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Gorilla Forged Steel Lug Nuts

Gorilla Forged Steel Lug Nuts

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I am not into cars at all. Can someone explain to me.... why?
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Forged Steel means it will not break on you if you're using a car for track events. Due to braking, the wheels/brakes/hub gets super hot and putting a lot of stress via vibrations from road imperfections can lead to micro fractures that will eventually snap off cheaper lug nuts which would cause your wheel to come off as you're driving through corners or if you happen to have a hard impact with something on the road. If you're spending $2000-4000 on nice forged wheels, you're not going to be putting cheap lug nuts that would put your wheels and safety in danger. That said, all this doesn't matter if you're not driving a high performance car in the first place.
kokin thanks guys, makes sense!
Is there a special 'key' tool to remove these lug nuts (to prevent theft), or will standard tools be able to remove them?
Something like the attached image.
These ones use a standard 3/4" or 19mm socket, they are not lock nuts.
Just out of curiosity, with a MSRP of $291, what keeps someone from just walking up with a standard tire iron and walking away with $300 worth of lugnuts in their pockets?
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Well, because this is much easier to steal, very unlikely that someone will catch you afterwards and it's very compact, you can just put it in your pockets and you're 100% innocent.
Because they're tacky, and stock is a wiser choice. Children might want them, but most children don't own a car.
What the hell you can get this for $75 bucks off Summit with two day shipping. I bought M12X1.50 Black Steel Open End (PN: #45038BC-20) and got free two day shipping because I spent ~$25 on some extra stuff I needed. If you just find the part number for the size, style and color you want you can find these for a lot less than its listed here. This is pathetic Massdrop.
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what series are these lug nuts?
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Hi could you please tell me if your conical seat nuts are all 'bulge' type or do you also make them in 'standard' conical seat? I have seen both types listed but also read that all your conical seat nuts are bulge type. Thanks.
Hi Jspoon,

This series of lugs would be considered a bulge type cone seat. "Bulge" refers to a seat that is wider than the hex, where a "non bulge" cone seat lug's seat stops at the hex. Hopefully that makes sense! Gorilla does make "non bulge" lug nuts, but nothing that is being offered on MassDrop currently, and those types of lugs are generally only recommended for steel wheel applications. Bulge lugs work for both alloy and steel wheels, so they are more common across the board.
are these painted the colors? will they chip? what about rust? honestly i been looking for the past couple days researching for the right lug nuts.
Hi Kevinthien,

All of the finishes on lugs in this drop are plated, chrome or some variation of chrome plating. No painted finishes, so the finish will not chip. These lugs have a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects, so if under normal care and use the lug or finish fails, you can contact Gorilla for warranty.

Thank you,
Jon Collier
No 14mm x 1.5mm in the prism? Bummer
When we started making these lugs we decided there probably wasn't a huge market for 14mm prism lugs, but I love being wrong! What are you looking to put those lugs on, just curious?