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Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really happy with it.
Works well, seems to keep decent time, and it looks great - I've had multiple comments about how it looks very classy.
I'm very impressed. Highly recommended.
Mine arrived some days ago, yesterday finally i had time to open the box, everything seemed perfect until i tried to wear my new watch and what a tradegy .... the watch was not working after numerous trys to rewind it, i heard a strange noise coming from inside, and discovered a screw inside :( Hope my watchmaker will be able to fix it.
I received a warranty card with the date of purchase AUG -- 2017.. watch may come from a person who returned it? And I have a slight crease under the bezel at the 6 o'clock too
I am sure that is a great watch and a great offer, but from December 7 I have not received the watch yet, i don’t know nothing of sending and sure, during new year holidays, I do not already receive the watch for the date indicated by Massdrop.
I have bought several watches on this website, but we are sure that this is the last, because Massdrop does not meet deadlines.
I’m Very worried and disappointed.
My combat 6 arrived a few days ago, I have fitted it with brown leather strap and it looks absolute stunning
Mine just arrived. I got the watch I asked for even though there was the pictorial problem in the drop-down box, and even stranger.... the packing slip says It is a black Dial with a Black Strap, which it is not; it is the brown dial with the black strap. They have changed the image in the drop, the brown now looks really light and dull not the dark Chocolate colour that was there before. Thankfully mine is the Dark Chocolate, I would have been upset otherwise. Other than the mysterious crease in the case, everything turned out OK, I got what I ordered and it made it through customs without any extras added on top. The watch is much lighter than I thought it would be. I would definately buy another at this price.
Mine came in the other day. Good looking watch. It appears to have a slight crease under the bezel at the 6 o'clock position between the watch body and the bezel. As if a tool tried to pry it open. Honestly I think my combat 7 had that aswell, I don't know if that's a defect or just how these are manufactured or even if it serves some purpose. I do know I see it every time I look at it now. Any other dealer I'd probably send it back.
Hmmm... I see exactly the same crease in the case of mine. Are these seconds being flogged off as firsts? Or is this some kind of feature to facilitate opening around the face?
Mine arrived yesterday. Early and before Christmas which was a nice surprise. Initial impressions are very positive.
Mine was posted on the 16th, 12 days later it is still sitting in NJ waiting to be shipped overseas :(
Arrived the next day. Obviously DHL havent been updating over Xmas period.
Shipping got out fast!
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So true, went to check mine today. Still not on the move. 😞
Just checked and mine is officially on its way. Showing estimated delivery of next Wed.
I'm laso interested in GL0101...
I'd love the GL0122. Guess I'll miss out this time around. :(
I like this. Not sure it was ever worth $1,250... but at $279 its a steal...
Damn, I've been waiting a long time for this in the green strap. Guess I missed it.
Looks great, but 43mm? Man, that's big for a GADA field watch. Let's have another run at the 36mm offering.
Damn, I missed gl0110 :(