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Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amp

Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amp

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Raw Power

The FiiO E09K can power headphones from 16 ohms to 600 ohms. It features impedance matching at 32 ohms (900mW) and 300 ohm (150mW) making it a perfect companion for your Sennheiser HD600, HD650, or HD800. We've tested it with the ATH-W1000X, HE-500, DT880 (600 ohm), DT990 (600 ohm), Custom One Pro, and AKG K550. The E09K didn't bat an eye and the music playing through our E17 + E09K combo sounded superb.

Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amp

Seamless Integration

In addition to its exceptional sound and power output, the E09K has every feature you need to seamlessly integrate your portable audio, desktop audio, headphones, and speakers. The E09K takes RCA in but looking at the back, you'll notice there are two additional sets of RCA connections. One set allows your E09K to act as a speaker preamp and the other set act as a line out. That means you can run your active speakers and your headphones from one audio source. Your E09K mutes all speaker outputs when your headphones are plugged in so it's easy to swap between speakers and headphones.

Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amp

E09K + E17 Combo

The E09K is a great desktop amp but it becomes a formidable all in one unit when you dock an E17. Upon docking, the E17's DAC process audio from your computer and passes the signal through the E09K's powerful amp. That's for desktop use, now, time to head out? No problem. Undock your E17 and you've got a spectacular portable amp that's fully charged by sitting on the E09K all day.

Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amp


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