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i have one of these listed on vancouver craigslist if anyone is in the area and interested
Finally got mine today. The package was lost twice and then the vendor refused to send out another one coz they've already lost two units. USPS is probably the one to blame because it was meant to be sent overseas but ended up in the US each time. Fortunately the MD customer support team are very nice and managed to send me the sample unit they have for photo, and gave me a partial refund of $25. I'd like to thank Kat and Kelly again for their help. GO 450 does sound better than the Monoprice DAC/Amp. Finally, as GO450 is officially discontinued, you should look elsewhere if you still want one, or get the latest GO V2, which is more expensive, though. Also, LH Labs seems to only enjoy clearing stock of discontinued products on MD, so we only got to drop each model of their first-gen GO once. I guess it would take at least another year for GO V2 drop to happen here.
Got mine. It sounds really really good with my AKG K545 cans.
Has anyone in Australia got their GO 450 yet? I got an email today from MD saying that it has been delivered to my address but I haven't received it yet. According to the tracking record, it was delivered, but the location is Edison, NJ. Not sure what happened. Hopefully it's just the MD system sending the premature email.
Let me be the first then, I didn't get two. Just one sealed package.
My international shipment isn't trackable outside the US. I have no option but to wait and hope my 129$ Geek Out turns up(a tall order in India).
I wish paying a little extra for registered mail was possible.

*Update*: I have received my unit. The postman flung it in the basement of my building. I was lucky to find it in one piece. -_-
Thank you Massdrop, for the prompt shipment.
Screw you IndiaPost, for making sure I can never order from Massdrop again, unless trackable shipping is a possibility?
Yeah, same here. Not a fun time to live in South Africa currently. Bought the Geek Out so I could listen to music on my laptop without interruption as my desktop rig is affected by our frequent power outages due to our unstable energy grid and now our national postal service is affected again by a go slow strike which follows a 4 month strike just last year...
Using my Geekout 450 with the Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones and listening to iTunes Radio.

What I've discovered is that FRM (concave button) filter sounds better than the TCM. The TCM (convex button) sounds very smooth and all but I think it hides some of the dynamics and definitely the higher frequencies.

The iTunes radio broadcasts the MP3 format at 256 kbps so it's not top quality to begin with so the FRM does better with it--letting the higher frequencies through better. Anyone else discover this?
I paid for two but I was cheated and only received one. Not honest at all! Now I am out of pocket and not a deal at all.
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It looks like everybody is getting 2, one sealed and one opened box. So I shouuld be expecting a sealed and two unsealed? Since I only have one sealed in wrapping which I haven't open yet at all.
I guess that the extra ones received by others are supposed to be sent to those like you who ordered more than one. Since it's the vendor sending out the packages this time, maybe we shouldn't blame MD for this.
called to USPS, finally got it in today and so far GO450 sounds great through my DT880 and DT770. Well worth the money paid for them. Works great through my macbook pro, didn't need to do anything except plug in, go to audio MIDI to set it to play through the GO450, and press play. I didn't have to change the format or anything, left at 384k and iTunes played it fine. I'm about to head out of town this weekend and can't wait to bring it along, it's going to be a good weekend :p.
Indicator is not accurate. Stays 48Khz despite playing 44.1Khz and 96Khz
Indicator may be accurate. You may not be bypassing the system mixer; in that case your audio player's claimed frequency will be converted to a single format the system feels it likes.

Carefully ensure you've set foobar2000 or your audio player of choice up correctly. Then check the LH Labs playback app/panel for the current frequency rate. If the panel reads 48 kHz regardless, that's what the DAC is seeing and you need to fix the playback software.
Sound is pretty good. I'm not sure how to get the DSD to work. Could do with more instructions on this thing. What do the bottom 4 LEDs indicate? 2x, 4x, 8x?? I'm guessing that the 3D meant awsomification thingy. No matter the file I use (including 96khz) the center light is the only one lit on the top 3 LED. What gives? isn't that 48Khz? Is that the maximum quality that the unit can indicate other than DSD?
The bottom 4 LEDs indicate:

3D: not used in firmware 1.5
2x: 2x48=96kHz
4x: 4x48=192kHz
8x: 8x48=384kHz.
I also received 2 boxes but one was shrink wrapped while the other wasn't.

Not sure why they sent me 2
What is the difference between two ports on GO 450?
Not sure what's up with usps, item shipped on 26th, supposed to be delivered yesterday, and my mailed been delivered today, but don't see it. I'm about to call them up. Sigh... Thought I be getting it early I guess not.
My geek out 450 arrived and sounds awesome. Big upgrade vs my previous dac. Had newest 1v5 firmware already installed.. no volume resets when I reboot my pc