Fanmusic C6 Cables for HD 58X & HD 6XXsearch

Fanmusic C6 Cables for HD 58X & HD 6XX

Fanmusic C6 Cables for HD 58X & HD 6XX

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Any chance to get a 3.5 mm balanced termination?
I found these (and ordered them) on Amazon. They are half the price of the cables being sold on Massdrop (nothing personal). So much discussion and arguing on this issue, I thought I would try to put an end to it (fat chance). I will give my (unbiased) review whence I receive said cables (possibly a few weeks for some reason, but that's okay). Cheers!
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Yes, they are. I didn't catch that when I ordered them.
No, they are not.
6ft. If i am going with an upgraded cable I want to be able to smack my Amp and EQ down next to my TV and run it across the living room or bedroom for TV watching. Would need one about 20 feet.
Does it fit a Fostex and can they reverse polarity for the Fostex?
No 3.5mm end option?
3.5mm balanced would be ideal!
If the cable my headphones came with isn't good enough, I want a refund on my headphones.
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I would say those sonic differences are people giving in to the snake oil(assuming you were talking about cables not pads), and not understanding what the placebo effect is. I even remember someone making the claim that it couldn't be placebo because they owned the original cables for years...I really don't think they even understood what the placebo effect was.
Edit: Also only really referring to people talking about magic cables that are silver or whatever else.
Well, in medicine, the take is that if one thinks it works, it works. That seems true enough to apply generally- if I believe something is better or more this or more that, then my experience is that it is more whatever I perceive it to be.

On the other hand, I don't care how much better a cable makes my headphones sound (or makes me believe my headphones sound), I have better things on which to waste my money.
God damn this cable is at least 3 times the quality of the van dammed cable, that van damme cable was obviously fraudulent garbage that proved to me that massdrop doesnt understand quality control issues. Not this fan music cable tho, only buying fannusic or venture from now on. Van damme cable garbage that broke after a month, nobody likes them, yet still get posted to try a take your money when this fan music cable is the type of quality product they should be selling.
Why would you spend so much on a cable ?
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Obviously, four. One per hand, one on its tail, and one on its head, If one is feeling adventurous, you could ramp it up to six if you include the legs. Arguably, the best meme beast I've had stuffed. The internet is a vast wilderness, afterall.
Damn, how much would you sell it for ?
Is 4 pin balanced?
It has the option for that, yes.
Just want a nice high quality cable instead of the stock Senn one. How does this compare to one I can built using Canare wire and connectors?
It's a cable. Canare wire and connectors are likely better than this one, as Canare is shielded better
How to these compare to the Venture Electronics Cables >

Note, this cable is 6.5 foot = 2m length. The -$15 on the venture electronics cables is misleading (only for 1.2m length) as it will cost +$10 extra for 1.8m so the price is actually about on par for both cables.

From what I gather.
Fanmusic C6 Cables:
- claim to have used high-end professional Sommer cable from Germany, made of tightly braided oxygen-free copper that’s covered in fabric below the Y split
- Neutrik connectors
- 2m standard length. No option and no bullshit 1.2m.

Venture Electronics Cables:
- No details on the actual quality of the cable or whats been used. Only that it is braided, MD themed colour.
- Yongsheng connectors (Supposedly "Chinese" division of Ningbo Neutrik Electronics Co., Ltd) - quality is not on par (read: lesser than) compared to Neutrik, according to thread/community comments i.e. they don't fit as perfectly and require some messaging into the connector when new.
- 1.2m length. Optional: +$10 for 1.8m. +$50 for 3m.

My question is if anyone has both cables and can provide a comparison. Any thoughts???