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EcoReco M3 & M5 Scooter

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I won't be able to buy this now but I will in the future!
Are you fucking me?
I don't think anyone is f*cking you.
What exactly is your issue? Do you not understand what this item is?
Yes are you slow? If you have an issue shouldn't you state it? Or should we try and read your mind....
Do you ship it to the Europe Union?
When would the drop be back again?
It's back lol
when this item will re-launch the drop?
I need it!
After testing, I have confirmed the battery itself is borked. Scooter functions normally plugged into the wall. I have emailed the manufacturer but expect bad news.
If it was cruising along at a normal power level and speed it seems strange that it would suddenly die like that. By the sound of it, I would have expected the controller to have fried. (New ones can be ordered fairly cheap from Patgear) However since you say it is the battery, it's even more strange to suddenly and completely die. Lithium batteries HATE water, so a cell could have been ruined if it got wet, but I would expect that to be a little slower. Try a voltage ohm meter on the battery. See if it has any voltage at all. I would expect a water damaged battery to show a low voltage (too low for the scooter to power up) and a short damaged battery to show zero. One of the wires may have shorted and popped some kind of fuse? Or maybe burned a connection inside the pack?

You may be able to remove the shrink film from the pack and check it out. Do this only after other options are exhausted, such as contacting ecoreco about it. Worse case, the batteries can be had from Patgear as well for about $250.
I'm sad to say that after today, my scooter may be finished for good. :(
What happened?
I was riding it in the rain and it shorted out or something. I don't know. I was riding like normal, then suddenly I lost throttle, the display flickered out, and then, nothing. The scooter was nearly fully charged when I left, I can only assume the unit is toast. It happened two hours ago and it's still dead.

Right now I guess I'm in a state of shock. As a 20 year old blue collar worker, this was my trusted transportation and a huge monetary investment. I'm outside of the six month warranty period, so I figure I'm just kind of, well, effed, outside of paying a hefty fine to some kind of local Felix Fix-It.

If I had to make a guess as to the problem, I'd hope it was the wiring on the scooter, which has a fairly ass-tastic build quality to it. Ever since I removed the cloth shielding from the wires to remove the handlebars and fix the busted button lock (as per the manual's instructions), the wires have been deteriorating at a very alarming pace. The rubber shielding is very brittle and has cracked to the wire in more places than I have fingers. I am praying to the RNG that it's just a broken wire and not a toasted battery or controller.
I hope the drop happens again soon. I'm ready to buy.
Can't believe I lost this drop.
Don't need one... but it looks pretty awesome.
Can Massdrop extend some days?
Good idea - usually, for the highest end drops, Massdrop gives a 14 day allowance. It is a bit abrupt to give.a.week's time for a thousand dollar purchase.
Just bought it. Come on, people!!!
You'll love this scooter, just take good care of it :)