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Anyone here can give feedback on which earpads suits the best for the HD600? sheepskin or fenestrated? Your feedback is highly appreciated :D
I'd love the sheepskin pads but no way are they worth $65. I'll wait for some aftermarket ones or something.
I want the fenestrated sheepskin pads but I find it hard to justify $65 pads for a $200 headphone :-/
Has anyone given these a shot on the HD660S? I'm really enjoying the Dekoni sheepskin pads on my TH-X00 Ebonies and considering joining this drop.
I would really not recommend these if you like the stock sound. (hybrid at least)
I have dekoni sheepskin pads in new condition for sale. Let me know if interested.
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Shoot me an email
I am interested. Would expect shipment to Malaysia. Kindly share picture of the item and let me know of your best price.
How long would these last?
a million years Sennheiser 600 w/ Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin Pads -  @brencho & @Bill-P are right, just add pads and be done. Balances out the leaner signature and adds some much needed bass that doesn't bleed into the mids. 
Also there:
"HD600 w Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin Pads - These with no front foam over the driver. Adds a bit of bass to the hd600, balances out the upper mid bump a bit, and sounds pretty good. Not sure these pads are all that necessary with my Zana Deux but they're also way more comfortable than the stock pads because my ears don't brush up against the foam like with stock pads. They also seem to have more structural integrity and will hold up better to use. However, on the hd650 they will be too much, these pads will prob make the bass issue of the hd650 worse and make them even darker sounding."

Shared this because a lot of people here owns the HD6XX, and since the HD6XX are almost exactly the same as the HD650, it's important to know this.
I bought the fernestrated sheepskin earpads(The most expensive ones), and i can honestly say i'm very dissapointed. Not only are they less comfortable than the stock earpads, but they also defy the actual purpose of the headset, as they make the headset more noicecancelling. As you probably know, the headsets mentioned are not headsets focused on noice cancelling, but being open back and free. The earpads also make smaller holes for your ear, so if you have big ears, you should not even think about buying any of these earpads. Soundwise i don't hear alot of difference between the two. Maby just a little more base in the Dekoni earpads, as the deep sounds get channelled through to your ears better, because of the way they are closed up and tight. All i can conclude is, that you shouldn't go for the fernestrated sheepskin earpads, as they are crap.
How's the inside of the stock earpads for the hd6xx? Would u recommend them for large ears, i already own the X2 but it gets hot and super annoying after like 40 min . Thanks
Their for my taste, the best ones. Their more airy than the other ones
Which one is supposed to be the most comfortable one?
They all use the Memory foam, so its a matter of preference of material on your ear. I like the hybrid :)
So i just got my 6xx in the mail and i'm pretty dissapointed by the bass. Which pad will help increase bass?
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Don't worry too much, sound is subjective, probably you don't like this kind of sound. A lot of people dislike the HD600-family because of the laid-back sound, the "veil" (after a lot of listening on them, I don't think there's a veil, but they don't have the artificial brightness that some others have), the not-too-great soundstage (it's not bad, but not mind-blowing like some AKG models), the lack of sub-bass (quite common in open-back headphones)... They're not for everyone, no headphone is "good" for everyone.

Monolith M1060 look great, I'd suggest you to get into the HE4XX but the drop finished SO FAST (maybe because they're awesome price-performance, I hope they are because I got my pair). Some other completely different options:
- IEM: Tin Audio T2 (balanced sound signature, $50, awesome for the price), TFZ Exclusive 5 (v-shaped sound, $90, best bass I've ever heard), KZ SZ6 (quad hybrid driver, $40, one of the best price-performance headphones).
- over-ear: superlux HD668b (open back, $36, similar to AKG K240), Takstar PRO82 (closed back, $60, highly recommended on some communities as a budget all-rounder), Fostex T50RP mkIII (semi-closed back, $160, need mods to sound good but after modding they're great).

There's a lot of great options in the sub-$100 price range, if you don't wanna go big and spend $300 on the M1060. If you do, please share some thoughts because I'm really interested on these :) I'll share you one review I saw, seems very interesting: