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I have an m9xx in like new condition. Massdrop/Grace Design M9xx Dac/Amp
Hi, I'm willing to sell mine. You can email me at or message me on Reddit /u/nava4lava
I'm looking for $375.
I'm interested in buying one of these secondhand if anyone is interested in selling theirs
Hi, I'm willing to sell mine. You can email me at or message me on Reddit /u/nava4lava
I'm looking for $375.
I'd like to sell mine. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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I am going to have to pass I don't have that much and bills to pay. Thank you for the offer.
How long is the warranty? No sound is coming out from mine :(
Why have one of these things? Like what do they do besides control your volume?
@massdrop Can I hook the jbl lsr305 to the grace m9xx? If so how? If anyone care to common, please jump in.

After 5 months use,
Still elegant design, neutral sound like o2, excellent tonal balance, very delicate and unobtrusive volume control,
Excellent staging, but the density of the sound is a little sad. It can be satisfied with a very simple and neat combination. I do not feel like $ 500 is expensive because it sounds good, and it's heavily built.
this is a really weak amp, why is people paying so much for it?
I came across the store call "" and found they have few m9xx for sale. The conditions of the item are "open box new", "factory refurb", and "used". The price are around $350 even for open box new. I'm just wondering how they got those, and for factory refurb means that Grace Design got the returned item and fixed and sold it there?
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I bought a pair of Noble X iems from them. Will confirm if they are legit.
I guess then the next question is how did they managed to get these in their inventory. Seems like it's used, so someone might have sold it to them... then I guess Grace will not honor the warranty...
When connected to the 2nd usb power terminal, it switches to HP high power mode. Is not this a concept like high gain and low gain of o2? People say there is a difference in output, but when you listen to music at the same volume, there is no difference. And I do not know what PL mode is. After applying PL mode, if you leave the amplifier setting, music playback will stop and the screen will flicker. What does it do?
The difference between bus power mode and high power mode is the amount of current that can be delivered. This does not change the gain of the amplifier, but it increases the audio voltage rails for the headphone amp. With USB2 bus power, you are limited to 500mA from 5V. If you are playing at high levels and the headphone amp tries to deliver more current than bus power can handle, the unit will over current (OC) and shutdown the audio supplies. This protects your USB port from driving more current than it is rated for. High power mode assumes you have a 5V/2A power source connected so the headphone amp can deliver it's max current without the over current protection. High power mode is only really necessary for driving inefficient headphones to loud levels. Bus power will suffice for the majority of applications.
PL sets the power on level. The way it works is that you set the volume to where you want it to be when the unit is turned on, then you enter the menu and activate PL so that it displays "P.L.". The current volume level is now stored as the power on level.
There must be tons of people who buy these that don't do research or know nothing about DACs and AMPs, because they would not be selling many of these if people did their research.
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That's not the same, and not what I am saying at all. I'm saying that this DAC/AMP combo costs too much for what it is compared to competing units.
It is the same. I previously owned the Woo WA7 before the grace which costs at least double/triple this unit. I prefer the grace, the Woo is purely for aesthetics! It doesn't have any other features!