Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for HD 58X & HD 6XXsearch

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for HD 58X & HD 6XX

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for HD 58X & HD 6XX

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so these pads used without the inner foam ??? because they sound better with out it
Elite Hybrid have the most balanced sound
These look cool but they don't look 60$ cool and seeing as they aren't even memory foam I'd say they're heavily overpriced.
I own a pair of these.

They are very much memory foam. I quite like the feel of them over the original pads which aren't memory foam on my hd650's. Dunno what the other people below are expecting from memory's not the same stuff from a tempur pedic bed that takes forever to come back into shape.
Got some for k712. Not really memory foam. They're ok, but overpriced.
Would these pad fit to a Sennheiser HD 558?
I originally ordered the hybrid pads but received the elite velour by mistake. Massdrop had given me the option to return for a full refund or keep for a discounted price. At the time they told me they had no more of the hybrid pads left to send me from that drop. I decided to keep the elite velour pads. I am glad I did. They are more comfortable than the stock pads and I did not notice any change in the sound.

I loved the Elite Velour pads so much, with this most recent drop I ordered the Fenestrated Sheepskin Pads. I wanted to see if I enjoyed the change in bass people have described. Big mistake. I gave the sheepskin pads 2 hours and had to put back on the Elite Velour Pads. If you love the sound of your HD 6XX's with the stock pads, I would stay away from the sheepskin. Bass was more present but sounded less natural. Highs had just a little less sparkle.
I've seen at least one person ask this already, but I have not seen any responses. Would these pads fit the HD598 and/or PC 37X? I would like to try a leather pad as I don't really like the texture or the density of the stock Sennheiser velour pads.
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Okay. Thanks for the quick response! Do you know of any pads that do fit either of those cans?
Geekria and NewFantasia on Amazon do. They have pretty good reviews but I h aven't used them personally. I know a company makes some sort of adapter ring for the likes of Brainwavs if you wanted to go that option as well.

Edit: link to the adapter:
If you like sound signature of HD6xx/650, don't buy lether or protein pads. Just don't.
I just got the sheepskin pads yesterday. It does change it. I’m not what I would consider a serious audiophile, I just wanted comfy pads, but the sheepskin pads definitely increased the bass and took a little bit of detail out of the mids and highs.

I didn’t think i would notice a difference, but it’s pretty noticeable. So if you need more bass I think its a good buy, otherwise I agree. Stick with a different material.
Got the most expensive sheepskin ones for my HD650's and after 2 months of regular use the leather started to peel out and fell apart from the seams. And apparently since it didn't happen in 14 days of purchase, I couldn't get a refund or replacement. I expected a lot more from a premium product like this..

I have contacted Dekoni and they were extremely professional and apologetic about this and sent me a new set.
I will keep you updated, but I am more satisfied now and the pads really do have a great sound.
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Please reach out to us at and we'll get you a new set out promptly.
I just came across this. Please reach us direct at and we'll get you a new set. Please also include pics of the issue and your massdrop receipt
Do these fit the HD598?
wow, I can get a HD598 for the same price when its on sale. So expensive for a ear pad...
Lovely Dekoni box just arrived on my desk at work this morning. Only problem - they forgot to 'fenestrate' the fenestrated sheepskin pads I ordered...come on guys. Any chance I can get this resolved?
contact us @ and we will get it fixed for you.
Please make a public comment about Bloopsy's post above with pictures of your failed product.
I received the wrong pads. I emailed the sales team and got no response for over a week now. Is there anyway to resolve this?
send me an e-mail