E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cablesearch

E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

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I love mine so much. Just beautiful, visually and sonically. Also, I was packing for a trip tonight and thought I'd use the little pelican case to store the cable. Pop it open for the first time, there's another cable already in there, and another 1/4" adapter. Don't think I've seen that mentioned anywhere, and don't recall it on the drop page.
You may have just gotten lucky, my case was empty.
Got mine yesterday, and I'm super happy so far.

Sadly, the balanced cable I picked up for them appears to be incompatible, and I'm wishing I'd read the comments here more closely before grabbing it. :(
Sorry to hear that... Teaks have an odd-looking pinout for the 2.5mm ends: channel/ground/nothing. Don't know why it was necessary to use (fake) TRS for each side.
This is so hard. Mine are waiting for me at home but I don’t get home for a few days. I want these on my head so hard right now.
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Good to know. I’m so ready for these 2 days. Maybe I can fly home early. Worth it Ha
Oh no. That’s a scary thought. I was scared so I just had FedEx hold them till I get back.
Got mine today
Looks like the latest drop has started shipping. Just received email from FedEx about an International Priority package from E-MU.

Very much so yay.
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How much did they charge for import?
17.08CAD, much less than I was expecting.
Three times during last three months I have mailed or filled a form in their webpage to ask about replacement cable. No answer. I-m not happy with the cable's connectors durability and customer service. Can anyone recommend other source for quality replacement cable?
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Can't say for sure because I do not own those cables, but I can say for certain that the two TRS ends of stock E-MU Teak cable have pinouts of channel/ground/nothing.

The cable I linked has TS ends (which, unless the manufacturer went insane, should have channel/ground pinout), so it looks very likely that it would work.

Plus, Z-Reviews uses the cable with E-MU Teak, too.

Here's a related Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/63y802/
Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any that may have a different color scheme than that? I hate red personally, and it's the main reason I went with a different one than you'd linked here.
I know it's still a bit early from the ship date, but has anyone heard anything about these shipping yet?
They just started shipping. At the bare minimum the labels have been created.
my housing for the left channel connector broke. is it possible to get a replacement?
Sorry to missed your msg.
We would like to understand more about your problem.
Please write to support@emu.com we will get back to you as soon as possible.
its all good, i fixed it.
Are these ever coming back?
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Are you xxx@xxxline.net ??
We have been trying to reply your email but failed.
Do you have another email address ? Please write to us again.
Yes, that's me, I'm not sure why it failed, that's odd. I'll write you and include a new email address right now.
Thanks for contacting me on here, I appreciate it very much.