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I mistakenly asked for the PCB version instead of the Plate mount version... any ways of changing it?
These clips don't work all that well on the Vortex Race 3 with Cherry reds (DSA PBT keycaps, plate, north-facing switches but no LEDs). They seem to only work on the upstroke, not downstroke. FYI. I'm experimenting with different O-rings and landing pads for more complete dampening.
Received mine today, they sound and feel great. Much better than o-rings - better feel and better sound dampening. I combined these plus o-rings for bigger keys like shifts and spacebar for an even more muted sound.

Video comparison on plate mounted Cherry Browns:

I didn't break any clips, but I can definitely see how you could - they do require quite a bit of force to get on - enough that I'm not sure you'd really want to install these on PCB mount switches with lead-free solder.

I found the best way was to very gently lower it angled, and pushed left or right so that you get a very very faint click, clipping one side in, then to lever it while pulling in the opposite direction and pushing down to clip the other side. About 2/3rds of them have a distinct 'click', the rest are a little more finicky.

Also, make sure the left and right walls of the clips are straight and not bulging. If they are bulging out slightly, it means the clip hasn't attached properly. A quick press down with a spudger on that side fixes this.

So far, highly recommended.
Just installed these today. Great sound dampening, the difference on my GMMK full size with cherry profile keycaps is literally night and day. I will say however the blue tool they packaged with it is good but "weak". I probably hulk handed it but I broke one of the blue legs, making installation a bit of a pain.
Just got these installed on a Cooler Masterkeys Pro S (RGB Cherry Brown switches) and they feel awesome. I've used a keyboard with Cherry Silent Reds before and felt that switch was way too mushy on the bottom out. These reduce travel just a hair, but feel much better than o-rings.

They also do an amazing job with sound dampening, i'm probably going to use this board in the office now.

I've also tried the clips on a few random switches i had laying around including zealios and cherry mx clear switches. I would highly recommend these clips. Going to put them on a few of my keyboards now.

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Yup, that's how mine are mounted, Big hole facing upwards where the led is. I just press very hard down using the blue tool and you should hear two 'clicks'.
Thanks! You don't overstate when you say "very hard." "Moderately hard" on the instruction manual is not very moderate..
How much do these change the feel of key presses? I don't use o-rings because I don't like how key presses don't feel as crisp. Is it likely I won't like the feel of these either?
I received mine about a week ago. I can't say that they feel as crisp as the bottom out on a stainless plate, but they actually don't feel that bad. Using these on ergo clears the bottom out feels a little bit mushy, but its much better than o rings. If you can't stand the non instant crash feel of o rings, its unlikely you'll enjoy these, but if you can make do with a little, it will be great for you.
I just installed these, they have a shorter than normal travel differences and don't feel quite a crisp, however, they are still worlds better than o - rings (and the o - rings I was using were 70a - which is almost the hardest you can get)
How will these perform WITH O-rings? Will it even be possible? I would love to try it myself, but i gotta wait till march....
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Agree on this, no point in having o-rings AND these. These QMX clips do a much better job with quieting the keystrokes.
i would also suggest lubricating your switches if you can before putting these on as because the noise Of the clack is dampened so much you can hear the travel noise of the cherry switches much more clearly. lubricating the switches will almost completely eliminate this sound as well as making the key travel more clean
Will these work on all types of switches (e.g. Cherry, Kalih, Outemu, etc.)?
No, these are molded to fit cherry housings (and gateron, which are an almost identical clone) and won't fit Kailh or Outemu.
I've tested this on a hot-swap board. They work on all of my cherry switches, my zealios, and my tealios. The zealios/Tealios are made by gateron so i would assume they work on gateron switches, but i haven't tested this out yet.

They do NOT work on my outemu blues, they won't clip in.

I don't have any regular Kailh switches to test, only kailh box switches, which obviously won't work due to the completely different stem.
Would there be a point of lubricating zealios if I intend to use these clips?
well, sure. I think zeals are lubed from factory. They feel like it. These are mostly going to change the bottoming out and returning sound of the switch. These are mostly only going to affect the sound of the switch, and give you a small cushion when you bottom out. Lubing is going to mostly affect the travel of the switch, and have little to no effect on the sound.
Soo says mine won't be shipped till the end of February, this normal??
Yes. If you read the description page, the estimated ship date is always listed at the bottom. In this case, it's the end of February.
No problem! Thanks!