E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cablesearch

E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

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Anyone knows how often these drop?
Every couple of months. It's usually by the time the current orders start shipping
Has anyone who owns two pairs of wood cups for this headphone know if the screws strip the wood? I am curious about getting rosewood cups for my teaks but I'd like to be able to swap them out occasionally without worry of stripping the screw-holes in the wood.
Hi fellow Teak owners.

Is there a balanced 2.5mm cable that anyone has managed to get working with the Teaks?

My Cowon Plenue R has a 2.5mm balanced out and I am very keen to get the Teaks running out of that. It tightens up the bass and delivers more drive which I want to achieve.

Thank you
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That sounds amazing. How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking?

Also, do the 2.5mm plugs fit nicely I to the earcups?
The 2.5mm plugs are an extended version so they will work with anything but they are not as attactive as the original. I have several headphones that take the 2.5mm so it was easy to justify.
They were about $70 US which is a little rich, but having said that a substantial upgrade.
Will these probably drop again before Christmas? I cannot purchase them this drop as my budget does not allow for the price at this time, but I would like to have them this year hopefully.
they usually drop right after the most recent drop finishes shipping. this current batch dropped less than a week after i got mine in the mail, and i think the one before that was similar as well
Alright, thanks for the info!
Reposting the "granny mod". I like my cans in mint condition so a little wool sewed in place to protect that headband. You can get these on ebay but there are snap buttons that can damage the band, a little scissoring action and a needle and you're good to go to the nursing home.

I would love to hear from anyone who has swapped the teak cups for the other fostex cups. I understand the teak cups have the largest cups inside, and I guess I wouldn't want to tighten the stage any more but am curious to hear your opinions.
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Yes, the ebony is the one cup that always stood out to me as Hmm... what will that bass be like? I guess since getting into headphones I know theres a chance at experiencing a song I love in a richer way and that's the temptation for me, so the ebony makes me raise my eyebrow and wonder. I think i'll venture into planars before I invest in cups though, spread that disposable income evenly.
Yeah I think that would probably be the smarter move, planar and electrostatic (stax) would probably give you a more different experience and let you explore different side of things.

I think I tunnel vision myself with Denon AH-D2000 then E-Mu Teak and Fostex TH-X00. Amps/Dacs I've tried are E10K (sold), Fulla 1 (returned), UDAC3, and recently SMSL M3 (returned).

Looking back maybe I should've just spend money on more different things. Lol oh well I guess I live and learn.
So ive barely had these a week and the right hinge is already extremely loose, despite being gentle with them. Is there anything i can do to fix this myself, or do i have to try to email chan_emu? Worried to even keep using them.

Edit: So I see how to fix it, but I dont have anything small enough to use between the cup and the screw to tighten it back up.

Edit 2: Mini crisis over. Fairly simple to fix, and it let me figure out how to change out ear cups if i decide to buy some others. If it happens to anyone else, remove the earpad, and you'll see four screws where the pad clicks in to. Remove those screws, the ear cup comes off, and you have a bit more space to use a small screwdriver (luckily just a small phillips screw) to tighten it back up. Bit of a bummer though, really. Even more so since it doesn't seem like the cup sits as tightly as it did before taking it off.
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You are fast. Before I can comment you already fix the problem.

Your steps to solve the problem is correct. You sure have good craftsmanship.

Please contact us at support@emu.com. We will like to gather more finding and feedback the problem to Foster.
Okay, will do. E-mail has been sent.
Generally, I prefer a neutral to slightly warm pair of headphones; among the headphones I love, there are very few exceptions. This is one such exception. The V-curve is not violent enough to induce simultaneous vomiting and ear bleeding, and though the stage is incredibly small, the imaging is rock solid. I love these dearly, and for the price, I think they're better than th-900's, which I've just sold because I use these more. The th-900s provide more stage, and do certain things better, but with the right combination of pads, these close the gap more than the difference in price would suggest.

My only caveat is that the thx00 Mahogany sounds almost imperceptibly similar, and if the interchangeable cable or ability to change cups doesn't phase you, they may be the better value. Still, having had both, I kept these. To me, those mechanical differences mattered, but YMMV
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Makes sense I hated the 900s when I first got them. I have since changed amps/dacs and modded the damping inside the cup, had the wiring upgraded, and changed the pads on them. Lots of work to get there but they are incredible now. Hopefully these come close.
Hpretty similar, but the th900 stage is expansive by comparison, with more bass impact, which is a bit looser, and a bit more bite to the treble.