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I have the X-T1 and have started a poll to try and get some X mount lenses. Anyone who wants this camera will need other lighter lenses.
I still remember when I first put this camera on to a poll more than a year ago and no one responded. Today, we have this offer.
Good deal -- however a small penalty in focussing, especially low light focussing, as compared to current model.
Nice deal. The lens alone costs 699$. Yes, the camera is a couple of generations old (it has been surpassed by the XE-2 and the X-T1), but it offers the same resolution as the current Fuji cameras, if not the same focusing speed.
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Since when Sigma started making 17-70 in X-mount?
then i guess you don't have to use an x-mount? If this is a XE2 combo I think it would be fair but too much for XE1. The new AF feature would be released to XE2 in a month or two.
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