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Gloom Card Game 2nd Edition Bundle

Gloom Card Game 2nd Edition Bundle

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Sabotage Yourself

Most board games require an aggressive strategy that seeks to bolster your defenses while annihilating the competition, otherwise known as your friends and family. Designed by Keith Baker to appease his overly sympathetic and considerate wife, the Gloom Card Game inverts tradition by rewarding you points as your characters fail and encouraging assistance to other players.

Note: This bundle includes the second edition of Gloom and its three 2nd edition expansion packs: Unfortunate Expeditions, Unwelcome Guests, and Unhappy Homes. Each expansion pack comes with an additional character and 55-card deck.

Gloom Card Game 2nd Edition Bundle

Doom and Gloom

As the afterlife rewards real world misery, the point of Gloom is simple: have the most tragic life possible. Each player controls a family of eccentrics that suffer through modifier cards like Pursued by Poodles and Mocked by Midgets, sending their Self-Worth plummeting and lining them up for an Untimely Death. Once one player’s last character passes, you count up the Self-Worth of all the dead characters and the family with the lowest score wins.

Gloom Card Game 2nd Edition BundleGloom Card Game 2nd Edition Bundle

Malicious Matchmaker

If you’d like to disrupt your opponents’ strategy, you can play a positive modifier on one of their characters, like setting them up to be Wondrously Well Wed. While the base game can accommodate up to four players, each expansion set adds a new deck of cards and another set of characters, allowing up to seven players with the full bundle. To maintain structure through countless plays, all of the cards in the set are transparent and each game includes its own tuckbox. For a more detailed look at the gameplay, check out the embedded video below featuring Wil Wheaton and his pals.

Gloom Card Game 2nd Edition Bundle


  • Atlas Games
  • Base game: 2-4 players
  • With expansions: up to 7 players
  • Suggested age: 8 and up
  • Playing time: 60 minutes


Gloom 2nd Edition

  • Two 55-card decks
  • Rules sheet
  • Tuckbox

2nd edition Expansion Packs

  • 55-card deck
  • Additional character
  • Tuckbox


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