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Eternal Leather Solid Brass Fish Hook Keychain

Eternal Leather Solid Brass Fish Hook Keychain

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I totally agree with BenBanjo. I have been carying this for several months now and just love it. Easy to slip on and off belt loop, yet never comes off on it's own accord. Had originally purchased the lighter version and liked it, but when I saw this stronger forged one, bought it without question. Strong: carries a heavy load; when fully loaded with my full work key ring sets. The shackel that binds the hook to the ring has never some loose; if it does, use a little fingernail polish or locktite. With basic personal keys, folds nicely to lay in tray or put in pocket. I've added a smaller carabiner for addition of optional rings as needed. And, yes, that's my mini-1 hanging there; love it also !
I take it your line of work doesn't involve "sneaking up" on people?
Could I buy 3 extra brass rings
I have a question about how you wear this keyring for those that have it already and hook it to your belt. Do you attach it hook out (Like on of the images) or hook in? It seems like the former is more secure but would be difficult to remove when you want to. Thx
I have mine in my pocket personally, like a pocket knife, hung on the hem
Yeah, I might do that with Jeans. That may not work with dress slacks though, but can’t hurt to try it.
Go on amazon and type in “fish hook key chain” and find it for $9.
Sorry, removed this link. While I encourage helping each other find the best the community has to offer, I don't like to allow knock off links to untested product quality due to issues in the past. Ultimately, if someone buys that eBay item and it turns out to be junk, that person sometimes comes back with some comment/review and confounds that eBay item with the one here. This causes a lot of confusion, and can ultimately affect the reputation of the makers we work with.
I bought this last time it was on Massdrop... and it's honestly one of the best upgrades I've ever made to my EDC / keychain. I was a die-hard carabiner carrier for ages, because the thought of losing/misplacing my keys is an absolute no go. But this is SO MUCH better than a carabiner because there are no springs or levers to wear out and break. Also, this doesn't wear a hole in my jean pocket like the 'biner always would. But most of all, this anchors my keys to my belt more securely than a 'biner ever could! 'Definitely reccommend!!
I gone one of these last time around, but lost the screw that holds it all together. What's the policy on missing parts?
ask if you can order a replacement shackle. ???
Solid deal on this! From the makers shop its $2 more and $5 shipping from Hong Kong to the pacific northwest. Mass only charges 2.75 for shipping.

Youll save about $5 buying it from massdrop Huge savings percentage wise. May actually change my order to 3 or 4 if anyone in my family seems interested as well.
Is there a way to get more brass rings for keys?
I use mine to carry my employee card. I love it, so much more classier than those geeky plastic lanyards or belt clips. It has developed a very nice patina.

Edit: I just got on the drop for a second one!

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Yep, proud IBMer, specializing in cybersecurity 😎
Nice! I used to live in Raleigh and had a lot of ex-IBM friends there from their RTP office.
After months of use, I ex that I would grow tired of the leath tab, BUR I like how it is aging with the rest of the hook
Etsy store shows the item ships from Hong Kong, in case anyone is interested.
That's a PELICAN HOOK. It's not a fish hook thank God.