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Durgod K310 Taurus Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod K310 Taurus Mechanical Keyboard

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Got mine today it works im happy looks fancy feels fun.
Dang, I just missed this drop!! I hit request for another drop. #KickingMyself
is it a good deal to buy this for the keycaps alone?
Is there anyway to get this without the branding on the front? It really kills the aesthetic.
I actually like the branding. Can't judge art I guess, it's always in the eye of the beholder.
Anyone know where I could get these keycaps separately?
I might be interested in replacing mine, in which case my current caps would go up for sale
Just saying, KPRepublic and GearBest have it shipping now, for under $20 more. Is $15-18 worth almost 4 months wait?
Look up how massdrop works.

Anyway, KPRepubkic or GearBest have it for $15-18 more and will ship straight away.
VERY interested, wish I could get it with blank keys though. Reckon that would be possible?
Certainly, buy a set of blank caps, take off the stock ones, put your blanks on; voilà!
That requires extra cost though LOL
Guys, do you know if this will work both on Windows and Mac pcs? Very interested
Yes, However, the driver software cannot support OS 。 You can type on the OS system
Handsome-looking board.
Estimated ship date... August.
Yeah I've impulsed joined and subsequently dropped a few before I learned my lesson, always look at the date. Otherwise sometimes you can pay a few more dollars and get it from Amazon (or somewhere) in a couple days.

There is some really cool stuff on here though, sometimes :)
Got mine with Brown switches Tuesday, installed blue WASD o-rings, and have been using it at work. Feels and sounds great!
Mine arrived today and I am suitably impressed. It looks and feels really good.