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ExOfficio BugsAway Insect Shield Bandana (2-Pack)

ExOfficio BugsAway Insect Shield Bandana (2-Pack)

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Ants are such a nuisance around my house! Will these bandanas help?


I prefer the bug off Buffs. They work well.
Honestly I'd rather have really nice bandanas ....instead of bandanas with some [chemicals I don't understand in them]
What’s the honest efficacy of these things? Has there ever been a real study?
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Great answer! The benefit to InsectShield is that it does last longer based on their experiments and my own personal experience, but you are 100% correct in that it is way more expensive than doing it yourself. I did it myself two years in a row but I'm forbidden from doing it again to our clothes & indoor "welcome mat" towels (we provide our local ticks hitching a ride on our shoes with a warm welcome of permethrin ;-D ) because my boyfriend doesn't like the smell. I used Martin's Permethrin 10%. I used the Sawyer mix before and I doubt thick that has as strong of a smell... but costs more. Anyway, permethrin ftw!
I just get a couple of garlic cloves and eat them ....then bite one in half and rub the juice all over.
Interesting discussion. Me and the ol' lady's cat don't get along so well anyway, so I'm gonna take a chance that I won't kill it by saving myself from potential Dengue Fever, Zika, West Nile Virus and other infections from mosquito-borne maladies. I'm perfectly willing to gamble with the cat's life rather than with my own. lol.
I live in Southeastern-most Alabama. Humidity at this moment is 90%+. The 'squitos and gnats have been worse this year than any I can remember. I ride a Harley, so I don't even have to change "my look" much at all to wear these things. I've tried all the sprays and rub-on products. They all stink to high Heaven, and they're greasy/oily to boot. I really hope these things work, because I've been driven nuts by the bugs this year. Not a very far drive mind you, but anything I can do to stave off reaching that destination, I'll jump on it! So I'm in.
If they do work, I hope it's not 10 (or more) weeks before they come around again. I'd buy three or four packs if I was real confident that they work well, but gotta start with just one pack for now. Just keep in mind, Massdrop, that I'm probably not the only cautious first-time buyer out here, and bring 'em back soon after this drop ships please.
It won't kill the cat :-) wet permethrin that hasn't bonded with fabric would kill the cat though.
InsectShield is bonded very well with the fabric which is what makes it better than home treatment. I would imagine if the cat ate the bandana it would get sick. Not sure how mant bandanas would be a lethal dose.
For the cat, I would highly recommend a product called "REVOLUTION". Vets sell it up here in Iowa. Make sure you ask for "the deal" because vets in this area will GIVE two applications (for free) if you buy 6 applications, so you have a total of 8 applications for the cost of 6 applications. Apparently you can also buy REVOLUTION without going to a vet. Google it for places that sell it, besides vets. Here is more information: https://parade.com/39758/parade/revolution-for-cats/
My vet tells me that REVOLUTION is the *ONLY* thing that is safe for cats. There are quite a few products that are safe for dogs, but apparently this is the only one that is safe for cats.
I bought a cat from a cat breeder a few years ago. He had fleas, mites on his skin, and ear mites (those were the things that were obvious to me that he had) plus probably various kinds of worms. My vet told me to use REVOLUTION. It took care of EVERYTHING, including the mites. Although he is an inside cat, we live in a very woody area (in the middle of timber) and can carry all sorts of bugs and ticks into the house. I use REVOLUTION on him all year. You just apply it directly on the skin, in an area that the cat cannot lick off, just once a month. That's all there is to it. I put it behind the back of his neck, directly on his skin. REVOLUTION is absorbed into the blood. That's how it's able to work on fleas, ticks, worms, mites, etc.
I had also bought a tiny, sick little kitten from another cat breeder. He had way too many things wrong with him. I bought the half strength (for kittens) for that sick little guy. It got rid of most of his issues. The rest of his issues were eye problems that needed to be treated with multiple kinds of eye medications.
Massdrop should get a group buy for REVOLUTION going... that would be impressive!!
Boom! I was just talking about getting more of these. 4pks ordered!
Ooo its the hide yo kids hide yo wife bandana.
Ok, and I crazy but I see the bone and rogue colors but not the other two?
Repel insects, but attract cops. How does that sound like an advertising slogan for this?
You can buy permethrin on Amazon and treat all the stuff you already own. This is not a great deal.
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In its liquid form, yes. Once completely dry, it's just as safe as buying pre-treated items.
