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Erato Verse True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

Erato Verse True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

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Curious if these include LDAC or AptX HD. Not seeing either one in the description so assuming no. Dang. I'm in the market for some true wireless buds with LDAC.
Got these last month - I mostly use them for listening to podcasts but I still consider the audio quality complete crap (comparing to my other low end wireless buds the BRAGI headphone). Connectivity isn't amazing either. I do like the size and the charging case. Definitely no issues with volume.
I have these and the sound on them are pretty nice. For the price, you get wireless freedom and good decent SQ, its a win. I had Jaybirds before and these are way better sound. I have them on at 70% volume only and they are loud enuff..
Anyone have the TRND Labs NOVA to compare these too?

I do have the NOVA and have been rather happy with them, best bang/buck I've found in this segment still (truly wireless, case recharging earbuds); but as an audiophile, i'm still hoping for better audio quality. My wired JVC Marshmallows FX-34's still blow all of these out of the water in terms of SQ. So if these things sound better than Nova I'd consider 'em for sure!
I just can't convince myself to buy an audio product that doesn't list it's frequency range and such. I'd really like to get a good pair of wireless earbuds, but most of the truly wireless ones read like a scam.
I've been tempted by these in the past accept for the poor reviews. Then I realize, Just spend the extra $50 and get Apple Airpods. They would work better with my iPhone anyways.
Right, they're great if you don't mind lack of isolation. Very convenient. I've ignored all other in-ear buds so far because they compromise battery life and connectivity while the Airpods use the stem for battery and antennae. If you don't mind the cable and need isolation, I got the Shure BT1 and it was excellent.
Yes.. The Airpod are a perfect compliment to your Iphone but the sound on them are awful and weak. Lacking loudness and everything else which will ruin your listening experience. It's your call.
How do we return this item? Mine is defective! I have tried to contact the manufacturer to no avail!!!! :(
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same situation here. massdrop made it right but erato couldn’t be bothered to respond to multiple emails.
I would suggest Massdrop not do business with that company again. It's not in their best interest.
So It mentioned that I wouldn’t be charged until the drop was complete and item was shipped, so why was I charged today?
You’re charged once the drop ends. Not when the item is shipped. It’s like that for everything on MD
Reading some reviews seem to confirm what was a red flag for me when perusing the specs.

3 hours playtime and 15 hours standby.

Add to this - slow charging and ill fitting for some, clearly a disadvantage for what should be something designed to be portable and provide reasonable function in the real world.

these products are crap. the right bud cant stay connected and the left bud drops a few times per song. dont get these if you plan on walking or moving your head at all.
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i would be willing to tough it out if it was only once per song or something but it sometimes is near constant, to the point where it is clearly a faulty pair. i tried to get in contact with the company for a replacement and they wouldnt answer, which leads me to assume they know what their product is like and are unwilling to work with customers to correct. fortunately massdrop offered me a full refund.
I'm having the exact issues you mention!!! VERY UNHAPPY :(
I love these, sound and portability wise. Unfortunately out of my phone they are not loud enough for riding a bike through the city. Or even when in my car. In quiet environments like an office they are perfect, I just wish my work day was only 3 hours. As it is they probably not enough for my needs.
Not sure on iOS, but on Android phones there are apps to increase the volume, which may be just what you need. I have another pair of BT earphones, and while they sound nice, they are underpowered, so I use an app to increase volume for them
They need to bring these back