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Fox Umbrellas Solid Stick Umbrella

Fox Umbrellas Solid Stick Umbrella

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Do you send the Fox Umbrella from England to me in Sweden or do you send it from USA?
Will this drop happen again with a proper wood (walnut, teak, rosewood,...)? I am itching to buy a quality umbrella, but not with a bloody maple handle. What next, a watch box made out of pine?
Check out Kent Wang. I also like Davek but their comparable model is $350 although you do get a lifetime warranty.
Is this umbrella bulletproof?
oh yeah, it's level IIA so it'll stop your average choffer's handgun volleys if need be
Thought I’d just comment to say I recieved mine, and the quality is obvious, the solid stick is a real difference maker in feel, and the color looks amazing (burgundy)... of course it’s been two weeks since I got it and it just won’t rain here in nyc, have to be patient while I wait to test the actual functionality!
Why no hickory or other wood options? Always chestnut and flames maple. Switch it up next drop please. Would love this with the hickory option.
Tell me why this umbrella is worth $230.
It is handmade in the UK with quality materials and the handle + stick are made from a single piece of wood.
Is it "good value" compared to a $10 chinese telescopic?
Is it "worth" the asking price?
If an umbrella is a disposable tool for you, the answer is no.
But if you consider that an umbrella is part of your wardrobe and you're ready to take care of it, then maybe it is .
The price is actually £238 ( around $320 ) from Fox Umbrellas.

+1 for the hickory version.
It is a luxury product, people that see value in such things will pay for them.
Has anyone fro Australia ordered one in previous drops? Any issues with customs, bio-security etc.? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks mate. As an owner, how do you like it still? Do you get rusting like some others have mentioned?
My Fox Whangee stick didn't rust at all.
I did always leave it open to dry indoors after use though.
Anyone by chance own both a Mario Talarico umbrella and a Fox? I know fundamentally style wise they are world's apart, one very British and one w that different but just as awesome Italian flair. Just wonder from a first hand account the quality similarities or differences between the two.
Kirby Allison over at The Hanger Project has curated a great selection of one off Hand Made Talaricos but the fox intrigue me . I've had my Burberry one for 11 years and it still serves me well but I am starting to look to add another smart umbrella
I own both - they are both finely crafted but one of the stretchers on the Talarico broke less than two months after I bought it. In terms of styling, the main differences are that Talarico has two button clasps (one at the normal point most umbrellas have, one near the tip of the ribs, and that their button clasps are slightly "fancier" (fabric-wrapped as opposed to Fox where the clasp piece is metal without fabric wrapping). Also, Talaricos have ferrules made of horn while Fox is made of metal. Length-wise, my Talarico is slightly longer than my Fox. And Talaricos have a metal plaque on the handle with the company name, while Fox has no marking (only a small manufacturer label on the wood, up the shaft where it isn't noticeable, and on one of the stretchers.)
Many Thanks appreciate the comparo, Talarico intrigues me, but there is an understated elegance ala Prof Henry Jones (from Indiana Jones 3) Sr about the Fox. Appreciate the time you took to write this
So any chance the one I ordered in the last drop will actually arrive before you start a new drop?
can someone explain to me what is the difference between a tube, solid, or stick umbrella?
A tube umbrella is made from a piece of steel tubing. The inside is hollow and therefore not as strong as a solid core. A tube umbrella is also easier to make "automatic" which means the push of a button opens it. A solid umbrella has a stronger core which means it will last longer and can take more weight than a tube core.

A Solid stick umbrella uses a thicker, solid wooden stick as the core, meaning it won't deform (bend) nearly as easily as any metal, and should be strong enough to support use as a light walking assist.

Fox umbrellas are pretty much the best out there, they have nicely finish wood accents with strong metal pieces where necessary. My Fox Manual Tube umbrella lasted me over a year before it finally broke. It broke because I spun it too hard trying to shed water, not because of wind or heavy rain.

If you just want an umbrella to protect you from rain, buy 4 per year of the cheap chinese made plastic/fiberglass ones at 20$ each. Trust me, they'll break often enough that you'll want to have a spare on hand at all times.

If you want a stylish umbrella, that has a good chance of lasting much longer, get a Fox tube umbrella. ( I purchased one on an earlier drop) If you want a stylish combination umbrella/walking stick that can last years, then this is the one.
Sir, there are Gentlemen, and then there are those who look appropriate holding a cheap umbrella. You must be one of the latter.