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Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch

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My GL0110 was delivered a day or two ago and is losing minutes every hour. I'm in the UK so I might have to pay to get it repaired myself, if it can be repaired that is.
I probably shouldn't have bought such a delicate item from overseas, I can see this being a very costly mistake. Gutted.
My GL0110 arrived two days ago. It’ beautiful, but its Running +24.7spd which is genuinely disappointing
Here it is Ladies & Gentlemen, Glycine Combat 6 36mm in a beautiful two-tone version. I was risking as I was not sure of the size and whether I will like the two-tone version. But it was totally worth it! Absolutely astonishing piece, wears slightly bigger than 36mm (looks like 38mm) and superbly comfortable, and sweet looking! For 300$ shipped - jaw dropping. Thanks Massdrop for this Drop!

Here are some pics of my 43mm GLO102

Looks awesome, thanks for the pics.
Still waiting for mine.
Just got my GL0105. The 36mm wears great, larger than the measurements suggest due to being mostly dial. So far its it’s running great at +3 a day. Only complaint I have is the bracelet has no half links or micro adjustments. My wrist is 6 3/4 and removing 1 link from each side was not enough and 2 was too tight. So I had to do 1 on one side and 2 on the other.

Received the GL0110 version of this watch a few days ago. It wears larger than other 43mm watches I've had, probably because of the strap, which I discuss below.

This is the first Glyycine I've had and taking everything into consideration, I like it quite a bit. Everything lines up; the lume is fairly bright and lasts at leave five hours, and perhaps even longer; it's fairly accurate at +12s/day, which is acceptable but nothing spectacular (and I don't expect it to improve).

However, the leather strap is very poorly designed. It's VERY stiff at the ends near the watch, which causes the watch to protrude one-quarter to three-eights of an inch above the wrist. For all practical purposes, this makes the strap useless. The dial has a tendency to twist. It's just a very uncomfortable strap, which I plan on changing soon enough.

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OK, since you asked I've uploaded two photos of the 43mm white dial.

Accuracy has increased a bit, but the strap is not loosening up, and will definitely need to be replaced. I normally like thick leather straps, but this one is just not cooperating, and continues to sit too high and away from my wrist.

Thanks for uploading, looks gorgeous! I believe that they save money on strap.
Hey all, anyone has wrist shots of GL0107?!
I think it is a great opportunity for such a classy watch. I PICKED THE 36 MM BLACK DIAL. THE PRICE is a bargain only $~300 vs more than $500 by some online retailers
Dropped out and GL0105 is available. Looking for the blue dial if it opens up.
Thanks! I wanted the 105 but it ran out so I got the 109. Just changed order.
If anyone is looking for Gl0106 (Blue-36mm) I have one for sale, PM me if interested.
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Is there any truth that the 36mm version are original Glycine and pre-Invictas with ETA movements rather than the new 43mm that are Invicta eras with a lesser movement? I have a blue dial 43mm I bought from Jomashop for more than this price (about $80 more) and it does look fantastic in person. I'm thinking of getting one in 36mm if it is in fact pre-Invicta with ETA movements.
For anyone who has already done this drop, does the watch come in the glycine packaging or is it just the watch?
Does anyone have pictures of two tone version with black dial? With bracelet and different straps would be great!