GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets (110 Pieces)search

GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets (110 Pieces)

GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets (110 Pieces)

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When will these come back and what version should I use for the Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB?
What should I get for corsair K95 platinum
My current keyboard is the same as you. You will need plate mounted.
Anyone have experience with these and SA profile key caps?
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SA from KBDfans is probably made from Maxkeys, not Signature Plastics. The sets made by Signature Plastics have no cross bar under the cap so you will bottom out and the soft landing pad will do nothing.
SA from Maxkeys, Good
SA from Signature Plastics, does nothing to silence
You are right about the no cross bar - Maxkey SA have the same problem. The upstroke noise is still dampened, however. Because of this, I won't be looking at SA profile caps going forward.
So I just bought an ALT keyboaord, and already own these in plate mount. will I need to buy pcb mount, or do the hot swap switch things on the ALT need the plate mount version?
These combined with R10 67g Zealios have become my favourite switch (over Holy Panda's!). Will definitely pickup a few extra sets if they come back on massdrop.
Do these change the keyfeel? How does it change the acoustics besides making them quieter?
It shortens the travel range and makes the bottom a bit softer
Purchased the plate clips for my ducky3 keyboard and they made a considerable difference. I used them in combination with o-rings and it's waay more silent in my office.

If anyone has 64 extra pcb sound clips, I'm looking to buy some for a different board and would be happy to purchase them from you. Reply here with contact info and I'll reach out. Thanks!
Received mine today and started to set up the half left of my Ergodox. Feels really nice. I don't have the "clack" when bottoming out my keys anymore. I only hear the actuation "click" of my Cherry Blue.
Delivered on the day the drop description had listed them to ship by, so that's nice.

Installed them on a GMMK with SA 1965 and I'm a pretty big fan. They were a little mushy at first, but they have loosened up. SA keycaps + QMX clips only silence the upstroke, which was the problem with the GMMK. The metal construction made it very loud on the upstroke, and these clips fixed that perfectly. I'll have to get these for every board I own.

I tried these on a couple keys where I had also installed o-rings, but the travel distance was shortened too much and it felt bad.
Did you get the plate mount version for the GMMK?
From what I can tell these seem to have variable degrees of mushiness on different keyboards, for example they are perfectly acceptable on my corsair K70rgb, however I have seen many people complaining of them being extremely mushy.
As for the noise reduction it is extreme, however I would recommend lubricating switches if you are concerned about sound signature as the switch movement noise comes through much more strongly otherwise
I just installed this. Oh man. So mushy. I can't say I like it. Maybe I have to get used to it. The keys are much quieter, but I think you can get similar results with o-rings and not lose that clicky feeling.
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Oh ok then, when you said clicky feeling I though Blues. O rings are going to be even mushier and change the feeling much more than these.
I actually used thin o-rings just before the dampeners. I tend to agree with you. I think my main concern with the dampeners was related to the feeling of keys with stabilisers. The dampener "frame" somehow goes under the stabiliser and makes it harder to push resulting in a weird feeling. After removing the dampeners from shifts, backspace and enter, the typing feels better now.
These make a noticeable difference in sound on my Roccat MK FX keyboard. When ordering, be sure to order the correct version. Although my keys are "circuit board mounted", they are actually clipped into the plate - so the plate mounted version worked for my keyboard.
Once the brackets are installed, they will shorten your stroke a little bit, but it doesn't take too long to get used to it.
Is this compatible with Razer blackwidows or corsair k95 plats?