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I received the wrong pads. I emailed the sales team and got no response for over a week now. Is there anyway to resolve this?
Is the center foam that protect the driver included also?
Will these fit the HD558?
Will washing or rinsing the elite velours cause any problems?
You might e able to get away with it by soaking them in dawn and warm water and then gently washing with your fingers. Remove majority of water with a towel, don't squeeze them but press a bit continuously to remove all the water and then let air dry. Check on them frequently and try to pat dry again whenever necessary. Oh and do not forget to thoroughly rinse all the soap off. Sometimes vinegar helps remove excess soap so you can dilute a second bowl of water with that when rinsing. I learned this from watching a YouTube vid and I did this with a pair HD650 pads, don't know about these pads though. Maybe watch a video to get a better idea of what I said.
For those receiving the incorrect Dekoni pads ...

I contacted Dekoni sales as suggested and received an immediate response from Dekoni's founder. It is being addressed quickly (tracking number already sent) and to my full satisfaction. If you were part of the previous drop and received the incorrect pads, send their sales department an e-mail -- they are SERIOUS about making things right!! Kudos to Dekoni!!
Can it be used on PC37X?
Fenestrated Sheepskin?! Forget that--I'm holding out for the Perforated Chinchilla!

Perforated what?!!
when will this drop be active again
As a member of their latest drop I suggest, unless you're going for the velour pads, don't bother. They'll mess up the order.
live again!
Edit 2018-05-19:

After a week of trying both pads I received. They both alter the signature and allow a slight increase in on the low end, bass becoming slightly more pronounced on the Elite Hybrid than the Velours.

Would only recomend if:
- You're looking for more bass from the 600 line.
- Don't think the 6XX/650s are warm enough as is.
- Wouldn't mind the slight change in audio for a great improvement in comfort (up there with the V-Moda XL Pads).

Edit 2018-05-09:
Dekoni is reaching out to correct the order mistakes for any that experienced it in the last drop.
Email with the issue.
Linking their comment:
I just received the pads today and was hoping to leave an initial thought. And a personal view on how they'd come along after a while of usage. Unfortunately what I received why what I ordered.

I paid the additional money for the hybrids to minimize the amount of particle build up fabric attracts especially with a cat around. What came in were the base velour pads. I'm hoping that Massdrop's customer service is up to snuff. And I hope that either my order gets corrected or a full refund is in place at no extra cost to me for their mistake.

I'd like to avoid this experience to sour my view with Massdrop as I'd like to be a recurring customer.
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Thank you! I've e-mailed per your direction and await a response from your sales team.
Thank you for reaching out. Will do.
Finally got around to testing out the fenestrated sheepskins on my HD6xx and....really just not a fan at all, imho. A few other folks have mentioned that "bloomy" sound and I couldn't agree more, that word is a perfect example for what the pads do to the sound to my ears. At first I thought it was just adding bass and made the sound a little more "small bass-heavy club" than the "airy opera house" I get from the stock pads, but the more I listened to songs with detailed low ends everything just got mushy and all the detail was lost. I'm honestly surprised they affected the sound that much (my first after-market pad experience).

I should mention that the build quality is EXCELLENT, and really wanted these to work because I do like how they push the drivers further away from my ears...but maybe that's what causing the bass issue, more area for the sound to bounce around in? I'll probably hold on to them until the HD58x arrives and see how they sound on those, but definitely not my cup of tea on the HD6xx.
I certainly don't know any science behind it, but taller pads do tend to mess with bass. When I had HA-RX700's, I really didn't like how thin the pads were. The fix was to stuff padding behind/under the pads(no removal necessary). Doing so added to the bass, but at the time I liked that, plus they were significantly more comfortable...and if I recall they weren't too bass heavy to begin with. Also I believe partial or full leather tends to add/mess with bass as well, when going from full velour/cloth of some sort. Probably reverberation like you said.
tipsy... I'll pay you $40 for your fenestrated pads if you want to unload them quick.
I bought the standard (no additional cost) Dekoni ear pads for my HD650 and the most noticeable change was an increase to the bass. Very nice.

I have a pair of HD58X coming in July and if the bass on these headphones are underwhelming then these Dekoni ear pads might be an interesting solution.
For any pad design, it is the shape and material of the underneath (i.e. baffle plate facing) part affect sound the most. It has to do with reflection.

At a rule of thumb, if the stock pad underneath part has a curve shape (i.e. stock HD6XX pad), never change to any pad which has a boxy shape (i.e. Dekoni pad), otherwise the sound reflection will be changed too much, guarantee to affect sound stage and imaging.
I believe with these headphones, the stock pads are as good as it gets. I'm not aware of any other pads that won't make them sound wrong.
While I agree with you that the sound stage and imaging can be affected by the shape it is not always for the worse as we are all different and hear things in a unique way. The materials used are also a huge factor and we are careful to choose different materials for different headphones based on perceived imaging and sound signature with measurements taken at every stage. That is also why we offer multiple variants of the pads that affect the sound signature differently. We do this partly because each person hears things differently. Some may be more sensitive to high frequency material while others may be the opposite. If you have a set of pads and are unhappy with the way they sound we offer a trade in program where we can replace the pads for you for a different variant that may work better for your personal tastes and tuning.