Yes, but you have to reapply permethrin after six weeks or six washes, whichever comes first.
Do these work against green head flies? I absolutely hate them, and having darker skin they are attracted to me even more than most.
two bandanas $4 bottle of permetherin $10
hard pass
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Congrats, you're a dick
Yeah, a dick with dope new bandanas
A note of caution for pet owners -- the active ingredient is Permethrin. While save for dogs it's toxic to cats !
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Dry or wet -- once it gets into a cat it's bad (I have a cat that sucks on clothing, not willing to risk having this stuff around.) I'm not saying "don't buy this", I'm saying "be aware of the risks." Don't dress up your cat w/ the bandana (those pics of a dog wearing them may inspire cat owners...) and don't let it lay around where a cat can get to it. Better safe than sorry.
Also, don't let your cat drink anti-freeze
I kinda liked how the pic with the model has bugs, it's funny. These colors are without bugs tho, just a different pattern matching the colors rather than the model. Still quite pleased, no scent, no gross bug spay odor. Possibly faint BBQ smoke scent, which is a bonus.
Hope mine come before summer is over!
That Massdrop Gang. I heard they are a really tough bunch. Real OG. 🤣
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He is secretly holding a kitten. 🙄
throw up them gang signs cuz 😆😭🤞
Just got these and outfitted the pup 🐶
That look says it all. :)
There are many models of the cone of shame.
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I wished it would have stated that there are a limited number or something. I just tried to join the drop & every color is sold out.
Same here I was in no rush because the drop didn't say it was limited.
@Tlky @PlusOne We secured more units, so all colors should be available now.
Um, it is f'ing cotton...
wool or gtfo
Several things: First, I can confirm that InsectiShield or whatever works very well. As noted elsewhere, I lived upcountry in Sierra Leone for 3 months--one of the most malarial infected countries--and swore by my insect proofed clothing. Second, my InsectiShield shirt was blue, and while I agree that I wouldn't get a NON-InsectiShield blue bandana, in my experience, I found that the protection beat out the attraction. Incidentally, I treated pants and another shirt with permethrin spray and found them to be less effective than those articles pre-treated (tho still apparently somewhat effective). Which leads me to third: if the protection offered by permethrin is so powerful as to dissuade a mosquito otherwise attracted to the color of an article of clothing, I seriously question the wisdom of tying that article around my face and/or mouth. Permethrin is some seriously toxic stuff. Would I deal with it in order to avoid getting malaria? Most likely, yes. If I was a woman and feared getting the zica virus? Probably not. Just so I don't get a few bites on a camping trip when some non-DEET Off will do the trick? Hell no. (Look up DEET, that's some toxic stuff too!) Anyhow, my $0.02: get these and tie them around your ankles.
Cannot speak to the bandana but I have hiked with an Ex-officio treated shirt for several years (at least 30 washes) and the repellent effect is real and also not smelly. I also treat with permethrin and find that to have a distinct smell. Joining this drop because my wife is pregnant and she said she would wear it if the Zika thing actually becomes a thing this summer. Are the chemicals worse? Good question.
I ma need this to repell them bugs and cover mah face while i am shooting my gat at the police.
I dont know how effective these are, but anyone with any bush experience will tell you that it is an absolutely terrible idea to wear anything blue, so i highly recommend staying away from the blue
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Blue attracts bugs. Ask any bush worker, you don't wear blue and if you do, you will quickly find out why that was a mistake. I'm not saying it's a bad product, just trying to steer people away from the blue one, because it may do the exact opposite of what it intends to do
I have a few of these... to be honest I have only used them camping during the winter so far. I have long sleeves and long pants on and wore one of these around my neck for the earlier part of the night. It definitely kept the mosquito away from my face. Later, as it got colder, I put a beanie on and then just made a band out of it and wore it around the beanie.
I was camping in the California Redwoods and they seem to work for us.
I knew that. Sorry I must not have explained well. I do that sometimes😊 I was wondering if they are worth it compared to just buying a regular bandana and treating it real good.
These *are* just regular 100% cotton bandanas treated with permethrin. A 24oz bottle of permethrin is about $15, and is good to treat 4 shirts, pants and pairs of socks.
These are bigger and thicker. Much nicer than cheep bandanas.
It only works on the area it covers; you still need to treat yourself on other areas.