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I don't own a lot of boxer breifs (this is the second brand i've tried), I'm mostly a regular boxer guy myself. I do enjoy all my previous exofficio purchases. That being said they are pretty comfy/spacious and I really like the mesh airflow.
This Massdrop arrived, and I'm going to try these out. But they are appreciably on the large size, my Mediums look to be Large, so not sure if they'll end up being practical.
Price really needs adjusted on these, or at least for the Small 9" ones. I just bought 2 straight from amazon, with quicker shipping, and it was cheaper then buying through you guys.
Hola, probably it's some kind of mistake, but I cannot find my country in the list.
I'm from Israel. Can you care to add us too? :)
I got them at Cotsco (membership wharehouse) 23.98 for a pack of 3, this are the best briefs you can own ( I’ve try a LOT) After trying them on I replace all my briefs wit’s this ones . Give them a chance and try them I’m sure you are going to love them . And yes I even replace my Punto Blanco, Saxx and Terramar.
Cheaper on Amazon.
These are great, no doubt, I have 2 pair. I just can't justify the cost to buy anymore. Terramar has a similar product for much less.
Love these boxers. Just noticed I can get them at the same price on amazon.
These are amazing boxers. Though I want to point out two things after having owned 6-7 pairs of them:

1. Over time these will pit so you will end up with fuzzy little balls in between your legs... and I’m not referring to the ones that are supposed to be there. :)

2. Nothing against MassDrop, I appreciate what they do for the community, but at this price you really aren’t saving much. It isn’t a bad price so please don’t take it that way. It’s just not a great price (like the $1199 TVs on here for $499). I typically buy the ones with a 9" inseam for $15.99-17.99 (each) through a very large online retailer. If you aren’t in a hurry to get them look around. You will find a deal that is as good, or better than, this one.
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I was going to say it shares its name with a very large rain forest but as POTUS mentioned its also a river in South America. :)
ah's the birth place of wonderwoman
Anybody else only receive one?
Yep, just one. 40 bucks for a single pair of boxer/briefs. What a steal.... sarcasm

Now waiting to see how Massdrop handles this.
Hey guys.
If you received only one pair of the boxer briefs, you will have also received a partial refund.
There was a mislabeling error on the black version of the item. Everyone who purchased a pair was emailed and given a choice on how they would like to proceed; the default being a refund.
Hope this helps!
3 pairs for $24.99 at costco recently...probably sold out by now.
That was probably the Give n Go model, which is ExOfficio's more basic, affordable line.
yup, you're right.
I have one pair of these from an earlier drop and I love them! Brought them on a trip to Norway for 2 weeks and my checked bag got lost so I ended up washing these by hand a few times until my luggage showed up.

They're pretty comfortable, deal with odor and ventilate well, and pretty darn fast!

I wanted to participate in the drop, but I just headed over to Amazon and got two of the same pair but in varying colors for 35.96 and they'll show up in 2 days instead of 2 months.
The cheapest pair on Amazon is $22.98 right now, so about $46.00 for 2 pairs and only one color choice (At that price). This drop ends up being about $41.00 to NJ-USA. Also IDK why they are taxing clothing, clothing in NJ isn't taxed. People in NJ may be better off getting these at the mall.

Edit: I contacted Massdrop support over the tax issue and they said "they are working on it" but it should be $38.49 shipped to NJ-USA which in that case its a savings of about $7.50, plus increased color selection.
Not a lot of reviews on here, just more concerns about shipping and pricing. Besides where they can be found at other brick and mortar stores for comparable pricing, how good and comfortable are these in comparison to Saxx or Mack W.?