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Goorin Bros. Billed Hats

Goorin Bros. Billed Hats

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Cover Your Crown

There was a time when no man left the house without a hat on his head, be it a fedora, flatcap, or a piece of newspaper in a pinch. While we now tend towards bald heads or ball caps, there’s still room for distinguished head accessories, especially if you want to define a unique personal style. For a truly exquisite headpiece courtesy of a historically renowned haberdashery, go with a Goorin Bros. Hat and carry a piece of Americana.

Goorin Bros. Billed Hats

Note: If you’re looking for a fedora or a trilby, head on over to the Goorin Bros. Summer Hats drop.

Cool Caps

First founded in Pittsburgh in 1895, Goorin Bros. has remained a family operation for generations and brings the old school feel of a neighborhood hat shop to modern times. Styled like a classic cap with a few added flourishes, both the Hull Speed (White) and the Big Wednesday (Black) are snappy ways to stay out of the sun.

Goorin Bros. Billed Hats

Fit the Bill

Complete with a sailboat tipsticker and sailboat seersucker lining, the Hull Speed gears you up for the life aquatic and keeps you looking your best when you receive shore leave. Classing up the traditional cadet cap, the Big Wednesday is a fully crushable hat that packs up when you need it and folds out into a great complement to dressed down days in the park and blazer accompanied night on the town.

Goorin Bros. Billed Hats



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Hull Speed

  • 5-panel baseball cap
  • Cotton construction
  • Split front panel
  • Contrasting navy brim
  • Castle button
  • Sailboat print seersucker lining
  • Sailboat tipsticker
  • Interfaced seersucker sweatband
  • 2.5 in brim

Big Wednesday

  • Crushable cadet cap
  • Soft cotton body
  • Adjustable back velcro strap
  • Side eyelets
  • Contrast stitching on seams
  • Plaid cotton bias tape on inside seams
  • Pinpoint cotton underbrim contrast
  • Twill tape sweatband
  • 2 in brim


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