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Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch Bundle

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The newer version of this, the Vivoactive HR, has the monitor built into the watch. While functionality (except HR) is largely the same on this model, the integrated HR, aesthetic design and the watch band are better on the newer version IMO. $119 is a good price compared to what I paid originally but not sure if it is on a discontinued model. It definitely does the job though and nearly the exact same feature set as the newer model.
What is the "Bundle"? What else is included in this drop other than the watch?
Is this a smartwatch HR or will a heart rate monitor need to be purchased separately?
Garmin certified refurbs are under $100 on ebay all the time with free shipping. Even cheaper during their flash sales or other coupon offers. Don't see the allure of buying new, especially at this price. And more so with the Vivoactive 3 coming out. Should drive down the prices of this and the HR even more.
Just a couple of quick thoughts from someone who's owned this watch for about a year:
-FYI: this is basically the same price as one listed on Amazon. If you have Prime, it might be better to go there. But for others outside the U.S. who don't get the same Amazon deals, this might be pretty good!

The watch itself is pretty great! On basic step tracking it does a pretty good job. It adjusts your daily goal based on previous performance. If you went over your goal by a lot the previous day, it'll up your goal for the next, if you miss your goal by a lot, it will set a more attainable goal. You can turn that off in settings though to have the same daily goal. GPS performance is great. I've used it in urban, rural, and suburban settings and have gotten accurate tracking. I bought the watch for this reason. You can get GPS tracking without needing to bring a smartphone on your run. With regular wear and no activities, battery life is awesome. Don't need to charge for maybe 2ish weeks. Even with GPS, battery not that bad. Really useful for runners going long distances, but be warned: anything more than a marathon and battery might not last. I love the data I get about my runs and biking! It gives you basics about time, speed, pace, but also cadence, stride length, and elevation. If you need more advanced and super accurate data though, I'd recommend stepping up to something fancier. The watch does not include onboard heart rate monitoring, but also on amazon for about 10 dollars more you can get a bundle that includes a heart rate monitoring chest band. I use it mainly for running and biking, so I can't comment on any features related to swimming or golf.

Smart phone notifications are a bit annoying. I can't choose which notifications show up on my watch from my phone. Either all phone notifications show up, or none at all. I'd like to see emails and texts, but don't really want notifications about other things like twitter or whatever.

In my opinion, the app is terrible. I really hate the Garmin app. This is coming after previously using the fitbit software and liking that. Things are clunky and confusing. Not super user friendly. Garmin just rolled out a beta redesign, so hopefully I will like that more. Less of a software design issue probably, but it is also quite slow to initiate syncing with the watch. Again, you might love it.

In summary, this is almost like an Apple watch wannabe, but definitely fitness focused and way less powerful. You get lots of a few sports modes, GPS tracking without needing a smartphone, and awesome battery life. I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to get out of the watch, but if other companies roll out GPS watches with better apps (Fitbit smartwatch anyone?), I will probably hop on board with that. If you have questions, I'd be happy to try to answer!
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Just wanted to add a note about the smart watch aspect of the watch. As I said above, the notifications from your phone are all or nothing, but in order to use features like weather or the schedule, not only must the phone be connected to the watch via Bluetooth, the Garmin App must also be running and have recently had a sync with the device. Not sure if it's just my watch, but occasionally even when both these things are true for me I don't receive notifications on my watch. If you're looking for a good smart watch and not necessarilly a step or fitness device, look elsewhere.
Battery life is awesome!
Let me see the price on Amazon, oops without HRM $119.99, what's wrong with you Massdrop
The MSRP is indeed correct. It's what I paid at retail for it. It's an older version, so it could be a lower price now. But that's a lot of things on MD depending on the info they get from their supplier. Maybe flag this so they can see if they can negotiate a better price for everyone?
Does this include the heartrate monitor?
It does not include a heart rate monitor.
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