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Fire S Audio Headphone Stand

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I received mine but it has a bit of a wobble to it. It isn't a big deal, but it makes me question the quality control they use. I have a message to customer service to see what they will offer.

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I bought this just because it looked good.
When I place my headphones... Yes these are sharp!
This is not to be used for headphones although they claim it to be.
If you hate your headphones and want to quickly damage the headbands then this is for you.
But if you love your headphones then avoid this.
Now... I did not get rid of it yet because it looks good.
I cut some thick sponge to cover and wrap the sharp edges and now they can be used but they look ugly as hell.
Certainly not recommending this.
I ended up keeping the stand because I liked how close it matches the HD800 colors. Massdrop offered to replace it or provide a discount. I found that if I put the stand on a mousepad it no longer wobbles, so I took the discount. As far as the edges, it does leave indents in my HD800 headband, which is a foamy type material. I don't expect it will cause any permanent damage but I understand the concern. It is a good looking stand, but there are better ones out there functionally.
Great product. Bought last drop that was last week, already have it in my hands. Looks great and is heavy . My akg 7xx love there new home..
"Audiophile headphones deserve their own perch, away from the common electronics typically found resting on a desk."
I'd facedesk at this, but I don't want to break my headphones.
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you cheap fuck.
Don't knock it until you try it.

I love how the MSRP is 100$ for two metal cutouts. Doesn't even offer padding. Really goes to show you the awful pricing / markup associated with any product meant for an "enthusiast"
try keeping exotic pets. even their food is marked up and that's what they need to live.
Hi, where to find the shipping cost? Or this is the price with the shipping cost?
Hey IguanaMan, does it not say "Free Shipping" under the price on your page?
Fire S Audio was before "Firestone Audio", i have a few items from those days, Spitfire MKII DAC, Bravo Digital Processor, Mass Preamp, all perfect build, they had to chance the name due the "Firestone" tires giant ... i'm in for this...
You guys having issues with it leaving marks on the padding should look into buying some vet wrap (like the sort for horses legs or dog splints) at the local farm store, it's cheap and works great for a lot of things. It only sticks to itself.
Even better, buy nerf darts from eBay. Slice the bottoms so they can slide onto the hanging posts. I got some black ones so it looks semi aesthetically pleasing. Would be good if there are tailor made ones supplied though.
the shipping kills it and the stand kills your cans.
Does it leave marks of headphones padding? It is just two metal stripes that support the headband? I would prefer not to damage my headphones... ???
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They specifically said the padding, not the headband- it's absolutely reasonable for thin, metal strips to dig into padded headbands. Thin strips of ANYTHING hard, really. Hence, a stand like this really is not for padded headphones, because it'll destroy that padding.

Yes, non-padded headbands would require a lot more abuse to destroy- but that's not what they're talking about.
If you have dt-880 then you would know.
Simply placing it gently on it and the next day you would already regret you did.
They need to make it clear which types of headphones can be used with this product without causing any harm.(like akg 7xx which use bands not pads)

Headphones need to have padding.
Considering this is for desktop headphones, the headphones you can wear for hours would have paddings and they need to be soft as it would sit on your head.

And this stand has blades.
I could probably place my fostex t-0x but not my beyers or senns.

Certainly not for pads.
Is this stand tall enough to support the AKG K7XX held from the metal bands (not the leather/elastics!)?
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yes, no problem :)
Yes, I am currently using them on that right now .. has about 3 inches to spare so not resting on band is possible .