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Flower Power Spacebar + WASD + Arrows Set

Flower Power Spacebar + WASD + Arrows Set

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I have a Corsair Gaming k70 RGB keyboard and the 1U keys fit fine, but the spacebar is too short/the stems dont line up with the stabilizer pegs on each end. Is there a way to shift my stabilizer pins in so the spacebar can fit?
I just want the sun cherry blossom spacebar !
selling sun and cherry blossom and white and plum spacebar in anyone interested
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$10 + postage if you are in the the US
The struggle of looking for topre caps...
Waste of money.

Spacebar was not warped, but the design was stretched and blurry, like a low quality JPEG.

Avoid this and all other cheap all-over dye sub caps.
Are there still problems with warping on the spacebars or has that been fixed?
mine was fine on both my varmilo and my wasd boards, a little loose but not warped. it feels a little flimsier than my other keys (i've got baby miami on my work keyboard) but that's because it *is* a little flimsier. i don't *regret* purchasing these (i got the light green with white flowers) but you get what you pay for and not much more.
anyone selling Sun and Cherry arrow keys/WASD ? or willing to swap for Plum & white spacebar?
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lmk if the message didn't come through. Not entirely sure if it sent as I'm new to geekhack.
Yup! I got it :)
Still haven't received mine in Canada... was expected to arrive almost a week ago. Anyone know what's up?
Got mine (Cherry profile, Wind (White) and Cherry Blossom)!

The spacebar doesn't look like the one on the drop page though - it almost looks like the image on my spacebar was magnified: the printing doesn't look as crisp as the ones on the 1u keys. Does anyone else notice the same thing on their Cherry profile spacebars (or got the same ones on the OEM ones)?

My spacebar:
Image from drop:
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Funny thing is I was at a keyboard meet last month, and I saw a board with a properly printed version of what looks to be the same spacebar (but installed in the flipped/upside-down orientation).
I wonder if that spacebar is the OEM profile one, given that my Cherry profile spacebar has the bad blurry printing on it.
That's frustrating. I got the "night and blossoms" set in OEM, and that one looks stretched as well.
Got mine earlier this week:
if anyone's willing to part with just this space bar let me know^^ ;))
what is the difference between Cherry profile and OEM?
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Sounds like OEM is the only product that fits standard keyboard. Cherry is useless on standard keyboar?
either spacebar will fit on your keyboard but the OEM is taller so if you have cherry keycaps it will not be the same height as the ctrl alt and windows keys. you can check this thread to figure out which profile youre trying to match.