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Glycine Combat Sub Golden Eye Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat Sub Golden Eye Automatic Watch

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hey all,
Just wanted to explain some reasoning here. We decided to split this model out from the rest of them since it is by far the most popular colorway within the Combat Sub line, and wanted each to have its own spotlight for the duration of the event. The premium price was to reflect the colorway being in high demand; that being said, I understand the optics of the situation aren't ideal and will be dropping the pricing down.
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Is the bezel ceramic? And is it gold plated or bronze??
Can you confirm that one has drilled lug holes? From the pictures that's what it shows. But this is Massdrop so that doesn't mean squat.
Mine is still from far away.. No more update since 23/Oct. Did anyone experience the same situation? (I am in Hong Kong)

Just received mine in left cost Canada, delayed a couple days due to some labour dispute between Canada Post and the employees. Anyway to re-confirm what's already been posted, the bezel is definitely more brown/bronze than yellow/gold. It's quite stunning in person.
Well. Got mine on Saturday and already the stem and crown has detached completely. Sent an email to Glycine and they said to send it to a repair place in Hong Kong... Then they said that there's an "evaluation fee" even though the watch is under warranty. I'm waiting to see how much that fee is. So I brought it to a watchmaker in Sydney to see if it was an easy fix, short answer: no, but his jaw dropped when I mentioned they were charging a fee to have it serviced. He couldn't think of another company that does it. So everyone, hold your Goldeneyes close and tell them you love them because at any time, this shit could happen.
For those wondering, the color is very close to the ones in the picture; the bezel is more brown than gold.
Can you post a pic?

