DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair
DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair

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If you’ve optimized your computer and peripherals for gaming, isn’t it time you showed the same concern towards your furniture? Built with a sturdy aluminum base, full-size frame, and hydraulic unit imported from Germany, the DXRACER FE57 Gaming Chair features a multi-directional ergonomic design that proves ideal for prolonged computing sessions.

DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair

Note: At checkout you have the option to choose the Blue, White, or Green model FE57.


For additional durability, the universal casters are covered in racing quality PU combined with heavy ABS plastic. The structure of the chair is the result of 10 years of ergonomic design, including an optimum curve that perfectly supports your spine. If you need to tweak the chair, simply press or pull the handle to raise or lower the chair, press the angle lever and lean back to adjust to 170º, or reposition the adjustable polyurethane armrest. Finished off with computerized embroidery up top and an included headrest and lumbar cushion, the DXRACER FE57 Gaming Chair puts you in the middle of the action and keeps you comfortably there.

DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair


  • Aluminum base
  • Multi-directional ergonomic design
  • Full-size frame
  • Footrest-shaped base
  • Adjustable polyurethane armrest
  • Specially designed handle raises and lowers chair
  • Large angle adjuster with all steel framework
  • 170º limitless angle adjuster
  • Universal casters covered in racing quality PU and heavy ABS
  • Computerized embroidery on headrest
  • Hydraulic unit imported from Germany
  • All accessories have passed 72 strict quality tests
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs (120.20 kg)
  • Aluminum base: 27 in (68.58 cm)
DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair


  • Headrest cushion
  • Lumbar cushion
DXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair


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