how you word and create drop down options.
I also only recd the sub after contacting MD and not getting anywhere despite the wording in their site about adding the sub for $65 I simply took a screen shot of the offer and send to my CC who canceled the transactio.N. 2 or 3 days latter I got a prepaid UPS label to send the sub back from MD
Got my package today! :) ... Opened the box and only saw the sub :'( ....Did they ship separately? I don't see any other shipping notices.
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Okay all their other drops are tiered and when purchasing it the drop downs made it seem like you were going up in tiers I feel like this was not explained well but now see your point At this point I am not happy this was not better explained as just saying item X cost X not added to X. This then in fact was no deal as the sub was at the time of this drop with shipping $119. I also would like to point out that when choosing the drop downs it showed me a picture of the speakers then when I picked my option it showed the speakers and sub in a picture that would also confuse me and I think others of what we would receive. I certainly want to at least leave the support team feedback on how I think this should have been listed to make more sense.
The speakers were ok at 49.99. They're typically priced as such when it goes on any type of sale over at partsexpress. The same goes for the sub at 119.99. What would've make this a great deal was getting both at 119.99 because I can get a 100 watt 10" Polk sub (about the same quality) for around 70. So I see "+1 "for "$65" extra a good deal (but only a good deal, not some crazy steal). Thus it never occurred to me that it was only for the sub. I was planning stripping out the amp and speakers for parts to build an old school arcade cabinet. Oh well... I still have a like a ton of extra speaker parts from PE, so not that mad about it.
Darn! Sadly, I fell asleep before joining this drop. Does this run often?
Hi Everyone!

Would I need anything else (cables, devices, amps) or are these speakers/sub plug and play?

If I need an amp, can anyone recommend one?
So many things wrong with the advertising of this deal.... These bookshelf speakers are $40-ish at Parts Express.... The header on this deal says 49.99 for speakers AND SUB with free shipping. Then as you dive in to order, it's not $49.99 for speakers AND sub... Okay.... So add the sub for $65 on top of the $49.99 and come up with...... $120? I passed 3rd grade so I can say definitively that the math doesn't work there. There's nothing NOT shady about the advertising of this deal. Disappointing.
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That doesn't work. The situation in the story doesn't give you all of the information. If you had read more than just the title of the drop, you wouldn't have been "mislead". Honestly, if you make up your mind about something based on the title, you deserve to be disappointed.
Nah. It works perfectly. I didn't make up my mind on it. I read a misleading title. I think misleading titles are disappointing. So do you.
Sub goes for 120 + shipping on Amazon.

I can get the speakers and the sub for $115, and then pawn off/Craigslist the speakers and end up with a $120 sub for $70 or so bucks. Sounds good to me!
Ridiculously great deal! I'm using these (with the killer Dayton sub add-in) along with a Bic F12 to complete my 5.2 surround sound system!
Would really appreciate worldwide shipping!
Hi all,

From these speakers (without SUB), Can I get full range, satisfying clear sound with an average SMSL amp?

Note: I'm not a basshead, I like flat sound with bright trebles. Hearing basses well is enough for me.
Can they get loud?
Monoprice lists an inexpensive 6.5-inch bookshelf speaker with a ribbon tweeter that is scheduled to arrive on 11/23/2017
Yeah but if you want a sub and the speakers it only comes out to 123 bucks shipped. I use the bigger sub-1200 and some other speakers for my 5.1 setup but this is arguably good bang for the buck for a workshop/office. The sub it self is normally 119 everywhere I look currently.
I was just going to get the speakers too...but after pricing the sub...where else can you find such a highly reviewed sub for almost half of what Amaz0n has it listed for. At the current drop price your basically getting the speakers for I said in my other post...this is exactly what I was needing to upgrade and complete my 5.2 media room setup.
[New To Audio Word] I have a Set of JBL 305s How do I go about in hooking them up with this Sub?
I don't think you can. Those speakers have the amplifier built into them and do not have a Sub Out.
Use 2 RCA splitters to send source to both the sub and your power monitors. Adjust crossover on the sub and done.