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The Eye Key Rose Artisan Keycap

The Eye Key Rose Artisan Keycap

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Hi there! Just wondering when this will become available?
Can we get an update on this drop or are we just going to sit waiting until a package arives at the door...?
Hi Puppet,

Sorry for the slow response, I just read your information, we have completed the Rose keycaps, I will ship it soon to Massdrop, will have specific updates in the near future.

Thank you for the update.

Is this the same one from Reddit?

I ordered this from their Group buy mid last year and still havent gotten one. last i heard they were having issues with production.
Hoping to receive one that isn't damaged or flawed so MassDrop listen up here, if my caps arrive with some defects you're going to replace them with FIXED versions immediately.

Otherwise the stink and noise I shall kick up over this will make dropping a bomb on Hiroshima look like a silent firecracker going off.

Just read the comments from others who knew better not to join this Group Buy, so MD everything lays with you here, look after us customers first if this goes pear-shaped in quality and finish.
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Idk, I'm a woman and I care about keyboards :l
Are you living under a rock? There are tons of women in mech keys.
Just my 2 cent.

Due to the recent scandalous incident between TheEyeKey and MakeABoard, I personally wouldn't buy any products from either of them, at least for the near future. The incident between these 2 parties is quite complicated, but followings are some important points IMHO:
- Initially, 2 parties work together to produce and sell the rose keycap
- Many keycaps were returned and refunded. TEK asked MAB to return these B-stocks to TEK, MAB declined such request.
- Everything (nearly 350 captures of their chatlog) went public (our country's mech community), both parties were pointing fingers, and as a result, many of us realized how shitty both of their business morals are.
- Many of us wondered why TEK wanted the B-stocks? And guess what, now we're having this drop.

I really hope that TEK won't sell the B-stocks to the people joining this drop. I personally just won't take that risk. Hope that the ones who joined will be happy with their purchases.

PS: still looking for a space-themed keycap to go with my GalaxyC sets. Any suggestion is much appreciated
what incident happened curious really was tempted to join the drop but was late :/
basically just quarrel between collaborators
OH OH - I was going to buy a couple of these beauties... but what is the PROFILE? I still don't know enough about mechanical keyboards (I have 2 now) to know which profile I need... HELP, please?

Thank you,
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Any idea where / how to contact Massdrop? Thank you.
Couldn't resist this.

Perfect key-cap gift for your significant other. She will love this key-cap because it reminds me of 'beauty' encapsulated in resin forever more.

Much like her love for me...... very creepy ; )
Hi, I need advice please. Which profile do you think it looks better for Massdrop CTRL keyboard. I was thinking about red or white.
LeChef I think Rosa Alba will fit and stand out more on your keyboard :)
which profile would i need for anne pro cherry mx browns? thanks
Both will work, but oem will look better with the rest of your keycaps. (assuming you didn't change the caps)
I saw it on Geekhack back in October with some other color variations,
but it was already out of stock in the group buy they had running back then...
I'm sure not going to miss it this time.
I'm torn about what key to get. They all look so nice!
I have a blue backlit keyboard though, So I'm not so sure what will look best on it
From the picture I can see that the Rosa Chinensis doesn't look that good when lit. In my opinion the Purple Rose is the best looking one without backlit, but is a bit dim with it. as for the other two, I think they do look good with backlit.
Any suggestions?
They are a bit expensive but I might end up buying two... ;)
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Like you said, I too really like the Rosa Alba (white and blue) but I also really like the Purple Rose
So in the end I did get both of them. I'm afraid I would need to upgrade my keyboard to do them honor. Oh well...
This is Rose Alba with white led