Glycine Combat Classic Open Heart Automatic Watchsearch

Glycine Combat Classic Open Heart Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat Classic Open Heart Automatic Watch

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Come on Massdrop, mix it up a bit. Lets see the Glycine combat vintage.
Anyone know if the sapphire crystal is domed?
I got the non open heart and it is domed
I received watch.
It's beautiful, but one thing in description was wrong.
The watch has 26 jewels so it's not ETA movement but it's Sellita SW200-1
After few days +2-3 s/d. I'm very happy with this drop :)

I bought one on e-bay for $375, this is a very good price. Great watch, looks good and keeps great time. Has a Swiss Sellita sw-200 movement.
Hi. Can you write what is the time diffrence +/- per day ?
This aint a diver, nor is it even a sports watch. Stop calling everything a freakin combat sub
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Same difference.
MD, bring us a black dial.
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Yeh I was looking at that this morning actually. Unfortunately I don't like the design of it as much, would prefer the simple face of this one, the open heart design has enough complexity that I feel the rest of the face should be simple. 42mm is actually pretty ideal for me, as I have fairly large wrists.
I understand about wanting a simpler dial. I really like the Grovana with the Roman indic though, and the price is great for what your getting. It’s justs to large for me for that style of watch as I have small wrists.
Any thoughts on this vs the combat subs that are on sale? I joined for the GL0076 in the other one, but this one looks like a beautiful piece as well.
I'm very happy this drop opened again. Need more gold cases in my life. Hope to see more in the future.
Black dial and I may not have been able to resist. Silver hands against that dial is just too hard for these old eyes. Great looking watch that is just right sizewise for me with great specs at an affordable price. Congrats to all that grab one, looks like a winner to me.
swiss made oris movement?
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adding that oris movement picture is obviously a mistake - see sistem_32's comment below
Hey all, that image was mistakenly added and has been removed.
For a moment I thought that was tritium, but it's Super-Luminova.

Power reserve is 38 per site, not 42.

It doesn't bother me, but the open heart is at 12:01, not 12:00.
Like it too, but already have the Glycines