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Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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I'd probably be in this if it were more than 10% off...
Price is pretty much very close to MSRP. I have X5 1st Gen and paid $120 for it when 2nd gen came out. X5s have excellent SQ but it takes a lot of effort to build playlists when you have 3K plus songs stored, there's no search function. I'd rather spend more money on Android base DAP like the X7 or the new X5 3rd generation.
If one were to take the plunge and buy this music player, would they be able to transfer all their thousands of itunes songs/albums/videos to this device and ditch the ipod? I only use my ipod for music/video playing, don't care about all those other apps and features internet related.
Bad timing for this drop - a FIIO X5 3rd gen is almost here.
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couldn't agree more,i have spent a few minutes with the 3rd gen Fiio X5 and much to my surprise i prefer the X5 ii,whose emphasis on mid bass,lower mid region makes it more organic than the more neutral last iteration.i know the one i tried had probably not passed the burn in period(i doubt it though since it was to my knowledge in the ONLY shop in Paris having it right now,and the 2 times i went there i had to wait my turn to have the opportunity to use it)but 1st impressions rarely mislead me
The thing I see most different is the treble as the treble is far more energetic on X5-2 where it is smoother on X5-3. Both are great, but each DAP will appeal to a different audience.
Just commenting again. I have an X5 1st gen and love it still. I've never had issues with it of any kind, battery or otherwise. That being said, I'm surprised the price isn't lower for the X5 Gen 2 with the X5 Gen 3 almost upon us. Sure the retail is $399 for the 3rd gen unit, but it appears to be a significant upgrade to the Gen 2. Better processing, balanced output, etc. This is still a great player but I'd expect the price to continue to go down after the X5 III "goes global".
Why are companies shoving android down our throats? Android is inefficient and cumbersome with hi-def players even fiio has an option to boot ditching most of the virus called android.

Shame companies do not go the xDuoo way with minimalist OS's that just focus on the main use case playback to the best of the HW's offering.
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This is the most pretentious comment chain I've seen on Massdrop.
I'm sure the government and Chinese hackers wanna get into our music player with all them Android exploits; just to get all that valuable information about how many times we've played Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls" on repeat.

Thanks for the funny read.
Glad I was able to entertain you. I know everything I needed about you and your reading comprehension skills and inquisitive questioning nature based on your answer. You amused me with just one reply.
We're even I guess :)
drop the 3rd...
Big Nops. The X5 3rd gen is here, and its a whole different beast, Dual-AK4490 dacs balanced out, With android. Those Astel&Kern 320 level specs. theres no point buying the X5 2nd gen. at this time. Especially when its available at the same price from amazon (299 with free shipping). Really hoping MD get the 3rd gen fiios soon!
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It's not supposed to be released in the US for at least another week.
It isn't even in the rounds for the head-fi tour yet! It's going to be awhile before we see it the X5iii in the US. Seems like they are having some android issues with firmware...what a surprise. May as well just get a V10 or V20 if going that route....
It doesn't look like this is going to be a good drop. The Price is not that attractive.
If them bring it down to $200.
I already have the X1 and X3 2nd gen, how much better is this going to be. anyone know?
you're getting a much more premium and warmer DAC chip, so the improvement is great if that is the sound you prefer
Better than what you have for the features that are included!

Especially the AMP stage is better than X3ii or X5, you get a much better bass response with quicker comeback, 2xmicroSDxlots, you get filter options in the settings, inline remote, and a few other things!
I'd strongly urge people not to get these. I have the Fiio X3 2nd Gen and it's died on my. Bought it after last summer. I googled and apparently there are issues with Fiio's DAPs and their batteries. Mine won't hold a charge, no matter how long I charge it. It'll still turn on long enough to tell me it has no battery power when I charge it (as opposed to I leave it uncharged and it won't turn on, so it holds just that little charge). Look into other DAPs if you want a good one. Fiio needs to change up the charging and batteries in these.
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No problem!

I hope it gets sorted out and you'll see why everybody loves FiiO so much!

Fiio responded to my query and told me to send my device for repair at their California branch.
If they decided that its not working due to water damage or other man-made problems then I would NEED to pay for the expense of the repair and sending the unit back to me.
I believe I treated the player with care. Will keep you posted of the outcome.