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Dwarf Factory Miracle Island Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Miracle Island Artisan Keycap

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7 Mini Habitats, Painted by Hand

Dwarf Factory is near the top of the totem pole in the world of artisan keycaps. They brought us the Dwarven Chest backspace artisan, the Anura frog artisan, and many more—and the Miracle Island artisan may be the company’s most ambitious project yet. Available in seven different themes, this artisan keycap depicts a different creature in a small island habitat. The inspiration was that each island has a guardian creature that protects the island from outsiders. There are snails and beetles, crickets and ladybugs, each suspended in a multilayered, highly detailed environment full of color and life. Sculpted in tall SA profile, the caps are painted by hand and compatible with Cherry MX switches and cross switches. Collect all seven to create a whole new look on your favorite board.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice from seven styles, or you can get all seven keycaps for (+ $185). 

Production Process


  • Dwarf Factory
  • Material: Resin
  • Hand painted
  • SA profile
  • Row 1/Esc row
  • Compatible with Cherry MX and cross switches


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Estimated ship date is Apr 4, 2019 PT.

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