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Quick note for everyone worried about Laser compatibility. GMK will include the spacebar to ensure compatibility free of charge.

I believe GMK also included free keycaps to ensure compatibility with GMK Yuri and GMK Nautilus.
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You can measure if you want to.

Maybe you've aligned the caps to tight/close.
Thanks a lot. 6u it is. Obviously it didn't match the first time because I aligned the caps to close. Now I'm relaxed and happy. Thanks again. You all have a wonderful christmas time. 🎄🎁⛄️
Uniqey C70 Prototype with Unique0rn

If you offer the kit for this in the future I've got a few questions.

1. Will I be able to buy it w/o switches and keycaps? (I'd rather install zealios and use a different set of GMK caps.)

2. Does the board support backlighting?
Next what we need is a drop of the Q100, ANSI layout only, for about $190 USD for the base model.
The price is reasonable for Uniqey since it's not much less than the normal price without VAT. The target market for the drop would be people outside Europe and North America (hence ANSI only), since Uniquey's own store doesn't ship to most countries, especially in Asia/Pacific.
Shit. I forgot to join. Yesterday. Guess I'll have to buy a kit
4 months to ship? Jesus...
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Doesn't work that way.... 4 months is well outside the chargeback period of creditcards.
.... in Canada we can go up to 6 months...

I signed up for GYM, and on the 6th month the Owner disappeared. Requested a charge back and got full credit back.
Like smokin pot on a Beach ; )

Sick Group Loot thus far. One dizzle left n' itz headin towardz 70 already.

Makin a prediction here, I be thinkin it'll hit well over 80 before dis ends.

Straight-Up lookin forward ta dis GMK wonda keyboard.

Peace MassDroppers....
Yay, thank you!
I am going to join this drop, but which shade of grey is closest to the apple space grey?
Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard:
3775 purchased
3775 purchased
3775 purchased
3775 purchased
3775 purchased
3775 purchased

Why? It has standard keycaps, 75% layout, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE, high quality materials, functions keys, USB type-C connections on both sides!!!!!!!!! These guys know keyboards. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have gmk keys and cherry switches, but still.... they did something good, with an open spirit.

Please guys from this GB, invent another interesting layout. Another incompatible keyset. Please. LOL.
Next one? Please, make it staggered, and ortholinear. And absoluterly no QWERTY, I'd like to suggest a scuplted AWERGFSDFGDSF layout. And add some unique and incompatible keys. May I suggest a 1.193982374 units modifier? That would be really good. Imagine the LULZ when someone can't use his keys. Do it. Please.
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As Huey from Top Clack always says: "Different strokes for different folks". Peace!
Are there any informations about the platforms the upcoming UNIQEY Configuration Software will support?
Mac, Linux, Windows? OS/2?
What is the height of the case for the keyboard at the front?
Swapable Connector PCB for switching from USB-C port to Micro USB (no soldering required)"

Is this a first?

I avoid so many keybs because they only have Mini-USB.. (How hard is it to replace a Mini-USB port with a Micro USB one? Hmm..)
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According to you are correct.

The reasoning was the low insertion failure rate of mini USB 5k vs 10k for micro. Also the movement of the retention pins from the PCB to the cable was deliberate because of the low insertion life span of mini USB.

So I stand corrected. I still think the actual connector is easier to damage on micro USB. I've accidentally destroyed a few myself but never a mini USB. These days I tend to buy sacrificial pig tails for my keyboards to avoid stressing the PCB connector as I don't trust USB connectors in general compared.
I asked this on my favorite social irc chan (yes, I am ancient) and we pretty much all agreed that it is better that the cable fails than that the socket fails, but then again, most there are still pining for old 9-pin serial cables :) (I miss coax myself...)