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Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

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One more time for the people in the back!
Will this fit to MrSpeakers Ether?
I have to ask. What is platinum protein leather?
Basically synthetic leather (aka not real leather), but the stock material that came with TH-X00 and T50RP are exactly the same type of material.

Personally I find it perfectly fine and it's softer than real leather and for that reason I actually prefer this lol.
that’s good! I’m a vegan for 30 years now, so I avoid leather shoes, belts, wallets etc.
So if the protein leather are “suitable for vegetarians” I might check em out.
whats with the short sale period on requested drops?
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I feel like they just have too many drops to fully think thru every aspect. Maybe they are just under manned. There are countless great ideas in the discussions that I think just go unseen. If it were me, I'd end every drop on the 1st and the 15th if I really wanted to sell more, especially if it's a re-drop.
I think they usually group expensive products to longer drop and less frequent and cheaper products to shorter drops and more frequent. Since people need to save up for more expensive buys but cheaper things it's easier to impulse buy if it keeps showing up from time to time.

Though I do agree there are many great products in discussion that need to appear here. Sometimes it's probably undermanned and sometimes probably just because the manufacturer probably can't agree on a price or they couldn't meet the price WE want so they'd rather just not do it.

For example I was really hoping the SDAC/O2 ($150) would come back but my guess is that maybe after the initial run they couldn't do it at $150 anymore or they think the profit margin is too low to worth the effort on additional run. One can only dream though.
Is there a pad for the emu Teak's that either doesn't change the sound signature much or at least adds a bit of bass? Wish there were some graphs that compare the pads or something
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Thanks for the reply, you'd recommend it over the x00 pads? So it would increase lower bass and mid-bass?
The TH900 Fenestrated pads are rather nice on the E-MU Teak.
I wish they had fenestrated sheepskin for t50rp
The thx00 fenestrared will work with them
My pads arrived (Elite X00 Sheepskin), but looks like there's a manufacturing defect - some stitching was missed (see pic). With whom should I work with to get this addressed - Massdrop or dekoni ?
message us- we will replace!
Seeing as the TH-X00 (or rather the TR-X00 now) has dropped again, can this one come back :D?
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Got 'em.
OK, I didn't get them last time because of a financial emergency, but I will get them when they next drop =D
The wait begins!
Tried them on the TH-900MK2 at CanJam and OMG the difference is so surprising for just pads.
Can't wait to get my Purplehearts done :D
Anyone tried with Dekoni pads for the Argon?? I just want to know how it compare with ZMF protein pads.
i have them, they killed the can more then i expected. I have ZMF Cowhide + Argon TX0's.