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Don’t Mourn, Organize! Harness Belt

Don’t Mourn, Organize! Harness Belt

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Order two of these - one for me and one for a friend's birthday. The leather of these is unbelievably even heavier than the other Don't Mourn, Organise! belt that I own (also via Massdrop), and beautifully finished. Simply the best belts I have ever encountered.
Second time's the charm? The last time this drop was active I ordered a black belt with a brass buckle but received a stainless steel buckle. Massdrop did give me the option of keeping the belt and getting a $15 credit on my account or returning it for a full refund (I chose the latter).

Hopefully I get a brass buckle this time :)
Simply the best belts I ever encountered.
Anybody want to purchase one or two belts? I ordered one brown, one black, size 34, width 1.5", each with stainless buckles. They're just too thick and heavy for my purposes.
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Are you still selling the belts?
Yes, they are! My email address is
All my exsiting belts measure exactly 39 inches. But this drop offers oonly 38 or 40 as choices. Wondering if I should order a bit too short or a bit too long? Any suggestions?
I went a bit long last time (as the belt I was measuring had stretched over time - it was cheap) and as a result I tend to be in the second-to-last hole. Depends on whether you expect to gain or lose weight!
In case anyone is still deciding on this, I'll comment since I got mine in the last drop.
Quality is A+, this is a beefy belt and shouldn't have any of the durability issues you see in cheap department store belts. The thickness is worth noting since it actually makes it hard to wear with some slimmer shirts when not tucking in, for example (buckle, etc. kind of take up a lot of space and stick out). I went with 1.25" width and feel like it's a good width for most casual outfits. This isn't a formal belt but can be worn with nicer outfits, chinos, etc.
For sizing, I'll reinforce that you should order 2" up from your normal BELT SIZE, not just pants size. I buy nearly all my pants in size 31 (true waist 34") and I got a 36 in this belt -- fits perfectly. Most belts I get in 34 but DMO sizes differently. If you get your normal belt size you're gonna have a bad time.
Very happy with this belt but I would look for something slimmer if you plan on wearing it a lot with untucked shirts, in general.
Well... I got my belts today. I sure hope they last longer than usual belts I'm getting from department stores - those look better new, but don't last more than two years. These don't look like much, quite rough. They definitely thick - gotta give them that. They anything but soft - rather stiff. The black belt inside develops creases really easy. Usually it's indication of cheap leather. I'm sure that's not the case here, but will see how it will last.
I understand that these belts are hand made, but any word on expected shipping dates?
Is there anyway to get a color between the natural and the brown??
Get the natural - it will darken over time with exposure to sunlight. Only downside is that the brass buckle (if you go with that) will leave a slight patina stain on the leather. Stainless probably won't.
Does anyone have any fit pics of a black belt?
Preferably with black jeans
I don't own this particular belt but I bought another from this maker over a year ago and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality & especially the durability of it.
Well DMO take their name from a union organizer and labor activist (an anticapitalist one at that), are they actually a union shop, or are they profiting on the backs of and words by workers?
They're actually all made by one guy himself who was inspired by the Joe Hill story. You can read more about the brand and other products they offer on their website.

I wear a size 35-36, so does that mean I should get a 38?
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It's 38" from the hole to where the buckle attaches on two different belts. My slide belt drop arrived today, and I ended up cutting it at 40" initially, and then recut it down to 38".

So I think it is 38.
I'd go with the size 40 then.