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Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat 6 Classic Automatic Watch


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Mine just arrived in Canada... man, this looks way better in person.
I got the 25 jewel ETA version.
Swapped the strap for a RIOS.

WoW I got mine last week love this puppy,and yes mine says 26 jewels the sellita, yeah 25/26 just one jewel different you won't loss no sleep. So plane looking but soooo beautiful.Glycine have always put out OUTSTANDING watches even before INVICTA took over the brand still the same quality as always,ENJOY.
Got it yesterday. Love it!
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I'm in Canada as well, awaiting the same watch. I feel your pain :)
Anyone from the uk use massdrop for watches?
They still don't get it. This watch on 40mm on jubilee bracelet would be and absolute best seller.
GL0106 - blue 36mm, please :)
can someone please clarify- it appears that the are showing the black and gold version (GL103) in the picture but the model number actually traces back to the black and rose gold version (GL107)????

Either that or Jomashop has the model codes backwards in their DB. Thanks.
Just wandering how many units there were for the 43mm version...?
Need blue or anthracite and need moonphase...
No blue dial in this drop :(
My Glycine GL0123 is supposed to have 25 jewels as described:
"Movement: Glycine GL224 25-jewel automatic"
and there are 26 jewels.
This means that there is Sellita SW200=GL224 (26 jewels) instead of ETA 2824-2 (25 jewels)?

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" Aesthetically, the movements are identical and difficult to separate and the only significant difference is in the number of jewels. Sellita added a 26th jewel on the upper side of the barrel axis which sits just below the ratchet wheel. This jewel slightly reduces the friction associated with automatic winding. However, as the ETA movement has never had a problem of reliability in this regard, it is my view that this is most likely a marketing device used by Sellita to create some separation from the ETA movement although one could make a case for the small benefit in reliability the adjusted jewel height gives.Overall, however, the two movements are so identical in every aspect, it is difficult to have a meaningful discussion about the differences. "

An interesting perspective. CW uses sellita movements so take this with a grain of salt it may be in their best interest to not bash sellita.

Some more information:

" The long and short of this is Sellita makes a quality product and will run with ETA just fine for years to come. Yes, they are clones and made to substitute, but that shouldn’t cause anyone to think ETA movements are superior. The loving hands of the final watchmaker can prove to be very important when working with either of these two mechanisms, and how accurate they are when they get to your wrist. Happy Flipping. "
...if Glycine used movements of Elabore grade---> is ok
I am in US and have not received it yet...
Anyway to track down delivery?
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Payments go through first, then MD orders bulk order from vendor, then they ship it out to individual participants. You'll get an email. The whole process takes a while -- usually its pretty close to what they estimate. For this drop it's April 24th.
Thanks again!
Got email that it is on the way.
I can't wait to get my hands on it. Since it's my first Massdrop I don't know how this works in details. Can anybody tell me if delivery time is accurate. Is delivery to Europe usually on time or are there any delays?
Same here. Would also like the ear about European deliveries.
One thing I'm already counting on it's delays due to customs... But that may be different for each country.
The delivery time to anywhere is usually pretty accurate don't worry It won't take a year to arrive