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What is the notebook used in the photos ?
I was thinking the same thing, I love the color and I love grid paper.

Edit: FOUND IT. This notebook: https://filofaxusa.com/notebooks/filofax-notebook-saffiano-a5-filofax.html#92=90
From this drop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/lamy-x-filofax
Also available on Amazon for $8.82 (lol, I bought one and the price shot up to $18): https://www.amazon.com/Filofax-Saffiano-Notebook-Colored-B115035U/dp/B01LZTCQWE

They just put grid paper in the one in the pics :D
Thank you very much - I got one for myself as well!
I don't suppose anyone from the last drop is still waiting on theirs to arrive?

The DHL shipping has been getting slower and slower but no updates since April 15th might be a record.

Edit: Nope, not lost. Just absurdly slow. 24 days between NY Airport and Sydney Airport.
It's minimalist and elegant. I'd probably have to buy one if it had a knurled grip.

Isn't it weird that none of these pens have a knurled grip? I'm wild for drafting pencils, but it's a struggle to find pen counterparts.

How's the balance? It looks tip heavy, which I'd prefer, but sometimes you can't tell.
I got the Mechanical pencil variant in aluminium when I backed their Kickstarter project. Not sure how you like to hold/grip or how hard you grip your pen/pencil but the grip is actually okay and good overall. Neutral feel and hold. Mines very light due to being aluminium and the slim body, it flies across the page fast. Its balanced but leaning more to the tip with weight. Though this could be different with the brass model. Still using mine to this day alongside another mech pencil.
Hope this helps by giving you a rough idea.
I got a pen & pencil from the kickstarter campaign & I must say I'm not a fan. Just feels cheap to me. I like how the pen writes, it puts down a nice line but I guess it's just the over all construction. Anyone wants either of them let me know
I'd be interested.
I wish the grip had some sort of knurling/ texture. This seems like it might get slippery
I don't think that's a problem. I got one of these when they launched on Kickstarter and it doesn't feel slippery (and I tend to have quite oily hands). The brass feels quite grippy in use. The one thing to be aware of is that these pens are extremely thin. Despite that, the brass model has a nice heft to it.
"It’s precision-machined from a solid block of brass..."
"Construction: Anodized aluminum"

What !?
Must be a left-over from the description of a previous drop of the aluminum version.
Someone at Massdrop has been cut-and-pasting :D
Typo is fixed now, this is definitely made from brass only.
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