Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

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A Legendary Cap Set That Feels Like New

Since its original release in 2015, Carbon has earned a spot on mechanical keyboards around the world. It’s no surprise why: styled with crisp orange, classic beige, and stealthy gray, the keycaps make a great addition to both modern- and vintage-looking keyboards. However, while the Carbon you know and love certainly has its merits, for this round we wanted to take it to brand-new heights. How? This time around, we worked with designer T0mb3ry to bring back GMK’s original Cherry profile. Now featuring row zero and row five—as opposed to just rows one through four—the keycaps take on a whole-new sculpted feel that you won’t find on previous rounds. But that’s not all: in addition to the profile updates, we’re offering a wide array of specialty kits and colors to deck out your board like new. 

To avoid errors/confusion with the current checkout system, we will be changing the drop points manually for this drop. We are paying attention to the number of child kits being bought as well. If they reach certain quantities, we will adjust their prices accordingly. You may notice fluctuations in your checkout price as we make these adjustments on the back end, but you will not be charged more for anything.

To see the current number of kits sold and current drop points, you can check below - updated 11/30.

First-Run Production Perks

When you join this drop before it goes into production, you’ll get some exciting perks: 

  • Q&A with keycap designer T0mb3ry
  • $10 toward your next Massdrop purchase

Made in Germany From High-Quality ABS

Designed by A. Schmidt (you may know him as spoonyluv47 on Reddit, or T0mb3ry on GeekHack), these GMK keycaps are made in Germany using original Cherry tooling. The result is a set of ultra-thick, ultra-durable ABS keycaps that put PBT to the test. Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, the keycaps are compatible with a variety of different keyboards, including those with non-standard and standard layouts. See below for the new kits offered this round, like the new Bones colorway and the new selection of novelties.

Carbon/Bones Base Kits

These are base kits for both the standard Carbon and the Bones colorway. They support 60%, TKL, Full-Size, 67%, HHKB layout, Winkeyless, and 1800 layouts.

Assembly Kit

Designed for the ErgoDox and 40% keyboards.

Umka Mods

These are minimalist modifiers in the beige alphas colorway.

Beezarre Alphas

Alphas in bold Carbon orange.

Boneyard Alphas

Gray alphas in the Bone colorway.

Cadet Alphas

Novelty Carbon alphas with Space Cadet sub-legends. This is not a full alphas replacement kit.

Bone Icon Extension Kit

Icon modifiers in the Bone colorway for those that want an all-icon look.


This kit offers International coverage.

DC Kit

This kit offers Dvorak and Colemak coverage.

Space Kit

Small spacebars and space keys in various colors.

Arrows Kit

Novelties Kit

The iconic Carbon novelties kit with Carbon structure keys and keys showing the Carbon element on the periodic table.

Rolling Bones

Dice- and card-based novelties in the Bone colorway. Great for numpads.

Half-Life Lambda

The lambda symbol from the Half-Life game in multiple Carbon colors. © 2018 Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. The Lambda logo is trademark and/or registered trademark of Valve Corporation.

Warning Signs R0

Warning signs in 3 colorways for the function row R0.

Warning Signs R1

Warning signs in 3 colorways for the number row R1.

Salty Kit

This carry-over kit from SA Carbon features the iconic salt shaker in multiple colorways—some to match existing custom keycap sets.


  • Designed by T0mb3ry
  • Produced by Massdrop
  • Manufactured by GMK
  • Cherry profile
  • Doubleshot 1.5 mm ABS plastic
  • Made in Germany


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Apr 8, 2019 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.