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El Casco Luxury Large Pencil Sharpener

El Casco Luxury Large Pencil Sharpener

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Pearls before swine.
I was looking at the photos and i was telling to my self wow, this is really nice, and then i look at the price and i slowly back away
Ah Made in Spain by hand.all brass. black and gold looks very nice.
here we go again
can i use this to make my senn hd650 1/4 cable into a 1/8?
No, its not even adjustable.
So what exactly does this pencil sharpener do that a cheap electric sharpener or a classic crank sharpener doesn't do that it's worth 420$ more MSRP? Because I'm just seeing a massive rip off.
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I'll take good over great. My personal favorite, and best writing pen, is a Pilot Metropolitan Retro. Let's round that price up to 20$ for simplicity. The first pelikan pen that comes up on Amazon is 130$. So the Pelikan might be great, but is it 110$ better than the Metropolitan?
Nah, that Pelikan is only worth around $70, and in fact that's what they charge for it in Germany. Pelikan's US distributor has decided to go crazy with massive price increases every year and worse and worse after sales customer service. They're full Mont Blanc now. But basically any of the >$100 Pilots are that much better than the Metro. Same goes for Diplomat or the Lamy 2000.
This looks so cool, but I just cannot pull the trigger on the price. I mean, at $100 it would be a no-brainer, but at almost $400, I would expect personalization or something.
Personalization, hell. This thing better damn well make me a sandwich, fetch me a beer and then clean my apartment for that kind of money.
That looks like an exceptionally good pencil sharpener and looks great too.

Still, I have trouble understanding why it costs more than a kitchen aid standing mixer.
Courtesy of awk

$X dollars for a $THING? Just use one from $VENDOR for $Y like a normal person! You're all $MENTAL_STATE!
(just getting that out of the way)
One of the silliest things I've seen on Massdrop - and that includes the overpriced "tactical" pen. A fool and his $ are soon parted and it would take quite the fool to buy this.
Looks like something I should use to roast, and then grind, the very best coffee beans that the Blue Mountain of Jamaica has to offer.
costs about the same, too.
Seriously ...
I believe the word you're searching for is... WTF?
TIL pencil sharpening is considered a form of art to select people.
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Pretty sure they use an x-acto blade to sharpen, actually...
that's pretty darned manual.