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GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard

GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard

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Hi friends,

All orders should be going out/shipped this week.
Thank you all for patiently waiting + supporting this drop.

so when can i get the keyboard through the uniqey website?
If anybody wants to trade their Titanium Grey for Dark Grey let me know. I mistakenly got the wrong color case:(

Equipped with Cherry Blue and qmx clips.
I thought we were all going to get a 6U spacebar pack to match the GMK sets sold here or am I completely wrong about that?
I finally got sometime to play around with this keyboard. As other members have already said this keyboard build quality is very good. On the other hand the software part of this keyboard does not work the way it should be either on the keyboard firmware itself or UniqeyControl software. For example I cannot use num lock key with MacBook. when I press this key, the status led doesn't light on, and the num pad function cannot be enable. For UniqeyControl software I think it's far from completed product.

I hope someone from GMK or Massdrop can give some ideas on what's going to be the next steps to solve the issues, instead of being so quiet.
It has been more than two weeks since I opened the tickets at, but I get no answer at all, and it is so quiet here as well.
Hope this product is not dead yet, as I just got the keyboard after waiting for almost 7 months.
XiK brettmonroe
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warehouse specialist informed me this morning that the goods are received + shipped :DDD weeeeeeeee
How can I get delivery update? There is no update since Jul 11. Please help me. I can't wait more.
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Hey Jaeuk.K
Thanks for the info. I just checked DHL website, and it says C70 just arrived DHL local distribution center in Thailand today.
And mine surfaced in Korea today, after the same 20-day blackout. We'll see if they manage to deliver it...
Has anyone successful reprogrammed the keyboard with the uniqey software?

I can't seem to get my media keys (volup etc) to work. After setting and download the settings to the keyboard, the functions are all wrong... Volup opens up 'my computer'.

Tested with other media buttons on the programme and most don't work...
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I'm currently using Windows. Is there a different version of the software or input that I need to select for Windows?
I use UniqeyControl software for Mac. So I'm not really sure what's the difference between Mac and Windows version.
Anyway when I try my keyboard on Windows machine, I cannot adjust volume up and down either. Even after changing the settings to VolumeUp/VolumeDown.
This is an awesome keyboard.
It has everything, finally a complete navigation cluster with adjacent PgUp-PgDwn, Home-End, Insert-Delete...many compact layouts disregard how useful this is.
And you get a numpad when you want to!
But the price is too much for me.
three hunned dollars tho...

My purchase got through Turdbull's Blockade without being pinged for extortion.

Funny thing is that the "MassDrop" logo is no more, it's just a plain cardboard box with minimal identification.

The youngster is happy typing away on it with quality key-caps (GMK) what else.

If you lot are sitting here, wondering about buying it don't, put down the moolah and look forward to a real quality built keyboard. Very nice presentation box with some extra GMK key-caps to subtly change the look of your current key-set.

Thank you MassDrop, you have delivered something really NICE to one of my ankle-biters.
Obligatory unboxing shots... ūüďł

First impressions?
The build quality of this board is outstanding. Nothing to complain about here. But given the price of this board I had expected nothing less here.

In contrast the software - currently windows only - is a bad joke. I really do not understand why they had to develop something on their own. It's a huge pain to map and program the keyboard.

Mapping media key functions the board is broken. Volume controls somehow open Finder windows on my mac.