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Dekoni Pads for Audeze LCD Series

Dekoni Pads for Audeze LCD Series

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Just received Elite Sheepskin for my LCD-2. Fits very nicely, not as good with foam fillment as originals, but higher, keeps ears farther from drivers. Soundwise: more bass and spaciousness in midrange. Gentle press for better fit = sounds mostly like originals.
I've ordered two pairs today, will I have to wait until 30th of August before they get shipped?
And will they come with a spare pair of adhesive strips?
Think these would fit the Audeze Mobius? Got a pair on the way for when I travel for business.
Too large
Can you get them without the angle? What diameter are they?
Anyone have a set on their Audezes?
I've joined for the sheepskin. Wondering how they feel. My vegans have a few years on them and am looking for a change.
These vs audeze originals?
I have a pair of MrSpeakers Ether C v1.1, love the headphone, just can't stand the pads, like pancakes! Wondering if I can fit the velour Dekoni pads on my Ether C?

I did notice that they have adhesive tape, if I remove this, is there a lip to slip under the driver housing? That if is they will even fit the Ether C! :(

Do let me know if you guys have any experience of this.
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I bought velour and hybrid.

both improve the lower/sub bass bit more(mostly not a hearing range) and just mids/highs slight more also.
but I dont like adding highs more from the default, so I tweak the pad adding some kitchen felt to reduce the gained highs.
currently, I use ether flow with this dekoni velour & ether default both.

comfort is enough. but I cant assure this pad cooler than default leather. at least, velour is less sweaty.

for helping soundwise, I add the image of my measurement graphs from miniDSP ears with ether flow open.
measurement graphs aligned at 1khz.
green : ether flow open with default pad.
orange : with dekoni hybrid pad
purple : with dekoni velour pad

Great, looks like the velour is the one for me. I have always found velour to be the most comfortable and the porous nature tends to help mitigate a bit of the claustrophobic nature of closed back headphones, at least for me. :)
Thanks again!
Dekoni STAX Lambda pads WHEN
I've been considering getting the Sheepskin or the velour pads for my LCD2 Classic and my M1060, But I would appreciate frequency response graphs that demonstrate how the pads alter the sound of the headphone before committing to buying the pad and sticking it onto my headphone, since Audeze pads use adhesive instead of a mounting system to stay on the headphone.
Any recommendations on what would go well with LCD-2 Classics?
Do these have a lip that you can mount with like the Brainwavz pads so we could use them with the Hifiman rings or some other headphone as well? Or can they only be mounted via the double-sided tape ring?
These come with the double sided tape attached and ready to go.

We do have Hifiman coming out soon.
Great to hear, I’ll look out for those
Just realized that I was incorrect in my belief that you can always line up the seam of the pad with the hinge/connector of the front yoke, for proper alignment. My left pad did line up and I thought that the right did as well. But I used a flashlight to look inside the pads and found that the planar was askew by about 20 degrees., on the right side.

Luckily I hadn't committed to using the builtin adhesive ring yet. So rotating the pad wasn't a problem.
The double-sided tape was not put properly on mine. Looks like a rush job.
please reach us at I'd like to see some pictures. We take our QC very seriously and if there's an issue we want to know about it.
I received the velour pads yesterday.
Of course i changed the pads from my monolith on the spot 😂.

I did notice a big difference in the music signature.

I can't really say if it's for the best or not, as the sound really change from 1 AMP to the other (I love it with tube and not so much with the solid state).

*I'm not sure but could be that there should be a ring to be implemented.(as the stock pads have them).

Any how, I'm happy with the purchase and waiting to read more reviews and other opinion from all the audio Frick's here 🤪.
Just received my velour pads. A touch bigger than the M1060’s diameter, but this was to be expected; as they’re for the LCDs. Like the stock pads, you can line up the seam to the front pin/screw, for proper alignment. As noted, they come with a 3M adhesive ring already attached to each pad.

I can’t say if they make a difference sonically. As I have the M1060s connected to my recently arrived Audio-GD R2R11 and the new DAC/amp has completely tamed the highs. But they aren’t in any way taking away from the sound quality either.

The pads are thicker and plush, vs. the stock pieces and are much more to my liking, comfort wise.