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Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

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I wish they had fenestrated sheepskin for t50rp
My pads arrived (Elite X00 Sheepskin), but looks like there's a manufacturing defect - some stitching was missed (see pic). With whom should I work with to get this addressed - Massdrop or dekoni ?
message us- we will replace!
Seeing as the TH-X00 (or rather the TR-X00 now) has dropped again, can this one come back :D?
its' live now!
Got 'em.
Anyone tried with Dekoni pads for the Argon?? I just want to know how it compare with ZMF protein pads.
i have them, they killed the can more then i expected. I have ZMF Cowhide + Argon TX0's.
I have a pair of hifiman he-400is and I got myself the AKG K7XX sheepskin pads about 6 months ago. They connector wasn't the same, but there were a few comments about a double sided tape solution and it worked great. The problem I have now is that the adhesive holding the leather to the plastic has completely failed at this point. Both pads are basically pealing all around the side exposing the foam and while they're still comfortable, they are an eyesore and I don't expect them to hold up much longer before it becomes very loose.

dekoni You've commented in the AKG K7XX discussion that these TH-900 pads will fit hifiman he-400 series. I'm wondering if they are manufactured any differently, or is this a problem I will encounter again in another ~6 months. I love the pads, but I use this headset very heavily for everything - if I'm in front of my computer I have them on. I'd hop on this drop in a heartbeat if I knew they would last.
Just ordered ZMF Eikons (with dekoni rings from Amazon) two days ago, for my th-x00 EB. Please tell me I made a good choice.
As far as I know that one is the closest to stock sound. Test it with and without the ring before you decide on one. But otherwise I think you're on the right track. :)
Simply disappointed from Dekoni for only responding once to every single support ticket for not getting the items even though I did explain it right like it happened and how it ended up not getting my two orders from Massdrop. I was told to send my Order ID's to solve the problem and they simply didn't reply like it was the case for any other ticket I made. They replied once and then I never heard back from those guys. I had bad luck with not getting my order twice here on Massdrop which never happened before so I don't really think you guys made an error without a doubt. But I'm trying to contact Dekoni since January or even since December, not sure after I've read that they will help someone out who had trouble for not getting them and they indeed did. Seems like I'm different and I'm simply disappointed from you guys.
Sir, If you are the customer I'm thinking of, you explicitly wrote you had taken the refund both times from Massdrop. When you haven't paid for the order in the end, we cannot ship you the product again. The X00 pads are exclusive to Massdrop. Had you sent us the info and NOT taken a refund, as with the other customers who have had a missing package or a swap of product, we would simply send you another pair. Your circumstance was specifically different because you took a refund from MD prior to contacting us. If you buy them again here through MD, please e-mail me with the receipt, and I will photo your label and box to you to show you that they shipped.
Yeah I did get a refund since my item never arrived. I was told it was lost in transit and I read on the page that someone had trouble receiving them as well and you guys helped him out even though he got refunded as well by Massdrop. He even said that on here as well. I sadly will not buy them again since they happened to get lost in transit everytime I ordered them. It's a real pain since I really wanted new pads but somehow they do not arrive for whatever reason. I don't need a photo of how you guys label my package since I truly believe you shipped them, without any doubt and I don't blame you at all for it not arriving. I appreciate your answer but the support you guys delivered truly wasn't as nice as I would've expect it to be. I actually did not take a refund prior contacting you guys. I was told by Massdrop to wait a whole month after it didn't arrive in like 2-3 weeks because it may take a little more time for it to arrive and that's when I contacted you guys. I tried contacting you guys since January and the last refund I took was in the end of February IIRC.
When I first contacted you guys I never received an answer. I seriously felt lost and you guys did not really care as I was told weird things in the tickets that like my adress could be incorrect and that sort of stuff. I'm pretty upset that. Not a pleasant experience after all.

I tried contacting you guys since what? January? Or maybe December? I believe I was given 5 replies which seriously never were replied ever again even though I tried to stay in touch. Don't get me wrong. I still like you guys and I would like to have the pads as well but the experience I had was truly awful and I don't even know who to blame.

I actually never mentioned a refund in any mail whatsoever.
Does anyone have any experience using Dekoni pads on the X00 Purpleheart? I've seen a handful of impressions about their effect on the Ebony and maybe one regarding the Mahogany, but the PH is more bass-heavy than either of them and I'm kinda concerned that none of these pads might be a good sonic fit ultimately, even though they look super comf.
If they are a good fit or not depends on your preference and goals. The ultimate outcome will be different but the effect of the pads is the same regardless of what version they are used on. Think of it as room treatment, because that is basically what it is.

Use this as a guide:
Just wanted to give my 2 cents on the x00 and 900 hybrids on the TH-X00 Ebony.

Disclaimer: I'm no sound snob, but music has always been a big part of my life, also played "the bass" for 15 years. I'm of course biased to some degree but I'll do my best to describe my experience as neutrally as possible.

My original plan was to order the 900 pads for comfort, but after reading this and other discussions on the combo I decided to get the x00 pads and rings as well. In short, I'm glad I did.

Several who tried the 900 pads described the sound as V-shaped and harsher/sharper, this is my impression as well. My ears are sensitive to sharpness so this was a total no go for me. Mid bass and mids are severally dampened and the highs are heighten and harsh. I also tried the rings on the 900 pads and must say it was not half bad. Still V-shaped but 70% of the harshness in the highs was gone. Mid bass was also a bit better. If you can tolerate reduced mid bass/mids and a bit harsher highs then it might be worth it for the HUGE comfort increase.

After the 900 pad disaster I tried the x00 pads and was immediately taken back to a more familiar sound signature, but still missing something I installed rings and here we are. I have tried every combo back to back for the last 5 hours and can confidently say that (for me) the x00 hybrid pads with rings is the best combo.

Sound compared to stock: The first thing that stands out is a more dampened signature. The second is more detailed mids. Sub bass extension is a bit better to my ears. Vocals is a little clearer and more defined.

Comfort compared to stock: There is no comparison, totally different league. My ears lasted about 30m before getting sweaty, and the lack of space in the original pads was unbearable after 60-70m. Now I don't get sweaty and the space is a tiny bit bigger so no issue so far, 120m continues as I write this review.

All in all the sound is more controlled, detail and separation is up. Comfort is in a different league. I could not be more happy with the Dekoni x00 Elite Hybrid. MUST HAVE UPGRADE!

Just wanted to share my experience with a good product, but I hope it is of help to someone.
I just joined the ZMF-drop... These are cheaper and look 100x better.
Just gonna cancel my order then.
I joined the ZMF pad drop but cancelled my order after a few days just in time for this drop which I’m about to pull the trigger on. I’m thinking TH-X00 Elite Hybrid with attenuation rings for my TH-X00 Mahogany.
How much was the T-50RP sheepskin pads?