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Fortress America Board Game

Fortress America Board Game

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Cold War Games

Towards the end of the Cold War, the United States turned its paranoia over foreign invasions into a family activity through a series of songs, movies, and games that celebrated American exceptionalism while gleefully watching its destruction. In 1986, Milton Bradley released Fortress America, a board game that pits domestic defenders against three incoming threats. Redesigned and rereleased by Fantasy Flight Games, the new and improved Fortress America Board Game retains the spirit of the original while streamlining gameplay.

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Fortress America Board Game

Beginning of the End

Set sometime this century, the game begins with America’s adoption of a laser defense system. Threatened by the technological superiority, the Asian Peoples Alliance, the Central American Federation, and the Euro-Socialist Pact surprise attack America in a coordinated land and air assault. Players can control America or the foreign armies and up to four players can be supported per game.

Fortress America Board Game
Fortress America Board Game

Rules of Engagement

As for the game play itself, it is very similar to Risk. You begin with a set number of troops, conquer territories by rolling dice, and receive reinforcements as the game goes on. To win, one of the invaders must conquer and hold at least 18 American territories. For America to win, they must prevent that outcome. While fortune favors the foreigners at first, the Americans gradually gain more reinforcements and unlock more weaponry to even things out.

Fortress America Board Game
Fortress America Board Game


  • 1 game board
  • 13 custom dice
  • Over 300 detailed plastic figures
  • Over 50 cards
  • Over 100 tokens and markers
  • One 24 page rulebook


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