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French Gatecrash Booster Box

French Gatecrash Booster Box

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Had an absolute blast with the drop, I want it to come back so badly.
Last drop I got 1 of each pain land and 2 godless shrines. 2 legion loyalist. I bought an $70 english gatecrash and got only a Watery grave. This is a great price especially if I get a similar box to last time.
I've done this drop twice now and both boxes had nearly identical rares/mythics. They differed only by 4 rares in total (2 per box). They were otherwise the same, same mythics, even same shock lands. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Same frequency of foils too, though I think that's pretty standard. (each box had 2 basics, 4 common, 2 uncommon and 2 rare/mythcis). Box 2 had way better uncommons/foils.

There are thousands of interesting Magic-related product out there. You have reduced this item to a third of its original value. It is a dead set, in a foreign language that can only be shipped to US. If you are still holding onto these boxes after a year, maybe it is a bad product or a bad deal. There is so much more you can sell on this site instead of this junk. YOU CAN DO BETTER!
"Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor."

These are sitting in a WOTC/Hasbro warehouse, MD is merely selling what WOTC is interested in off loading
This is a whole new level of stupid. French language, but only shipping to US?
WOTC policy is that sealed product can't be shipped out of country so that vendors in low MSRP territories don't undercut everyone elsewhere
One can only wonder how these sets even found themselves in the US in the first place, given the regulations on there sale in different regions
If anyone is wondering the EV for the set is around $70 - $72. You will need to factor in that some people will not want to trade for a foreign card so technically lowers the EV but pulling a high value card in foil can raise the foils price due to people wanting to pimp their decks. Also an extreme bonus for me because I love foreign cards, own a cube and multiple edh decks that I will gladly drop some of the pulls into them.
I would love this if they were in English
Unfortunately that's not too possible. These are only selling so low because WotC is trying to unload foreign product because it doesn't sell as well.
Can you not ship magic sealed products older than two years internationally?? I thought that was the rule..
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