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GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard

GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard

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Quick note for everyone worried about Laser compatibility. GMK will include the spacebar to ensure compatibility free of charge.

I believe GMK also included free keycaps to ensure compatibility with GMK Yuri and GMK Nautilus.
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If anyone posting here needs that 6u off-center stem spacebar from Laser let me know and I'd be happy to sell it to you :)
the 7 u spacebar is 7 19.05mm units, which means it actually includes the 6 gaps between the 7 keys.
2018 - The Year of Delays ...

1. GMK Laser - Delayed
2. Laserwave GMK Translucent Keycaps - Delayed
3. Hammer x MiTo Laser Hamitso Labs D3X STIMS Artisans - Colors Messed up
4. MiTo DSA Legacy Custom Keycap Set - Delayed
5. GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard - Delayed

Really looking forward to CTRL and ALT's unannounced delays

that's every year on massdrop man
Hey everyone,

Many of you might ask for an update very soon so I thought I can help and provide the latest from GMK.Since this is the initial batch of the C70, we want to make sure everything can go as smooth as possible. GMK has informed us that they are still in the process of manufacturing of the keyboards but are still missing parts from one of our suppliers who has unfortunately postponed the initial delivery date.

Team GMK is currently in touch to get a new ETA for these parts. As soon as we have more information about this topic, we will update you accordingly.

Apologies in advance for the delay and thank you all for supporting this wonderful drop!

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August seems like a nice month.
It has been another week of delays and no updates....
Can we get a confirmation of sort that these WILL ship soon?

Counting down the daysūüôÉ... Hey -M-K how bout including one of those nifty Uniqey novelty caps to commemorate the occasion? ūüôŹ
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good point, specially if the price will be more or less the same... that makes you wonder why bother with massdrop for future purchases
Same. If this shows up at the same price I'll just skip Massdrop in the future and wait.

Either way, looking forward to receiving the keyboard.
Do we have any idea if this drop is still on time or not?
this is coming up on shipment, it would be nice if it was avaliable on the uniqey-site soon
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Will there be an update to the countries that you ship to? Australia isn't currently available as a destination.
Well we do not have any news about this at this given time. Subscribe to our newsletter at to always stay up to date on all the latest insights. We're always striving to expand our target countries though. So who knows. :)
when is the kit coming out?
Uniqey C70 Prototype with Unique0rn

If you offer the kit for this in the future I've got a few questions.

1. Will I be able to buy it w/o switches and keycaps? (I'd rather install zealios and use a different set of GMK caps.)

2. Does the board support backlighting?
Next what we need is a drop of the Q100, ANSI layout only, for about $190 USD for the base model.
The price is reasonable for Uniqey since it's not much less than the normal price without VAT. The target market for the drop would be people outside Europe and North America (hence ANSI only), since Uniquey's own store doesn't ship to most countries, especially in Asia/Pacific.