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Grain Audio PWS Bluetooth Speaker

Grain Audio PWS Bluetooth Speaker

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I own the Grain PWS, I think it is excellent sounding. I'm very critical of speakers, my main audio system has Spendor Sp2/3 speakers. The Grain PWS produces voices with a very natural quality, sound output and bass is impressive for a small/tiny speaker - obviously it is no match for the Spendors, but for what it is, well done.

I read the review on Amazon comparing these to the Bose, gotta say I'm a skeptic, never liked Bose products, but I'll put it on my to do list to give them a listen sometime. Meanwhile, I give the Grain PWS a strong endorsement.
Haven't listened to this one but I just bought a TDK A34 Trek Max, which I found to a have better combination of sound quality, loudness and bass than all I tested (Bose Soundlink Mini, UE Boom, Bravia BRV-X and JBL Charge 2). Plus, the TDK can be bought for $120 in Australia, so probably even cheaper in the US! Absolute bargain!
This looks cool. Interested in how it compares to Bose. Seems to be good reviews though.
Don't mean to be unkind to the Grain Audio but since you guys asked, and I've been helped by others who replied to my questions, here's my thoughts.

1. I travel a lot and like my music. Tried almost everything bluetooth and small.

2. I had the Bose Mini and Grain Audio side by side. Train audio, by volume is about twice the size of the Mini if I remember correctly. Don't quote me on this but I think I remember correctly.

3. I evaluted both for sound alone.

4. Grain is good. But Mini is better. I think one reason is that the body of the Grain Audio is not stiff enough and vibrate while the Mini is solid aluminum and super solid. Also, Grain Audio's high were not as resolved/detailed, and was more subdued than the Bose.

There's a review on Amazon on Grain Audio that also compares it against the Mini if you want more detailed info

This is just ONE PERSON's opinion. I really want something better than the Bose Mini but to this point, have not found one yet unfortunately.
Thanks for the detailed impressions!
So I talked to Grain Audio about getting their products on our site after listening to them at a local store in San Francisco. Obviously, that means I liked it enough to want to offer it to our members.

They look really nice. They also sound quite good, so long as you keep realistic expectations; don't expect them to stand up to similarly priced desktop speakers with their form factor. Volume can get loud at max out of an iPhone 5.

Could definitely see these playing jams for a small party or on the kitchen counter playing tunes while I cook or do dishes.
Any chance you would be able to get their IEMs on Massdrop? It would probably be an easier sell.
I've got the bigger Bose Soundlink and it is fantastic.
This vs Bose Soundlink Mini, anyone have thoughts?
I have the Soundlink Mini, which is about the same size (7 inch long). The SLM has 2 speakers which appear to be 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter - smaller than this speaker's drivers, But the SLM has some passive radiators that produce genuine bass. I found that I needed to cut the upper bass a little with the SLM since otherwise it would be too boomy. It will be interesting to find what this Grain Audio sounds like.
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