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Dekoni Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Ear Pads

Dekoni Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Ear Pads

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What are the best pads for ath m50s? The leather dekonis, wicked cushions, brainwavs pleather, or the shure 840s?
What is the dimensions of these pads ?
5 or 6 bucks on ebay, if purchasing from a US source.
If from China directly, you can get them for as low as a buck and change.
the only that make me question this drop was the shipping price 8.07 shipping to indonesia for such an small package is to expensive for me :(
Is it normal to hear nothing for 10 days after the estimated ship date?? I really hope to see these things.
Absolutely terrible. Do not buy!
Thoughts: Velour Pads on M50x's

I am pretty sure that it was my lack of intuition, but I cannot use the velour pads I bought from this drop.
The issue that I have with them is that all mids and bass tones are completely overrun by the treble. This is a very unusual change for me since I'm used to bass heavy sets that ruin treble. I believe this has something to do with the way the drivers in the M50x are designed, I noticed there are ports running around the face of the cup that are separate from the driver. To me it appears these are designed to port air/bass/lower tones using the seal that the PU leather once created. Overall the sound is just extremely treble heavy so much that I can barely make out snare drums with the velour pads on. Another thing I don't like about these pads are the size. The original pads from the M50x have a wider opening which really go around my ears, with these pads, they are slightly smaller to which then my ears are being treated more like on-ear headphones than over-ear.

Again I'd conclude this note by saying I did not put full research into purchasing this product and I merely wanted to try replacing the original PU leather pads with something breathable and comfortable. My original pads are fairly damaged, as the surface is peeling off quite substantially which is the reason I had purchased replacement padding.

If there is something that I am not aware of, not doing right with these pads, or they just weren't the right idea, I am open to discussion about that since I want to continue using these headphones without stuff peeling off the pads.
I dont know if you are still looking for some sort of solution but I didnt like my Velour pads until I stuffed a single-coil lengthed cut of cat-5 (ethernet) cable under the pads.. lifting them a bit from my ears reduced some of the sibilance that came about when I swapped initially.
That is quite an interesting approach to a headphone issue, though I can see how that works. Might be something to try out sometime.
My solution since then was that I went over to an online retailer for genuine replacement pads from Audio Technica. For $25, the experience is much closer to the original as 'expected' of paying more for the original brand.
I have a rather old pair of MDR-V6 that I'd like to replace the ear pads of. Is this compatible with the MDR-V6? (description mentions just MDR-V7)
I have the MDR-7506 and am pretty sure they are the same dimensions as the MDR-V6, but you should check to be sure. The velour ones I got from the last drop fit perfectly fine.
I have the MDR-V6 and these Dekoni Velour pads and they fit good, but the sound is not as good as with Beyerdynamic EDT 250 V velour pads. They are pretty comfortable, but there is no bass and higher frequencies are just painfull (even 6mm thick inside foam didn't help). I don't recommend these for MDR-V6 because of the sound. Check the EDT 250 V velour pads (+ 2or4mm inside foam), they are much much better.
I bought the original M50 on 2012, and this foam is truly the best purchase I've ever spent. It solves the pain of stressing my ears over a long period of time.
To anyone who already had these, are they as comfortable as the ones that came with the m50x and do they at lease last as long?
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Your welcome. You should probably know that with the thicker pads might change the sound a little in addition to the soundstage. I hear the pleather and sheepskins change it the least. A friend of mine had the Dekoni m50x Elite sheepshin ones and they seem to not change much(They're expensive without a drop though, $70. $50 for the premium series pleather I think). The Brainwavz hybrids do slightly change the sound, but it doesn't sound significantly different to me and because they were on sale on Amazon.
Do you recomand the flat ones or the angled ones ?
I am planning to use these for my ATH-M50 (not the M50x). I hope they fit well as the description does not mention about pairing with this older model from ATH.
they are the same size wise
If I were to use my m50x's for air travel would pleather or velour be better? For sound isolation/ noise cancelling. I have a big head so the m50x's clamp decently on my ears
both should be fine i guess..but pleather would probably cancel noise better