Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch–Flash Salesearch

Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch–Flash Sale

Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch–Flash Sale

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Where's the price?
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It was only for the 43mm black dial. The drop lasted all of 2 hours. $199
Wth Give IT again please. How long was that ?
I missed the drop, if someone can tell me what price MD sold it for I'd appreciate. Thank you
If I’m not mistaken, I thought it was for $199 but it was for the 43mm only and I’m not sure if it was only the black dial.
Can an international buyers please post up a screenshot of the tracking info from there order. I need to see if massplop is trying to srew me over... Thanks. PS don't show your tracking number.
Mine literally just delivered today, I’m in Bahrain right now, it was delivered to the post office off base where I’m assuming customs was inspecting it, then delivered to the Fleet Post Office on the naval base I’m stationed on, them finally delivered to our Security Departments mailbox. It took a lot longer than I expected but I did get here, hope this gives you a little ease.
wondering if its normal for massdrop to give a tracking number and never actually send the goods ?? Or then say original was " LOST " and another watch will be dispatched in 1-3 working days yet a week later nothing and now no reply's from customer support ..... We will see what the FTC has to say about this.
Received mine and very happy. Fantastic watch. So much confusing and conflicting information on the web about water resistance - please tell me, can I shower with this watch?
it's written on the back case, 5ATM, 50m. ok for occasional swim
You should never shower with a watch unless you only take cold showers. But hot or cold, the leather strap will get ruined.
Question: Is this a screw-down crown? Cryptic instructions suggest it is, but nothing I do with the crown suggests that it ever 'screws down'.
Mine is definitely not a screw down.
Got mine, blue 36mm and it's awesome. How do you size the bracelet? Can't really tell if it's friction pins or screwed...
I got the same drop. I used a very cheap watch kit from Amazon to push the pins out, no problem. Direction is indicated on the bracelet. I guess that means they are friction pins?
Same here. Cheapo Amazon watch kit worked great!
Is plastic warenty card included? Or only paper one?
Mine only came with a paper one.
My order arrived this weekend and it appears to be broken. First I tried shaking it to power it up but it never lasted more than 12-14 hours so eventually I decided to wind it manually. However, it is very hard to wind, the process is unexpectedly quiet, without feedback and physically painful (I almost have blisters on my thumb), also the watch never started clicking so I don't even know if it is fully wound-up. So my question is: is this watch broken ? Also the strap, although nicely made and very good-looking, is so stiff it is completely unwearable, my 80-dollars citizen has a more comfortable strap. Overall: major disappointment.
Winding shouldn't be painful. I would definitely bring this up with massdrop support and return it.
The watch just went dead on me while I was wearing it, it froze at 3:30PM EST while the actual time was 3:53PM EST.
GL0106 arrived yesterday. My first mechanical watch -- very happy with appearance and build. The movement is SW200-1.
Mine should be arriving today. Did you get one with the old logo (crown without wings) or new (crown with wings)?
Any international buyers received there watches yet ? My DHL tracking number hasn't updated since the 26th....
Yes, arrived the 31 un France here
Why does mine state 26 Jewels? And the Specs on the site state 25? I think Glycine moved away from the ETA movement and Massdrop just never updated the specs perhaps?
The spec are false, even on the glycine official website. They moved to the sellita 26 jewels special ( looks accurate, on my first test seems to have -3second à day). However a few seems to come with the ETA 25
Do know where can I find serial number on Glycine watches?
Just received mine. I've owned another Glycine, and this new one does not disappoint! It's prettier than the pictures!

Love my new GL0122 (black) - now to source the SS bracelet!


The dial is Brown or Black ? Which one is this ?
gl0122, black dial
Already shipped!
When do you usually charge the amount? please Thanks.
More stock for GL0123 please!
More stock 2 ended please
In for one. I usually trend a bit cheaper than this, but I really like this watch, and you really can't beat the price.
I am so confused. The GL0123 looks black in this picture, but I see it listed as Dark Brown in various other places and indeed find pictures of it in that color. But then there are videos on the internet of people showing the GL0123, and it looks perfectly black in those.
Perhaps the GL0123 comes in those two variants? The GL0123 and the GL0123 Brown? I'm suspecting this now.
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Hi, the GL0123 does have a brown dial but it seems to be extremely difficult to take a decent picture of it. If you search for reviews on YouTube, you‘ll find out...
Got the Martu green brown band and it should be a smashing combination. May look at a rivet-strap later.
Just purchased, really looking forward to receiving this watch!
Great looking watches!
Pulled the trigger. I'm still wearing my Glycine Base 22 Bi Color Purist (right now). I love my Glycine (with its Nato band) so much that I though I'd get what I consider a bargain, and bought this GL0124 (White, 43mm, Nato band).
I've purchased many other Nato bands from many suppliers... but none come close to the comfort and feel of the stock Glycine.
I wonder how Glycine will change in the future with the Invicta purchase... will see.
Just to say, 0124 has a silver dial (and the 0123 a dark brown)
The dark brown looks cool, so does the white/silver one. On their pictures the 0123 looks black, terrible photo... although the brown is not too bad looking either. For myself I would prefer the brown (or black), but am getting this for a friend.
How is the loom? Is it one the numbers or just hands and hour markers?
Hi massdrop I just would like to find out if this is a 26 jewel movement or 25 jewel. One will be ETA and the other sellita. I would just like more accurate info please thank you.
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If you look at some review photos on massdrop. The jewels are numbered 26.
Yeh, this is why i would also like to know. :)
Between GL0105 and GL0106, which is preferable? I have doubts, I have ordered the black dial (GL0105) :-(
Finally 0106 i got you
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Not all but glycine is no more in this mid range good watches bambino is a better choice
I don't think they ever sold one at that price. I was checking the price of the GL0106 over the past three months. Jomashop had them listed at $325 (until this week) but they were sold out. I remember because I was seriously considering buying it at that price. Check the price of the GL0105 at Jomashop right now. It's still $325. That $199 sale price is bogus.