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Durgod K310 Taurus Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod K310 Taurus Mechanical Keyboard

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Just saying, KPRepublic and GearBest have it shipping now, for under $20 more. Is $15-18 worth almost 4 months wait?
Look up how massdrop works.

Anyway, KPRepubkic or GearBest have it for $15-18 more and will ship straight away.
VERY interested, wish I could get it with blank keys though. Reckon that would be possible?
Guys, do you know if this will work both on Windows and Mac pcs? Very interested
Handsome-looking board.
Estimated ship date... August.
Yeah I've impulsed joined and subsequently dropped a few before I learned my lesson, always look at the date. Otherwise sometimes you can pay a few more dollars and get it from Amazon (or somewhere) in a couple days.

There is some really cool stuff on here though, sometimes :)
Got mine with Brown switches Tuesday, installed blue WASD o-rings, and have been using it at work. Feels and sounds great!
Mine arrived today and I am suitably impressed. It looks and feels really good.
I have purchased the keyboard from somewhere else and really love it.

The color of the keyboard is somewhat brighter than what I see in the product pictures, but the build quality is very high for this price. It feels great to type on and it also comes with all the essential accessories e.g. cables and dust cover.

I highly recommend this keyboard for those who do not need the backlighting.
Thanks for making the time to write this. Looking forward to receiving mine :)
Any thoughts of those vs coolermaster masterkeys?
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Thanks. Will wait for the tkl version.
Sadly it recently droped
I'm trying to get a better idea of the white. The white balance in the photos make the keyboard appear paper white in one shot, and almost cream in the others. How white is the white, I wonder?
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It is really white I think cause those last photos were taken in bad lighting
I have the TKL version in white; it's not quite paper, not quite cream. Somewhere in the middle, but definetly white.
Anyone know this brand and have comments on the quality?
I've been using the TKL version of this keyboard for a few days now (k320?). The build quality feels really excellent for the price point. The board has a bit of weight to it and is sturdy, and the keycaps feel really nice to type on. Feels much better than my previous keyb which was a corsair k70.
No real complaints so far, that said I've only used it for a short amount of time.