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FiiO E17K Alpen 2 USB DAC

FiiO E17K Alpen 2 USB DAC

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Any updates on the shipping date?
when is the drop shipping? The estimated date says Feb 15th, but it doesn't seem to be shipped.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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I have had this one for a long time now, connected to my PC and also portable.

They fixed all the flaws of the previous iteration with this one, such as weird noise, delay, battery running dry very damn quickly.

it is perfect, the EQ and sound are amazingly warm yet super detail rich. I would suggest getting this off ebay for the same price, as the shipping will be quite a bit faster!
I used to own the original E17, and it sucked balls. Sometime the sync didn't match up with the PC, and a full-scale blast of pop noise came right into my ear canal via headphones.
How does the sound compare to lets say the integrated sound on a Galaxy S6? I have some sennheiser HD650s and some TH-X00s that I would like to use at work.
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Pretty much any Android 5 device supports OTG Audio. Prior to that it was spotty-at-best.

Enable Developer Mode. Enter "Developer Options", Select USB Configuration: [x] Audio Source.
Plug any OTG cable or adapter into the phone, and send it to the E17k via USB, or into a USB-Coax convertor, then the COAX-in on the E17k.
> The Fiio E10K works via usb, but it draws on the phones USB port for power.

Get an OTG USB 2.0 Y cable :
You can plug the support USB power line into a usb-charger-outlet, portable battery, etc.
Addenum, When using an OTG Y cable:
* Step 1: Connect to the DAC (or USB to Coax Convertor, which is already connected to your DAC).
* Step 2: Connect OTG to the phone.
* Step 3: Connect Y-cable power-line, last.

If the Y-Cable is plugged into a power-source before connecting the OTG to the phone, the phone will likely trigger charging instead of Audio-Out.

The benefit of using a USB to Coax convertor:
1) You can power your DAC from USB instead of using the USB-in for audio.
2) Windows doesn't require "special" unsigned drivers to use USB-audio-out to the convertor.
3) There should be no quality loss from USB Digital-Audio to Coax-Digital.
Having owned one of these with my AKG K612 Pros, I have to say I'd recommend buying an Objective2 amp instead. It just doesn't have the power to drive them completely, and I definitely get MUCH better sound with the O2.
May I know can I use this E17K with android phone (provided the phone support OTG) with a single micro USB to microd USB cable like below? instead of connect to 2 cables - an OTG cable first then connect to another USB cable.

Yeah, you can connect it directly to your phone. Just make sure you turn off USB Charging when you do.
Would this pair well with a Fiio E11K? (A3)
How does this compare with the Centrancr DACport slim?
FiiO products are good but terrible with batteries. The E17 Alpen died on me just like that. So not burning my hands again.
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I would have if I had the correct tools. Gonna ask the FiiO guys again if they can do it for me.
The 15 hour playtime for the E17k is fairly accurate. Compare to say the "claimed 20h" playtime of the XDuoo XQ-10, which you are lucky to get 4hours from fully charged (Good luck trying to determine if its actually charged though, the RED charge led never turns off if it's plugged in) The XQ-10 weighs almost nothing, inside is mostly empty space, and for an extra buck or two they could of easily included a battery with 10 times the supposed 250mAH (a single AAA can be 1100mAH or more).
How does this sound compared to the odac?
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Cool. How about compared to the Hifime Sabre 9018? I heard it to be pretty good for the price.
I'm not really sure - haven't used it before! The O2 is very much a neutral amp though, so it doesn't change the sound of the music at all - it just is extremely clean (like extremely, for the price).