ELF II - VR Drone Kit for STEM Educationsearch

ELF II - VR Drone Kit for STEM Education

ELF II - VR Drone Kit for STEM Education

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How does it define as "for STEM education"?
Is it possible to write firmware / software for this thing?
This is the real deal STEM education quadcopter: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/crazyflie-2-bundle

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I really do not recommend this drone that I wait for 2 years to get a drone on Kickstarter and not stable at all and only the camera transmission is cool but no more ... the drone is on my table as a collector but I do not use it anymore since it's simply the worst ever drone that I had :///
I also kickstarted the original drone. It was horrible. It's basically useless. In fact, if you anyone wants mine, send me a message. It is absolutely terrible.
how much do you want?
Not to be a Buzz Kill for anyone but....


Its $69 on Amazon. How in the heck would they sell it here $90..

Please Please Please Massdrop... DO some price checking before OK'ing a drop!
Surprised to see this up again -- take heed, this is not a good drone.
On another note, how does it support "virtual reality 3D FPV " if it's only got one camera?
Thank you. This is exactly what I'm wondering.
Avoid ELF at all costs - I was an original crowd finder and after 2 years of waiting got a hobbled together "drone" that doesn't fly, doesn't transmit video and can't be controlled in any way. They seem to have no idea how to build a product and hope that gluing cheap parts together might produce a product that works - it doesn't
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Can you tell me a bit more about the control system and software that the drone has? It seems to be controlled by hand motions, which actually isn't a problem for me. I'm working on a machine learning project with drones, which means that I need decent APIs and SDKs for drones, but the drone's existing controls don't need to be good at all - if anything, they just need to be good enough to test the drone out of the box and ensure that all the motors function. Currently my only drone option is the DJI drones which cost upwards of $500 each, and their SDK is bloated and not particularly well organized. They are also more powerful and heavier than I would prefer (a drone may go rogue, and a smaller weaker drone would cause less damage), so if this drone has a viable software package then I may be able to use it. And I could release a more conventional control system for it.
I have no idea. It supposedly can be controlled by buttons on the phone or by tilting the phone the way you want to drone to travel. Neither works, even for testing the motors. I'd try contacting ELF directly and you'll get a feel for their customer service and support. Not sure if you've look at the Parrot brand, I've had good luck with them but not sure about their API/SDK options.
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