Dwarf Factory Anura Frog Resin Artisan Keycapsearch

Dwarf Factory Anura Frog Resin Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Anura Frog Resin Artisan Keycap

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I wish these can come back soon, if ever! Missed these froggies the first time around :(
I had such a hard time deciding which one to get last minute, was torn between Ice Age and Nightwish. I went with Nightwish, hope I don't regret it!
Beautiful pieces!
How does Resin hold up against UV? My keyboard is next to a window, I don't want them to turn yellow :/
UV resistant is uncluded, it's a part of our material
Hope there's a second run some time :)
what's wrong with this run?
I'm assuming he just can't afford it right now. That's why I'm skipping it.
These are so pretty I'm teetering on buying all of them but are they actually going to look like this? There's an image of the mineral frog on Reddit that looks a lot more basic and I don't know whether the Reddit image is an early prototype and the production caps will resemble the Massdrop images, or the Massdrop one is a prototype and the production caps will resemble the Reddit image.

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You arent wrong about how they are likely nicer in person, something like this just never looks as good in a photo, however for the point of correctness of information you're wrong about the lighting and noise. That lighting is very typical for what you can expect for a keyboard to be in use with, its even coming from a good angle with minimal shadows. The noise is moderate, but not enough to hurt the image quality, and even the best DSLR's have noise when shooting indoors unless you drop a few grand on lighting. Im not saying you're wrong overall, but you are over exaggerating the the lack of quality in the image.
Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate your opinion.

We believe that the quality of a photo depends on a camera man and how they setup background/lightning,... That photo was shoot by using a phone camera in a dark room in rush, we just took a photo for fun then a team member decided to post it on reddit . As a result, you won't see how clear & clean the cap's cover is (it's the most important part which decides how beautiful an encapsulated artisan keycap is).

To sum up, we are not trying to defend anything, but want to confirm about the product quality. It's not easy to express a beautiful of a thing through a camera. And that makes photos from a professional photographer very expensive.

Would they look very out of place on XDA board?
yes, it's SA R1 profile, its height is 2 times to XDA height, but you still can consider to put it on a position where you rarely place your fingers on.
So friggin' gorgeous, but $35 is a bit steep for just one.
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More like a deal and a half! If they look half as good as they look in the picture $35 is a great price!
Artisan is a empty buzzword that's often used to inflate prices. Here, etsy or elsewhere. It can literally mean something that's not mass produced.
So it looks like these are solid on the backs? No RGB backlighting transparency?
No translucent effect confirmed
if only these fit topre :(