Shipped!! Can't wait.
Shipped on 18/Oct, but still haven’t got the package today (22/Oct) in Hong Kong. The eCommerce tracking hadn’t been updat for two days
Arrived. Toronto Canada
Hi Would anyone know where to get the GL0093 strap ?
Read that Glycine is now under Invicta, does this affect Glycine branding and how the watches are produced as Glycine is totally in a different league compared to Invicta.
ok, but MD just sells goods that are different to the truth!
GL0093 sold out...
Bezel colour. I also contacted glycine. So if my golden eye with this in fact very golden looking bezel is now Standart, then glycine and here at massdrop should chance the Pic from the watch. I bought it because it looks brown golden. So after I got it I was disappointed. Knowing it would be that golden I wouldn't had bought it. Maybe glycine itself is able to change the bezel of not I will sell it. Cu and hello from Germany
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Oh, nice! Did they send you the new bezel for free?
Ja they send it. Was very easy and fast. It's a good brand with a good service.
So is it New or Old version? I don't want to pay for new one with nodrilled lugs and that ugly gold bezel color.
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not sure about logo
So it is second version, great. Tbh I wouldn't expect to get one with old logo. Can't wait to get it.
So finally: bezel is more "golden" or "brown" , according to @zurzie post?
I think this would look perfect on one of those Nick Mankey leather natos from earlier this year.
Hi, are both GL0093 and GL0173 42mm? Or one is bigger than another?
Hey everybody. I bought the Golden Eye this year in May. But the bezel is totally different then this here on the drop! Is this also a Golden Eye? See the Pic.
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@Donkimo Curious was yours the same colour as Zurie's example?
Yes, it was a very 'Invicta' gold color. I personally found it hideous and cheap looking, so I ended up selling it.
Has anyone got any pictures of this watch on their arms? I like to see a actual watch on someones arm before purchasing it. There are so many photoshopped pictures of watches now on people’s arm that do not really show how the actual watch looks, sits on your arm and are totally misleading
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Thanks! That's my favorite combo at the moment. I got the strap from Vario, a Singaporean company that ships internationally. They have very nice graphic NATOs.
Definitely going to give them a look, I love this combo too. Thanks!
Hey anyone bought a watch from Canada on Massdrop. how much tax/duties do i have to pay
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Ok. Thanks. I think it just the regular 13% eh
Got a Victorinox 200$, paid 50$ tax, I think they are basing it in MSRP.
What's the difference between gl0173 and gl0093?
Just the strap.
That suggested retail price of $1500 has me choking...
This must be the deal of the century...
Mass drop is becoming mass crap day by day....
what's the different between "Combat Sub" and "Combat Sub『Golden Eye』"??? only the color change!?
Yes, the "golden eye" is the most popular color combination. They've dropped the Combat Sub many times and the golden eye's are gone in a few hours. Every drop I settled for something else. Like the dark blue bezel on black dial with Stainless case, very classic and attractive. Love it. Then I settled on the red bezel on black dial with stainless case, gold crown and black pvd clasp. That was my lame attempt at getting a golden eye like look. That red one sites in a drawer, never worn. It's such a mixed up combination of colors and metals.. Now I've grabbed the real thing on this drop.
Thanks for ur kindly help. By the way .. How long about lug to lug?? It's writing 46mm on spec, but I found out it's 50mm on the YouTube review.
Is this really a $1600 watch or just marketing at play? Thanks.
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All watches these days, are heavily discounted, especially on the gray market, except the really high-end stuff that is not offered on the gray market. You can get a little discount on a Rolex, but everything else expect 60% off often.
hugely inflated then a massive price drop to make you feel like you’ve got a good deal. I’ve had both the auto and quartz versions of the sub and both were poorly finished. Even at this price, I still felt cheated. The quartz felt like a steal at $103 on here since it had a retail price of over $500. My wife said it looked like I got it out of a cereal box. It was junk. Loose bezel, uneven dlc, markers misaligned. Yet even with these flaws it sold for more than I paid for it. Glycine still lives on past reputation as evidenced on here
Does anybody know if this has drilled lugs?
Hi, I joined the drop! I hope I get it in France easily. Finger crossed 🤞
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I feel ya brotha, It really depends on the checker in the boarders if he wants to tax it or not, those ass.
J'espère aussi, on verra...
i hope so, we will see...
Hello, I bought a combut sub one month ago. I asked to Glycine the model movement/mechanism : Since 2015, new model has a Sellita SW200 (26 jewels). Before 2015, previous watch has an ETA 2824-2(25 jewels).
This Golden Eye is describ as 25 jewels, MD can confirm this is an ETA movement?
Its an enhanced version of ETA's movement to compliment its diver aesthetics in my learning.
clone movement of ETA 2824, Sellita added an additional jewel for "durability" (hence 26), so you're getting a rebranded ETA movement which is 25.
Not cool....I ordered two Glycine combat subs this last week....I wanted this one... But I ordered the GL0076 on massdrop and the GL0077 on watchgooroo since I could get it sooner.... Would have waited for this if they would have only said it was coming.....I understand a seperate drop.... But you can at least tell us that it's coming..... Can't afford 3 watches right now.... Very disappointing...
Am I the only person here happy that I got a golden eye for $380? Thanks MD. Showing some appreciation amdist the confusion and negativities
Okay reduced price. Take my money now.
93 is a holed strap 73 is a Nato
Still unclear what different between GL173 and GL093. Someone said strap so what kind of strap on GL173???
I went ahead and got this watch awhile back from one of the online retailers for $100 more than what Massdrop is selling for. Mind you the other Combat color schemes typically go for $399 so the GE is fetching more or being charged more for, depending on how you look at it.
The pics do the bezel no justice, this is the darker view of the bezel as it really shifts in color with lighting. It's not a bronze/brown color but changes between this and gold -- it is actually mostly gold in direct lighting. The strap is quality, I would suggest getting the actual canvas/leather strap and just buying a nato strap for $20 somewhere if you want to try that out. I don't think you can get that strap for $20 but a nato-style strap is easily had for cheap.
The watch wears thin for a combat, will fit under dress shirts fine. Looks great in all occasions! When holding the watch, it feels a little light and well, thin. Although sitting on the wrist or looking from a 3rd person it's a handsome looking watch.
My only gripe about the watch is the feel and click of the bezel, it is cheap feeling. Of course you're not going to be adjusting the thing nor are you actually going to go diving with this so not a problem there. When you turn the bezel, not only is there play/movement before clicking over, the amount of steps/clicks is low. The click sound kind of sounds cheap too. Again, you're not going to be using this feature while wearing more of something you set in the morning if the bezel has moved throughout wear.
At this price it's a no brainer really, a handsome watch at a great price. The canvas strap wears out rather easily as well, so maybe save those for the occasions and rock this with a nato strap off the bat. Get one!

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That's not my wrist on the pic, just wanted to show the chameleon effect of the gold. I do have a 8" wrist but i dont mind wearing them on the smaller side
maybe me buy soon in 14 montha or something