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Dwarf Factory Anura Frog Resin Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Anura Frog Resin Artisan Keycap

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Looking to sell my frogs :( I have one of each except Greenlake if anyone is interested. /u/Lotsati on reddit and same name on GH as well.
Sadly, one of my two keys has a problem with the stem where it won't fully seat on the keyswitch. It sits a little too high. Any advice?? I tried scraping the interior to make sure there was no debris but it was already clear. I think it's a manufacturing error. It's _beautiful_ though.
Hi Wavebeem,

I believe its a failed product. Let me explain a bit about our handmade process.

A cover of Anura is made of resin, to eliminate all bubbles as well as to ensure its 100% perfect, we have to add an extra "part" at the bottom of the cap while making mold, then remove this part later, using sanding machine. I believe our Artist somehow excessly sanded this part and make the whole cap shorter than normal.

Please help to do us a favour, contacting us via our Website, we'd love to send replacement cap.
Anyone else have an issue with the stems being slightly misaligned? I still gotta get home and test the others, but here's an image.
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To be honest, I'm not super happy with DwarfFactory's response. They are hand-made and some stems having that issue is unavoidable? Okay, I understand that. But then it should be up to their quality control to make sure these are not being sold to customers.
We just want to explain why it's misaligned with the whole row. While testing the stem, we put caps onto the board for checking stem fitness, pressing to experience the feeling,but its F row of TKL board,not 65%. Thats why we didnt acknowledge about this until seeing Yamizaga's feedback. We guess there will be some getting into similar situation. Anyway, Its our fault for not checking it carefully.

Btw, we also guarentee for all products we shipped out. If you feel not so good about the product,please dont hesitate to contact us. What important to us the most are product's quality and customer's experience.

Sorry for my bad English if it causes any misunderstanding.
YAY! Thank you so much! It looks beautiful!
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you can get per-key lighting out of other, better mechanicals
Now you can, but I don't think those were available yet when this board first came out. If I had to do it again I would get a standard layout board. But, I'm all in on this one with a very fetching walnut spacebar and walnut wrist rest so I'm set for now.

My package said delivered on friday, but the package never came. Opened a support ticket with both you and fedex but this is getting absolutely ridiculous... YOU NEED TO ALLOW US TO CHOOSE OUR SHIPPER. THIS IS THE 3RD TIME I"VE HAD TO CHASE DOWN MY ITEMS!

Got mine yesterday. Big fan.
Mine will get tormented and taken hostage for two to three weeks at the local customs office. I'm considering contacting PETA about it.
looking good :D
Shipping notification.

yeah, hopefully people will get it soon <3
One last update: Recheck everything one more time and ready to fly
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Any chance for another drop? I joined but had a payment error (credit card security too tight) and didn't notice it until it was too late... :(
I want another drop too. Unfortunately most keycap makers only do 1 drop per keycap colorway. I pray that these will be different as they would look gorgeous with my Jelly Key Zen Pond Keycap. After all, 385 users have already requested for it to be dropped again. Lol
All Anura is ready to be shipped. We are in our very final stage. Cheers!
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yeah, they are <3. Cant wait until people see Anura in person!
Can't wait to get the nightwish, so glad I joined the drop!