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DSA Ice Cream Custom Keycap Set

DSA Ice Cream Custom Keycap Set

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it shipped! i hope add-on kits do that so
Shipped? :O Thats way before schedule... huzzah!
Please sell it again ...
any updates?
I just want the novelties! :(
Check the separate drop now live on our site
So to get a 1.75u shift, we would have to get the Winkeyless kit?
HI, I am new to this and would like to basically mimic the pink version of this keyboard. Where can I purchase the base keyboard and case to get this exact same look. Any help for a newbie would be much appreciated.

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I was referring to the Planck. Looks like the kits are all sold out or inactive on Massdrop :(
They're not pink but here you go:

any chance on getting the base kit separated from the base cost? I do not want the base kit, only a few of the other kits.
what are the sizes of the spacebars
3 u , 3.25 u, for mistel barocco keyboard
2u for plank keyboard.
HOLY!!!! <3 <3 <3
Does the Minila Kit have a 1.5u Backspace and 1.75u Shift? Asking for a whitefox.

Also, are these doubleshot ABS? The description seems to cut off at "The".
yep, these keycaps are double-shot ABS in DSA profile produced by SP(Signature Plastics) In USA
Sorry, there is no 1.75 u shift, you could choose 1.75 ctrl as a substitute.
yep, there is 1.5u backspace in minila kit.
Dang, that shift key looks like 1.75u. Thanks.
ahh.. hana keycap ver 2.0 :D
With a NORDE kit this would be a must have...
yup... even has Race 3 esc/backspace.. i'd gladly spend my money on this..
Exactly my point of view, many kits support exotic boards, but some standard sized norde prints/sublimations/engravings are still a rarity and cost fast as much as an ortho set...