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Dwarf Factory Demonic Rosa Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Demonic Rosa Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Damn - had a busy week and didn't get the last 24h alert to buy it :(
Last 27 minutes! I am deciding now if I should buy this. Fck this hobby.
This is twice as expensive as the Spookeycap I got ages ago, but it looks like it's worth it. It's hard to decide which I should go for..
in one for azural.... when drugs are cheaper than artisans caps ...
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I wish they were MassDropped. :P
A group buy for artisan batches of marijuana seems feasible. It's only a matter of time, my friend.
wow.. these are sweet
thank you <3
Which is the main material?
These are all made by resin
Yay! Just purchased one!! I've been collecting pieces for a new board now that I won't have assembled for another year at this point but when it done it'll be siiiiiiicccckkk!!!!!
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That will suit your themes with wooden case + brass + black and gold keycap <3
Sounds awesome! I love themed builds!
Really want to be able to convince myself to spend this much on one cap 'cause it's gorgeous!
You work hard, you deserve this.
Welp, I convinced myself ;)
Wow! Awesome!!!!!
SA version?
We haven't had any plan yet
I don't know jack squat about such custom keycaps, so how many of these do i get for 39.99? and don't even say ONE cause you will make me bust out in laughter, as I turn and walk away shaking my head.
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awww yes a comic, you funny kid. troll harder kid you suck.
"you suck" Ouch, felt that in my core.
Wow. First artisans I actually like. Well, there goes my budget for the pay :D
Absolutely gorgeous. I guess I'll get Luci since Kurbis is a little too... 'cheeto' for Carbon. I still do hope Dwarf Factory gets in on some existing colorways, however. Not that there is anything wrong with the colors produced here, but they are somewhat difficult to pair with existing keys.
talk about carbon, check out old pic on our Instagram, you will see something that have "existing colorways" We almost done that design :D
The wrench looks fantastic!
i'm really torn...i love the art and colors, but skulls are just not "my thing". not sure if i should join :(
These look AWESOME. I'm a keycap noob, is there anything I need to know about putting one of these on my current keyboard? It's an Azio MGK1-K w/ Kailh Brown switches. Bought from Amazon if you want to see it. TIA!
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Your keyboard's keycap is OEM profile - which mean you can put it on esc -F row & number row on your keyboard

Thanks for the help! I'm in for one.
how much shorter would this be than SA r3
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What is "KAT?" I haven't heard of this profile. Am I having a "whoosh" moment...? x:
it's from Keyreative, just look up for it. You can see more information on konostore, zfrontier or reddit
There goes even more money into this hobby... I've invested more money on my keyboard than I did with my car! My bank account hurts so much...
Don't worry buddy, me too. Damn i just want to buy a new cafe racer, but instead I bought 5 custom keyboards + 7 keycaps set for this hobby :'(
I only have 1 keyboard that I use. Plus my last 2 boards arent normally considered enthusiast level boards haha. As a full time student, I should not be spending this much money. xD
Daaannngggg, these are soooo goooood
These look great. I noticed with the Mount Fuji cap that a fog/mist effect comes over really well in anything that employs it.
Updating photos

Updating photos

Could you add a pictures with blue backlight?
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Here you go :D
Thx :D
Can't wait to hear who they copied this time
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It's okay @PigmonkeY, it's understandable. Just in case you join the drop, we won't let you down for sure
Only reasons I looked in the discussion. Was waiting for it. Glad those fools and trolls have left or realized they can't win.
I love the colours of the Azural one... but not the skull lol
February ship? Pass.
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Paying now and waiting for a later delivery is sort of how Massdrop works all around. And if you're expecting this to be like some of the 'Massdrop Made' products on this site (where secondary shipments are quick), that generally doesn't happen in the mechanical keyboard community. Although if you're really not wanting to wait, you can wait anyway and hope to catch some of these on r/mechmarket or similar private sales forum!
You’re on the wrong site then kiddo
I gotta admit these are pretty creepy. Would've been perfect for Halloween.
late Halloween i guess xD
OEM R1 profile? To me these look like SA R3 to me.
OEM R1 = SA R4, same height, dimension height is 12.2mm