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District Leather Metro Thin Bifold Wallet

District Leather Metro Thin Bifold Wallet

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Any plan to make 6 card slots and 1 note compartment bifold shell cordovan wallet? I really like the finishing
Yes :)

It's not certain whether it will make it to Massdrop, but I do plan to add some more traditional wallet designs as well as a few items in new product categories to the lineup this spring.
Interested in burgundy and plainsman. Is burgundy more glossy and easier to have pull up effect on the fold area? Couldn't find much about plainsman tough.
That's great to hear - you can't go wrong with either choice! The finish of the burgundy has a somewhat soft, satin sheen that makes the leather almost appear to glow wherever the pull-up is evident. Plainsman is a very interesting leather and it's one of my favorites. It's actually the "natural" base leather from which other colors of bovine Chromexcel are made. But, it doesn't seem to appear very often on its own in the form of leather goods, so most people aren't even aware that it exists. It caught my eye during one of my earliest visits to the Horween tannery, and I was excited to have an opportunity to share it with everyone.
Thanks Bill for taking time to reply here. Just joined the drop for plainsman.
This is what I call a well-done wallet with nice leather and great craftsmanship. Feel sorry to see no drops now, comparing to the drop by Ashland.
"Folded dimensions: 8.25 x 3.25 x 0.375 in (21 x 8 x 1 cm)"

This should say "unfolded" rather than "folded," as per the District Leather website.
Will the card drop?. The leather doesn't look like it will hold the card.
I would love a drop of the shell cordovan version!!
Was unsure about the card holder design to go for the drop initially... but in the end I couldn't resist those clean edges and sleek design. Can't wait to see if it works out!
Hey man, super nice wallet! Would definitely jump in on this if I could (sadly, I don't get paid til the week AFTER this drop ends haha). Love the design and all the care you put into your work. Beautifully done. Form, function, and art all rolled into one! :)
I am really happy to see this drop happening. District Leather does amazing work. I have a cordovan card holder he made me a while back that is aging beautifully. I've owned stuff from other US shops and none of them have been able to even come close to the level of finishing and attention to detail present on my wallet. You can really tell he really puts in his hours on all his items. For $60 this is definitely a steal, if only for the labor.
Very curious design.
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I definitely think the $60 mark is more reflective of the price of the materials used as well as the one-man shop labor (as in not exploited overseas labor) involved in constructing and finishing the wallet (cutting out the leather, sewing it together, sanding/burnishing by hand over and over until the edges are glassy and smooth, etc.). But idk! I could be wrong, haha. *shrug*
It takes talent to create a minimalist design. Talent doesn't come free. Ask any corporation. Looks super to me.
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