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I got one of these at the last massdrop offering and this is a very good sounding player with a nice tube like analog sound that fits nicely with any decent high end cans or IEMs. The quality of the build is good. The flask form factor is subjective to say the least. The wifi speed for download is very bad although it can stream tidal, pandora, spotify (you have to know how to download apk files), etc. But I have gone to using it purely as a stand alone DAP like an old ipod player. So I'm satisfied just listening my own installed music on it, and for this massdrop price (having tried many others $400 or less) I do not think there is a better sounding player. BTW I'm an audiophile from the days of vinyl who took time to appreciate the way digital music has progressed over the decades but still can sound harsh, bright, etc, and don't get me started on mp3. But listening is an acquired taste and it can be quite subjective in different people. I found the Porta_Fi and Mr Mobile youtube reviews to be spot on.
some update ... the UI is terrible, including the UAPP audio app, and the optical output can only play from the UAPP app, and streaming doesn't work with optical output. It would be nice to have a balanced output rather than an optical output, but maybe asking too much. The sound quality is still excellent.
The new A&K players now support MQA and Tidal offline. Can we get an A&norma SR15 drop? 😃
Buyer beware!!! This is one of the most poorly made DAPs I have ever tried...not to mention the version of Android on it is from 2015! On top of it all, the CS at Echobox is terrible, and the new guy (Josh?) doesn't really seem to know anything about HiFi audio. Company really seems to have gone down hill since the former guy left and this new guy took over. Save your money folks...there are WAY better options out there!! appears that mahogany and zebrawood are not only similar in appearance, but IDENTICAL! Who created the title photo?
When I first got a smartphone (iPhone 4) I loved it so much that I imported a wallnut case from Japan, it cost me over $100, but the combination of silver metal, black screen and wood looked, felt and smelled soooo good... Then I dropped it and the case cracked in half. A wood case is a great artistic dream, but practicality has much to be desired.
Let me Comment, Being one of the Original Indiegogo campaign purchasers in 2015. It was nothing short of a Clusterf**k. The player did not perform or sound anywhere near what they promised and had all kinds of glitches. It lacked Google Play, the cases cracked. Echobox repaired the cases, often shabbily, with people stating they could see the sanding and glue used to repair, rather than replace the broken cases. I could go on and on,,,, If you want to know EVERYTHING about this player and all the mishaps do a search on "" under.... "The Official Echobox Explorer Thread"

You can read ALL 163 pages of this debacle.

It became so embarrassing for Echobox that they locked the thread to stop the negative comments. I sold mine 3 weeks after FINALLY receiving it. Best thing too, as the purchaser from Turkey emailed me a year later stating it suddenly bricked itself and Echobox refused to help him in anyway, they wouldn't even take it in for repair! Buyer BEWARE!!! YMMV.
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Yeah, I know the company used to be run by a guy named Sam, I met him at a few CanJam events and he always seemed knowledgeable and nice to speak with. I heard rumors a few months ago that Sam had stepped down from the company to do other things, and now it would appear this Josh guy has taken over. I asked around the audio community and no one has heard of him, and from what I've witnessed ever since he came on board it has been non stop discounting on their products and really weird social media. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Echobox isn't around in a few months time...doesn't seem like great leadership and the products were already having a lot of issues. Just my 2 cents
I appreciate the 2 cents :) -Josh
I can't comment on the quality of this player but I think the wood, glass and metal looks great together. But then again I was born before man first forged metals so I'm a bit partial to wood.
The Headfonics review is hardly a ringing in Dorsman! Written by a chimpanzee! Maybe $100 but, no thanks!
Just say NO!
what a joke!
So someone tossed a flask, ipod, and left over fire wood into a blender to create this monstrosity ?
Came here to say that, beat me by 4weeks.
I agree it isn’t Massdrop’s fault. But maybe they should refuse to carry products unless all info is made available. After all this is an audiophile platform.
Yeah, wood is great and all. The omission of any detailed specs is laughable, though. The "highest specs"? 300mW? Into what, 32 Ohms? Hardly powerfull. What about Output impedance? Output voltage? Output power into different loads? Hell, even battery life isn't listed anywhere! And this isn't Massdrop's fault, Echobox doesn't list this on their own site or in the manual even. This does nothing to counteract the perception that the audiophile community runs on fantasy and snake oil.
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I think my favorites are high end electricity cleaners.
Are you suggesting that I use common, dirty electricity straight from the outlet? Like a pleb?!
Is it for the US shipping only? Do they ship to other countries? Which countries? Thanks.
yes, we ship to every country!
Good deal if it come below 250$ I guess!
Just did :)
When something is ridiculous - it is really ridiculous! And asking price is totally ludicrous:).
Review from Porta_Fi on touTube:
“Looks like a flask” and associated drinking comparisons were already out of date and pretty tiresome even when the Explorer first came on the market 18 months ago, so it’s time to put a halt to these, methinks, and they add zilch to discussions or interest. Which would you rather have - a cold sharp angled slab of aluminium or something of natural beauty such as wood grain? The curved body makes it fit very comfortably in the hand, and the only criticisms you can legitimately throw at it are the outmoded OS and simple screen displays, and the wi-fi weakness that occasionally stalls Tidal playback . Just a pity that this was only given free for just 3 months, as it’s rather expensive to maintain a hi-res acccount here in the UK, so a year’s sub would have been a tasty selling point. Fewer moans about pricing would be nice - you’re really spoiled in the US, where the $ price is the same £ figure, then adding on high post and tax charges! Just buy it and keep your phones - for what they were made for - calls!
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There's the rub. I am a car guy, I love muscle cars and rat rods but as I get older I realise that a pub is more my style. I can walk to the ocean, a lot of pubs, a train station, a heliport, 2 libraries, several nice parks, a ferry port, a hospital, my doctor, dentist, many shops. I realise I don't need a car. So for me, my place in Penzance in the UK works out better for me than Orlando in the US (where I live now). Your mileage will of course differ.
by all means and be quick about it
Android 6.0? err..
looks like a vape
Wait so, this isn't a flask?
no It's a vape
You mean flask vape? 😂
Still not seeing any specs. Did I miss them? Web page doesn't appear to have them. The user manual pdf doesn't have them. 300mW into how many Ohms? SNR? Dynamic range? THD+N? Output impedance? Asking a lotta money here for a pig-in-a-poke.
Love, love, love the design of this, but at $300, it's just not worth it. The original asking price elicited a hearty laugh and shrug of the shoulders from me. This is a $200 device as are most of the other DAPs now that a few phones and DragonFlys are available.... and more convenient.
Should add... I'm definitely an audio enthusiast. I got my Axon 7 because of it's superior audio chops and have been satisfied with the results. Also grabbed a pair of Sine headphones with the Cypher cable and use that to listen on an older iphone. With both sources providing excellent sound, it's even tougher to justify something like this.
DAPs in general are in big trouble if phone makers (and headphone makers) continue to churn out great products.
I think that is their benefit, phone makers don't make good audio players.
Really funny, especially the price:)
How many fluid ounces can I carry in this?
Definitely designed by some drunk designer especially considering the price:).
No purple heart wood to match my audeze. But looks like a great match to make a portal XC here in SoCal.
Looks look an iPod touch/iPhone encased in a wooden drink flask.
Be sure to check out the Mr. Mobile review before spending $450 on this
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So I hear.... However I've been nothing but happy with my G3, v20, and now V35. I had a Galaxy S between the G3 and V20 and couldn't stand it.
Whether you like the phones or not though, you can't argue against the quad DAC. It sounds great.
Best sounding phone on the market but not a high end DAP